Winter’s log, earthdate 201502.21

Well… another day… More Stair Walking, more Rifting, and more Stair Walking again. I actually spent most of this morning collecting yet another lot of “mounts” that I couldn’t resist buying, in Rift. I wish they existed in real life – they look like great fun (and a great way to very quickly end up dead, or a paraplegic!) They’re sort of like a cross between a boogie board and a skate board. They’re quite large, round-ish, and they don’t have wheels. They skim through the air a couple of feet from the ground, and you stand on them and balance, much like you would on a surf board. As I said – I couldn’t resist getting one – and of course, because I bought one, all of my characters, on all shards, got one in their mail box, which I then had to run around and collect. Two shards have ten characters each… Two shards have eleven characters each, and my main two shards have twelve characters each. I had to visit sixty six mail boxes! It took a while… Then I had to tidy up the mess I left last night while I was trying to find out where a friend’s character was, and why they’d got stuck. Finally I was able to get back to Persha and her slow climb to level 20. (She’s now level 15…) I decided to grab the “Close a Rift to gain a Planar Charge” quest and swim her over to Freemarch (see previous post) she didn’t have a “water breathing” necklace. Hmmm… Who had it? It turned out that Jadenfyre had it, so I had to get him to post it to her – I could have swum her over without it, but there’s lake in Freemarch which very often has Artifacts in it, so whoever’s questing and running around in Freemarch does quite a lot of deep-lake diving, and it’s ever so much more easier if you don’t have to come up for air all the time! 🙂 Anyway, she got her necklace, jumped on her “shark with feet” (it’s the only mount that swims natively, and its swimming is a lot faster than my swimming!) (See?! There I go again – trying to do things the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way! I know – it spoils all the fun an’ all that, but I just can’t seem to help it!) and went over to Freemarch. Once there I hung around the starting area and closed three Rifts, then I headed off, picking, mining, and skinning my way along the well trodden Artifact Run. I leveled up my Skills, found about 40 or so Artifacts (which wouldn’t even have been remotely possible in Silverwood!), and got my “Merchant of Death” title, and then I went back to Silverwood to continue with the quest chains there. The only person who won’t be leveling up past level 8 – and therefore won’t need to go over to Freemarch – is little Hialeah, the Auctionator and mistress of the Guild Bank Overflow accounts. She’s a Hunter/Marksman “Rogue” (in World of Warcraft she’d be called a Beast Master Hunter) and while they used to be my preferred Class to play, I really don’t want to play them any more – they’re just too slow, and even more fragile, and harder to level up, than Mages! So, anyway I didn’t spend any time on my graphics today – I was too busy collecting mounts and “untangling” a few characters in Rift.

I did spend a bit of time looking in Howard’s Storage World for the sort of sliding baskets I want for the top shelf in my bathroom cupboards, and I think I’ve found what I want, but I’ll need to see them before we decide to put them in. Roll on next Wednesday, when the lift should (cross fingers, touch wood!) be back in action! I’m starting to get really frustrated, being cooped up in here… :/ And I haven’t heard a word from Willow Byron Bay about my nail polishes, or if they’ve even been dispatched yet! *sniffle* *sigh*

I won’t really be able to get back to my graphics until Monday afternoon, or Tuesday – tomorrow’s Sunday, and of course we’ll be running all over Scarwood Ridge killing spiders and other nasty things… Actually, we might even finish Scarwood Reach tomorrow, and I’ve just been trying to think where we go off to after that… Hmmm… it looks like we’ll have a choice of Moonshade Highlands ( levels 36 – 40), Droughtlands (levels 36 – 44), or Iron Pine Peaks (levels 41 – 47) I vote for Moonshade Highlands! I always get turned around and go the wrong way in Droughtlands, and I hate Iron Pine Peaks, it’s always snowing, which makes visibility hopeless! Of course, with Moonshade Highlands we also get the terribly long and convoluted quest chain starting with the “Dwarven Artifact” that lies just outside Meridian and Sanctum – but it does give us both Moonshade Highlands and Droughtlands to play in 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. The more things change, the more they stay the same – weight-wise, anyway. Yes, 103.5kg again today. Not fair. Maybe I will have to do a third Stair Walk, after all… I really, really don’t want to, but if it’ll make a difference, I’ll do it…

I think I’ve decided that I don’t like sitting on this side of the room (not that the other side would be any different, really) You see, I have my back to Julian’s desk and that side of the room. We have tiled floors, so there are no floor boards to squeak or creak, and we always go bare footed in the house, so there’s not even the sound of shoes on the tiles. It’s very quiet, movement-wise in here. If I could have just one dollar, for every time I’ve started to say something to himself, only to find myself talking to thin air – because he’s got up to go elsewhere, but hasn’t said “I’m just going to…” to me, or anything, and I haven’t heard, or seen him go – I’d be an extremely rich woman! I think I’ll get a cow bell and hang it around his neck, or make him wear wooden clogs on his feet! It’s more than very annoying, it’s… it’s… well, I dunno, but it makes me mad!

So anyway, drop by again tomorrow night to find out all the news – did we finish Scarwood Reach? Was it Moonshade Highlands we went on to, or was it Droughtlands or Iron Pine Peak? (I’ll tell you, if I kin ‘ave me d’ruthers, it won’t be Iron Pine Peak!) I’m sure there’ll be lots more to tell you, like did my weight go up, down, or stay the same (again)? and if so, did I cave in and do a third Stair Walk? (unlikely, but you never know…) So until this time tomorrow night, bee good, don’t do anything silly, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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