Why do we have to have

A blog title at all? Why can’t we just have something like (with apologies to the late Gene Roddenberry) “Winter’s log, earthdate 2015.19.02”? It’d be much easier… in fact, I just might adopt something like that for future posts… D’you know, I’ve just wasted about ten minutes, futilely skimming through that excuse for a newspaper, The Age, for some sort of topic to grab hold of and use, but there wasn’t anything suitable, and I couldn’t think of anything else. Yes, I think I might just use a Star Trek type log entry format from now on… As usual, I Rifted most of this morning – took young Rubyfox up to level 18, reAuctioned all the stuff that was passed in (“Auction Expired” – that is, just about everything! 😦 ) and sorted through all the odds and sods that my Minions straggled in with this morning. I should be able to get Rubyfox up to level 20 tomorrow morning, and then it’ll be on to another Guardian… When I get them all up to level 20, I plan on a longer run for them all – up to level 40. Himself and I had another session in Scarwood Reach until lunch time (he had to act as Taxi driver for my favourite eldest daughter who had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon) and I got on with some more “optional icons” to use as an alternative to the “Winter” character I have in the current header. I made Zodiac signs this time. I’m not sure when I’ll use any of them – or even if I’ll use them at all! I’m not even really sure why I made them – but I want to do something with graphics, and I can’t make big, fancy blog headers for this template, so little “postage stamp” icons are sort-of keeping me busy for the moment. Does anyone have any requests? Commissions? Ideas they’d like turned into a desktop wallpaper? Maybe I should hang up a sign: “Bored Artiste available for hire, Cheap!” and underneath, “(hire at own risk!)” – or something like that 🙂 As I said, I created the 12 signs of the Zodiac this afternoon. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it took a fair while – it wasn’t hard, just rather fiddly, fitting them into a postage stamp sized graphic and still getting the drop shadows to look “normal”, and not as though they’d been chopped off with a sharp knife. Maybe I’ll try doing birds next – I have an idea I’d like to try out for an Owl, if I can find a decent bird dingbat, and get Julian to “vet” the font site for me.

I got the results of my blood test last night – Dorevitch have changed my Warfarin dose, but not by much. I’m still taking the same dose from Monday to Friday, but they’ve upped it on weekends, as it seems my blood “thickness” was getting a bit high. *sigh* more rat poison… Oh well, if it keeps me out of hospital with more blood clots in both my lungs, I’ll be happy to take as much as they want me to!

I’ll let you into a little secret – I have another project in the works, but I keep shoving it into the “too hard” basket, and when I tell you what it is, you’ll understand why I keep shoving it aside – because I really don’t know quite how to do it. I get daily emails from both Amazon and Goodreads. I usually read mainly Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Historical fiction – in Kindle format – and these emails they send me let me know when new books in those genres come out, or if any of the authors I read has a new book coming out. I do put a lot of them on my “Read Next” Wishlist (on Amazon), but there are so many of them that I can’t put them all on my “Read Next” list (besides, I think they have a limit as to how many Terabytes you’re allowed to use in your Wishlist) – So I want to make a list, in no particular order, of all those books, in all those emails, with the appropriate url’s so that I can find and buy them easily, that I can print out and keep handy! I want to be able to edit it so as not to get duplicates, I need the author’s name, I need the title of the book, the seller (Amazon or Goodreads), and I need the where to buy url. And every time I start to compile a list, I get about three done, and I fling up my hands in despair – it’s just too hard and time consuming, copying and pasting from an email to a Word document. They usually have to be scraped (copied) and pasted into Notepad (or similar) to get rid of the formatting they use in the email, and then scraped and pasted into Word! Please, I beg you, with tears in my voice! Is there an easier way?!

Weigh-in this morning. Not bad… went down another one point, to 103.7kg.  It’s still too slow… what if I did a third Stair Walk after lunch? One after breakfast (it really should be before breakfast, but if I do it before breakfast, either Julian doesn’t get the time to have his walk before breakfast, or we have a horribly late breakfast at around 9.30am, so I’ve opted to have my Stair Walk after breakfast… frankly, I can’t see why we can’t do our walks at the same time! I’m perfectly capable of wedging the door open and walking down two levels, and back up again, and letting myself into the house again afterwards!) So… one after breakfast, one after lunch, and one about 5.30pm, before dinner… Maybe that would help speed things up a bit? I’m puffing a little less each time I do my walk, too…

So tune in again tomorrow night for all the latest hot goss! I didn’t put an extra coat of nail polish on this afternoon – I decided that I quite liked the way it looked with only one coat – it looks almost as though I’d dipped my nails in silvery star shine… I do hope the lift gets finished quickly – I was going to wait until I hit double figures, but I don’t think I can wait that long to get some smaller slacks – these are getting to the ridiculous stage – they’re now so baggy around the waist that they’re making my tops bulge out over the excess material, and I really look weird with a lumpy, slightly undulating midriff! :/ I haven’t heard anything from Willow Byron Bay about the nail polishes that I ordered the other day, apart from their acknowledgement of my payment – hopefully I’ll hear that they’re on their way by this time tomorrow! 🙂 But that’s all the news there is tonight – no doubt there’ll be loads more tomorrow night that you won’t want to miss out on! 🙂 So until this time tomorrow night, bee good, take care, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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