The Tax Man came…

And then left, with a whole bunch of Bank Statements and other bits and pieces… but that was later this afternoon. This morning, I managed to get a bit of Rifting in before we had to start sifting through all the papers. But I don’t know if I’ve done the right thing or not… the girl that I was going to use as the Auctionator is a Rogue – or for those more familiar with World of Warcraft, you’d say she was Hunter Class, that is, she fights with a bow or a gun, has a pet to “Tank” for her and do all the close contact fighting, while she stands back and goes “plink, plink” with her arrows, or “pew-pew-pew” with her bullets. While this was my Class of choice in World of Warcraft, I’ve now switched almost exclusively to using Mages. Depending on the type of Mage you decide to play, a Mage can also have a pet to act as a “Tank” (Tanks are exactly what they sound like! Tanks rumble in, grabbing the mob’s attention away from you, so that you can stand back and cast your spells in peace and quiet) So because I virtually never use Rogues any more, it niggled me that I have two of them, cluttering up my otherwise all-Mage lineup. I still had one spot free, and decided to recreate Blueiris as a Mage instead of a Rogue, and that’s mostly what I did this morning, before the paper sorting… but I’m still not sure that I should have. I mean, Blueiris is still there, waiting to transfer her 390-odd pieces of Dimension gear over to the “new and improved Mage Class Blueiris” (I’ll have to change her name – I can’t have two with the same name at the same time, so at the moment she’s Lilacrose) It’s come to the point where I’m constantly procrastinating – “Will I? or won’t I? I Dunno… Should I? or shouldn’t I?” I think I’ll sleep on it… for a couple of years… Maybe delete both of them and create something “different” (different? Different?? There is no “Different”, they’re all Mages, aren’t they? And because I don’t like playing without a pet, I’m stuck with either an Elemantalist, or a Gravelord (read: Necromancer) either of which are what I always end up with!) *sigh* Oh, and good news on the addon that I’ve been pining for! The one that allows you to see what all of your characters have in the backpacks, and in their Banks… I think I’ve found one for Rift! I told Julian about it this morning, so he’s been having a test drive of it and says that it “looks promising”! It’s called “Imhothar’s Bags” – hopefully I’ll be able to talk him into loading it up for me this evening so that I can have a play with it, too! It would be wonderful if it does work the way that I hope it does… it’ll save me heaps of time and legwork! I also found time to traipse Winterthyme around Scarlet Gorge (why do I always get lost, or go the wrong way in Scarlet Gorge? I put an “x” on the map, and try to steer towards it… but always, always! end up running in the opposite direction!) I leveled up her mining a bit more (but she’s still not up to where she should be, though!)

As I suspected, it didn’t take long to sort through the paperwork, and then it was back to… yes, you guessed it! Rift, and more of the above. Mr. Tax Man arrived at 3.00pm, we chatted a bit, he took his papers, and was gone by 4.00pm… all terribly anticlimactic! Oh well… back to Rift… 😉 I’m not quite sure what’s happening tomorrow – it’s himself’s Birthday, but with me not eating normal human-type food at the moment, we won’t be going anywhere special for luncheon or dinner (just wait until next year though! 🙂 ) We could, I suppose, make it another “Sunday in Telara”, or he might prefer to tinker with his Commodore 64’s… Oh, I almost forgot to mention! I had a phone call from Dr. Y. last night, about my blood test results! They prove beyond reasonable doubt that I’m a strange being from another world… No, no – that’s not right! Silly me, I was reading from the wrong script! My blood tests were normal, but I’m still (???) very low on iron, so I have to get iron supplements, as well as the vitamin D that we both have to take (why hasn’t anyone ever told me that I was low on iron before??! *shakes head in confusion*) He also told me to behave myself 😉 So that was good – all I have to worry about now getting myself down to at least 82kg by July. I found Julian’s old thongs (they were exactly where I thought they would be – at the bottom of the shoe basket in the hall) and tomorrow, I start walking the front stairs! Just down to the first landing and back up again, to start off with, but by next week (or the one after) I expect to be getting down to, and back from, the second landing. With the lift being out for a couple of weeks and all, the Body Corporate is going to put a chair on every landing so that people can stop and have a bit of a rest (there are a lot of elderly people in this apartment block – not counting myself, of course! I’m only old, I’m not elderly yet!) and the week after that, I might be able to get down to the third landing… By the end of March, hopefully I’ll be doing the whole five floors! (but don’t hold your breath! I’m really, really lazy, remember! 😉 ) However, I’m hoping that if it shows that I’m losing weight faster by trundling up and down the stairs, I just might be more persuaded to keep it up!

Weigh-in this morning. More of the same. Down one more notch, to 105.6kg Could this be going any slower? Honestly, if I were going any slower, I’d be going backwards, and putting on weight! Good grief, this is why I was ferreting around in the shoe basket, looking for Julian’s old thongs! I have to find a way to speed up my weight loss! I know I shouldn’t, but I’m starting to feel the beginnings of a panic attack, because I’m starting to think that I won’t be able to get down to 90kg by July, let alone the 82kg that I should be able to get down to by then! I feel like I’m running all around, waving both arms in the air together simultaneously, screaming “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” No, I haven’t completely lost it (yet!), I’m just not losing weight fast enough! :/

So call in again tomorrow night – find out what himself got for his Birthday, and what we did to celebrate the day. See if I really did go for my first “Stair Walk”, or whether or not I chickened out, again, and what my excuse was this time… Learn all the latest about our adventures on Rift (and is the correct term “in Rift”, or “on Rift”? Good question… I must ask my favourite eldest daughter… or Julian…) And of course, the most important question of them all – what did my weight do today! Did it go up? (I’m expecting it to!) Did it stay the same? (please ghod, no!) Did it go down? (I don’t believe that it will!) or Did it go significantly down ? (hysterical laughter – Oh, don’t be silly!) So until then, take care of yourselves, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂