Winter’s log, earthdate 201502.26

Another day full of “busy” 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to do more than check my Auctions (all expired! 😦 ) collect the offerings from my Minions, and try out a new name on (yet another) new character on Rift. Oh, don’t worry, she won’t be permanent – I just wanted to see if I could get the name – which I did, surprisingly! I was looking at Bored Panda this morning (a most dangerous pastime! perhaps “wastetime” would be more appropriate? 😉 ) and there was a set of photographs under “Trending” (in the right hand column) called “Fairy Tales Come To Life In Charming Photographs By Ukrainian Photographer” – beautiful “fantasy” type photos, but I was rather struck by the name of one of them – “Alyonushka” – I’d never heard that name before, so I Googled it. It turns out that it’s an old Russian folk tale, but I thought the name was quite pretty, and the rest, as they say, was a forgone conclusion. I’ll keep the character – and thus the name – until I want to use it. Then the name holder character will cease to exist, and one of my other girls will be renamed with the now unclaimed name 🙂 They are beautiful photographs though, and there’s heaps of worthwhile and fascinating things to see on Bored Panda… if you have a spare lifetime to go and look 🙂

I barely had time to look at the photos, Google the meaning and find the story, create the character, and log out, before we were – finally! – off, and out of the apartment! First we went to Howards Storage World, to look for drawer and shelf organisers – honestly, there are few shops that it’s very dangerous to leave me to “browse” in – one is handbag shops (where some strange women adore shoes, I adore handbags – one can never have too many handbags! 😉 ) another is Chemist shops (so many Perfumes! Creams! Lotions! Make-up!) and places like Howards Storage World (all those fascinating and intriguing boxes, big or small! bags! bottles! racks!) I think I must have been a pack-rat in an earlier life – I love to “collect” bits and pieces that I’ll probably never use, don’t really want, and certainly have no room for… But anyway, after getting several items there (which will be utilized tomorrow, or so I’m told)  we went off to The Pines shopping centre. My slacks (of which I was so proud because I’d lost enough weight to be able to fit into a size 24!) were getting so big that they were on the point of falling off me – so I got another two pairs… down, not one size, but two! I’m fitting, very comfortably, into size 20 slacks! I don’t think I’ve done that for, umm…  about 45 years? At least! Probably longer… So after (mentally only) dancing around in delight for a few minutes, we then went off to Doncaster Shoppingtown. Himself wanted to get a new small non stick frying pan with a lid – our old one had died (after 20 years of faithful service!) so we shopped around for one – we ended up getting one from DJ’s – expensive, but hopefully it too will last for 20 years… I got some new face cream and some eye cream (see? Cosmetics of any kind are like catnip for me! My eyes go all glassy and I just…can’t help myself. I buy it! 😉 ) Then we went and had lunch (I’d taken one of my bars with me again) and met up with a friend of Julian’s while we had coffee. We had a really big (supermarket-type) shop to do, and then, finally, we came home… around 4 o’clock-ish. There wasn’t really time to do anything much – by the time we’d got everything inside and had a much needed cup of coffee – I only had 3/4 of an hour before my afternoon Stair Walk! So I played Solitaire for a bit, then thought “damn it, I’ll go for my walk now!”, so I did.

Weigh-in this morning. I did go down again (I’m starting to get really nervous now!) – almost half a kilo, to 102.1kg This was good – however I only have another three sleeps before I have to start taking those rotten fluid retention pills again, so I hope my body decides to make the most of the time until then! I know that there’s no way I can get down to double figures before my Birthday, but I’d like to get as close as possible to the 99kg mark – like, say, 100.8kg or something! We’ll see… It all really depends on how much fluid my body decides to store this time around.

So look in again tomorrow night – I have absolutely no idea what’s happening tomorrow (except maybe for putting in the bathroom drawer and shelf organisers?) Oh, and I forgot! Before we went into Howards Storage, we went into the furniture shop next to it – and they had a really nice sofa bed, and a rather nice entertainment unit and matching side tables – tomorrow we’ll have to measure the space available in the lounge room – if it’ll fit, I think we ought to get it – our current side tables can go into the spare room, and the lounge room can have the new entertainment unit, with matching side tables, so everything will look “proper”. It’s certainly the best entertainment unit we’ve seen – and I mean, you can go on looking forever, and there’ll always be another “best one we’ve seen” – but how many “best one we’ve seen” do we have to look at before we chose something? (And then stop looking immediately, or as sure as you have to break eggs to make an omelette, you’ll see another “best one we’ve seen”!) However, the sofa bed is exactly what we’re (I’m) looking for – it’s even the right colour, and they have them in stock! So roll on tomorrow! I’ll let you know what we decide tomorrow night! 🙂 I’ll also fill you in on how my Bathroom re-organisation goes – I expect to be tossing out quite a bit of … “stuff” (and then, of course, I’ll look at all the empty space, and think of all the new stuff I can get to re-fill it with! Ain’t it always the way? 😉 ) So it looks like being another busy day again tomorrow – and I’m starting to get antsy because I want to get back to Rifting – lately it seems as though every time I start playing, I have to stop after only an hour or so because the shards go down, or we’re going out, or something else has to be done, or whatever… Oh well, rest assured that there’ll be heaps of news waiting for you all tomorrow night, not least of which will be what my weight’s doing (which was really what this blog was supposed to be for – documenting my weight loss progress! Ah well, “the best laid plans”, etc… 😉 ) So until this time tomorrow night, bee good, have fun, and stay safe! 🙂