Winter’s log, earthdate 201502.20

There! That’s much more easier than trying to think of an appropriate title every night! 🙂 Just so that you know, it’s figured out by the year (2015) plus the month, February (02), and (according to Wikipedia: Stardate) “The digit following the decimal point is generally regarded as a day counter.”, therefore, as today is the 20th, I ended up with 201502.20. Get used to it – you’ll be seeing it every night from now on! 😉

Well, I had quite a busy Rifting day today – I was wrong! I thought I had young Rubyfox up to level 18 yesterday, but she wasn’t… she was only level 16! On the other hand, I was right – I did get her up to level 20 this morning! 🙂 I try to alternate leveling Defiants and Guardians so as to give myself a bit of a change in quest chains – Rubyfox was Defiant, and has been questing in Freemarch. The girl I’m leveling now, Persha (pronounced “Persia”) is a Guardian, and is questing in Silverwood. Although I know all the quests backwards, forwards, and inside out, it’s still a nice change to be able to switch between the two areas 🙂 I think Persha is currently sitting on level 12, so it’ll be a day or so before I get her to level 20 – and in the meantime I have another girl, Copperfire (she who’s name must be changed, like last week! I don’t like the spelling. Unfortunately I hit “Enter” before I had a chance to re-think, and I actually got the name (I wasn’t expecting to, you see) I could always re-roll her, I suppose… it’d certainly be cheaper than renaming her!) who was acting as an “experimental guide” for a friend who came over this evening. He’d been stuck between quests and wasn’t sure how to proceed, so I used her to find out exactly where he’d got stuck. All sorted out now! 🙂 (I hope! 😉 ) So now she’s at level 12, and although she’s a Guardian, she still has unfinished business over in Freemarch, so I might work with her tomorrow, to get those loose ends tied up, and then go back to Persha. It’s very strange – the Defiants over in Freemarch have very regular (almost “Old Faithful” like!) Rifts opening up in the starting area. Both factions have quests which require them to (a) collect planarite by closing Rifts, and (b) close a Rift to gain a Planar Charge. This is easy-peasy in Freemarch, where “baby” Rifts open up approximately every three or four minutes in the starting area, but next to totally impossible in Silverwood where you can consider yourself really, really lucky if a Rift opens up somewhere vaguely close to the starting area… occasionally… every hour – hour and a half or so. I think a lot of people are finally waking up to the fact that they can do what I now do as a matter of course – swim from Divine Landing in Silverwood, over to Ark of the Ascended in Freemarch, and use their almost constantly opening Rifts instead! (I’ve noticed an increasing number of Guardians over there lately, and I reckon that that’s why!) Artifacts are also much easier to find  in Freemarch – there is a definite “Artifact run” around the area between the starting area, Ark of the Ascended, and Meridian (the Defiant’s capital city) where Artifacts can be found on an extremely regular basis – there is no equivalent over in Silverwood, where the absence, or you could even say complete and total lack of Artifacts is boringly regular. Usually, the first things I do when I get to Divine Landing are the following: (1) Get the Porticulum (this happens automatically now) (2) Get my training in Foraging, Butchering, and Mining, (3) Swim over to Freemarch, close three Rifts, then mine around the Ark of the Ascended area, pick up herbage and wood, kill wolves for their pelts, all whilst looking for Artifacts on a quick “Artifact run” on the way to Denegar’s Stand where there’s a Porticulum you can get if you’re careful (remember, you’re behind Enemy Lines! 🙂 ) so that you can return easily any time you want to look for more Artifacts, or get your Skills up (there’s also a lot more mining nodes, animals to skin, and herbage to pick, over in Freemarch!) As to why these discrepancies exist between Silverwood and Freemarch, I have no idea – but the Defiants definitely seem to get the “gravy” while the Guardians get the leftover “beans” 😦

I also worked on some more blog icons again today – I wanted to do something with an Owl, but I don’t think I’ve found the right font, or rather dingbat, yet because they looked a bit… er… weird? Not quite owl-like? I wonder if I could use a brush instead? I might try that tomorrow… in the meantime though, I made more Zodiac signs (in a different style) which look quite good. I’ll see what tomorrow brings… 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I weighed in at 103.5kg today – Not too bad, I suppose, but it’s still (as I keep complaining!) too slow! I haven’t extended myself to my suggested/threatened three Stair Walks a day yet – but I will if I have to, in order to speed this process up a bit! I am getting better at this Stair Walking business, and I think I’m puffing less each time I go – but it’s really killing my left knee! It’s a matter of  “one… ouch! two… owww! three… ooo! me knee!” – yes, I count the steps aloud. I don’t know why, I just do, OK?

So that’s about it for today – it was good having Josh over tonight – I just hope he remembers what I told him about where everything was in Rift, and to call me if he gets lost again 🙂 He’ll learn – it took me three years of watching my favourite eldest daughter, and then Julian, playing World of Warcraft, before I decided, very timidly, to see if I could play too… I thought I’d be terrible – and I was, at first, totally hopeless – but it’s amazing what you pick up just by watching… It didn’t take me long to get the hang of it.

So tune in again tomorrow night – I haven’t heard anything from Willow Byron Bay about my nail polishes – I hope they arrive soon! Maybe I’ll get an email tomorrow saying that they’ve been dispatched… Oh, and there’s good news about the lift! Apparently everything is on track for lift usability on the due date, the 25th – next Wednesday. Hooray! I’ll be able to go shopping again! Get some slacks that don’t gape like the mouth of a Whale Shark around my waist! 🙂 But in the meantime, I shall do what I do best… Muddle along, as usual. That’s about all the news for tonight, but there’ll be more for you all this time tomorrow night – both dramatic and mundane occurrences for me to either sob, laugh, sneer or complain about (as usual, eh? 😉 ) But until then, bee good, behave yourselves, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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