And a visit from a good friend…

As you all know, Sunday is traditionally our day for “Saving Telara Better Than Those Guardians Can, Anyway!” (now that we’re Defiants – before, it was known as our day for “Saving Telara Better Than Those Defiants Can, Anyway!”) and we did! However, I’m getting ahead of myself. We slept in later than we usually do on a Sunday, so it was a bit of a scramble to have our cup of tea, and breakfast, and shower, and not necessarily in that order, so that we could get back to fighting our way through the baby areas and into the somewhat more earnest side of questing in Freemarch. While I was having my breakfast, and sorting through what laughingly passes as email these days, I came upon a very interesting site (courtesy of my hard to find subscription email) called “Willow Byron Bay“, and some nail polish that looked absolutely yummy! I think I might get one… or two… maybe three? of them: Genie – an orchid purple with a hot blue shimmer, Torakina –  a lush red raspberry shimmer, and Bonsoir – a deep, dark navy blue with a bright (but subtle) cerulean blue shimmer. Its the night sky on your nails. I’d love to have all of them (there are others, but these three (and a gorgeous gold!) looked to be the best!), but perhaps I’d better just get one to start off with (they are $24.95 each) just to make sure that the quality is good enough to last through a week of heavy Rifting and blog typing 😉 So once himself brought me my after breakfast coffee, and got me to stop staring at the picture of that beautiful, mesmerising orchid purple with the hot blue shimmer, we finally managed to get into Rift… and (gasp, shock, horror!) it turned out that I was wrong last night! I said that I’d worked out that the level of the Minions returns was based on the level of the person sending them out… but they’re not! They’re based on the level of the person collecting them! A level 36 character sent the Minions off last night, but a level 65 character collected the returns this morning – and they were all suitable for a level 65 character, with an appropriate skill level to work the ores and stuff coming in. Anyway, I have decreed that Winterthyme (level 36, current home, Sanctum) shall officially take over the role of Minion Mistress, and (maybe!) Patron Package Collector. For now, anyway, and poor old Jademoss can have a well earned rest. Back to the doings of the day, I’d say we’re probably about half way through Freemarch, the first of the Defiant areas, and neither of us has died yet! 🙂 Of course, it’s all terribly “ho-hum” for me, and it’s very hard not to just go charging ahead doing what needs to be done (according to me, anyway) in the order in which I think they ought to be done, so that we can get as much done as we can in the shortest possible time, while still managing to level up our Foraging, Mining, and Butchering. Next Sunday I expect to finish off Freemarch and move on to Stonefield, with its Giants and Trolls, ghouls and lizard men, and the impossible to find leap off the waterfall for an Achievement.  It was getting towards four o’clock when we got a phone call from an old friend, who wanted to know if it was alright for him to drop over. We hadn’t seen Gill for a couple of years, and as he’s always been a sort of a defacto son to us (or rather, me) we said of course he could – we’d love to see him… And so that was the end our day of “Saving Telara Better Than Those Guardians Can, Anyway!” 😉

I first met Gill when I was running my BBS (Bulletin Board System) – he was very much into Star Wars, and for a very short time was trying to run his own BBS called Ice Station Hoth – we became friends, and he used to come over regularly. Like a lot of the young people on my board, he was having problems at home, and we sort of sat in as pseudo parents whenever he wanted to talk about “things”. He even took my favourite youngest daughter out a couple of times, and we even discussed the dowry! 😉 (three chooks, no rooster! two sheep, and a goat) but alas – although they got on very well together, there was just no spark, and I never got my chooks, sheep, and the goat 🙂 When he finished school, he did a film (?) course at RMIT, and at one stage had to make a short, 12 minute film – for which I offered my services in the makeup department, and made up the entire cast for the shoot. It was a science fiction/cyber punk story, where a young girl has an “adventure” – there’s a car chase scene (sort of), and a segment in an underground car park (the garage of the place where Julian used to work – yes, he did get permission!), fog machines, menacing figures… and the whole point to the story? Cut to an old woman, slumped in a chair, hooked up to a fancy super-dooper computer – she’s living the life of the young girl in her mind… The “Old Woman”? Me! 🙂 I’m not too bad at stage makeup… 😉 So, Gill has been here, there, and everywhere since. He worked on movies in the States, been to Israel several times, almost settled in Canada, and now he’s back in Melbourne – at least for the time being. It was extra good to see him again – hopefully now that he’s got a regular job, we’ll get to see him more often!

Weigh-in this morning – well, it just goes to show that even people as (usually) infallible as myself can be wrong more than once in the same day! I was wrong about the Minion returns, and I was wrong about my weight this morning. I didn’t stay the same, after all (that’ll happen tomorrow, just wait and see!) I went down one point. One! To 105.8kg Big [mutter] Deal! Still, it was better than staying the same. Nothing makes me crankier than my weight staying the same for several days in a row! I hope I’ll go down again tomorrow, but I highly doubt it – I started on those wretched pills this morning, so I’ll start looking, and weighing, like a walking water tank soon :/

So tune in again tomorrow night – find out how many of those yummy looking nail polishes I ordered – or if I ordered any! I never got to change my nail polish this afternoon because Gill was here, but I must say that for week old polish, it’s looking darn good! No major chips, just a little bit of “wear” right on the tips! Excellent nail polish, this “breathable” stuff! 🙂 I hope I get a chance to re-do my nails tomorrow afternoon, but we have papers to prepare, for the Tax Man Cometh on Tuesday… and he will want lots and lots of papers, and bank statements, and all that sort of stuff that Tax Men love (I think that it’s their equivalent of Catnip…) So find out if my nails are going to look a trifle ragged on Tuesday, or if they’ll be in “Glorious Technicolour Sound” – I mean, “Glorious Technicolour Kingfisher-Peacock-Blue”! 🙂 And if you’re extra lucky, I’ll even tell you what my weight did overnight! Well, until this time tomorrow night, bee good, and stay safe! (that’s an order! 😉 ) ciao, all! 🙂