See?! I haven’t changed…

The blog template today! 😉 What I did do today was work on some “alternate” symbols for the header (it’s only 200×150 px so there’s not that much work involved!) I made a cat one, and a Lily of Florence, and a few other ones – I’m doing them in different colours and styles, just to add a bit of “variety” (it’s really a very plain blog template!) It’s also very simple to change the background colours, too – but I won’t try that just yet, I’ll let you get all settled and comfortable with this one, then I’ll spring it on you! 🙂 Rift-wise: I got Asima (a Guardian) to level 20 and got her back to Sanctum where she mailed off her water-breathing necklace to Rubyfox (a Defiant) who’s next to be leveled up. As far as Auctioning things off to make money for the Hailol Guild Bank Endeavour, it seems people aren’t buying much (probably because their ruddy Minions are bringing in all the crafting materials they could possibly want, and then some! Wrecked the economy, those ruddy Minions have, wrecked it! *pout*) Azsherah, on Laethys, has sold off all the secondary full stacks of materials, but only managed to make 68 platinum so far; Hialeah on Hailol has managed to pull in about 20 platinum, all told. They should have made in the vicinity of 300 platinum between them – that’s how much difference the Minions have made… Don’t get me wrong! I like having Minions to do my farming for me! It saves me time and boredom – and anything that gets me out of farming for materials has my vote! 🙂 This afternoon himself and I had another quickish run into Scarwood Reach, where we killed a lot of extremely gigantic spiders (shudder!) and did a bit of “ridge running” (where you run along the tops of mountains to your destination, so as to avoid having to deal with the many hostile mobs down in the valleys) We finished off around quarter past four so that I could do my second Stair Walk before I re-did my nails. I did my Stair Walk, and because I now use the fire escape stairs (because I can go barefooted, and because it’s a titch cooler than the front stairs) we always bring a book with us to wedge the door open – the fire escape doors open into the stairwell, but they don’t open from the stairwell into the building. This afternoon, we get into the stairwell, but instead of turning around and wedging the door open, himself turned around…  and shut the door! “Julian!” I exclaimed, then “What are you doing!” as my exclamation was accompanied by a loud and ominous “clunk!“, as the door shut firmly behind us.  “Just… deciding to practice my walking a little bit more” replied himself, looking a trifle sheepish. Poor Julian, he had to go all the way down to the bottom where he was able to let himself out, and then he had to climb up the front stairs, all the way to the fifth floor, come around to the fire escape, and this time, wedge the door open. In the meantime, I’d gone down my two levels and was half way back up again, so the time wasn’t truly wasted, we both got the exercise, which is good, isn’t it? (*innocent smile*) Inside again, I repaired to the bathroom to remove my old nail polish, then I thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed my nails, dried them, and went out to the lounge to re-paint them (I do them in the lounge because it’s the only place where there’s enough light to see what I’m doing properly) I got the first coat on… it was drying… the phone rang… My favourite youngest daughter had made one of her all too rare “I think I’ll have a chat with Mum” calls. Himself had a bit of a chat with her, and told her that I’d ring her back once my nails were dried – which I did – and if any of you know how long mother and daughter chat sessions usually last, you’ll realise why my nails still have only one coat of nail polish on them 🙂 I’ll finish them off tomorrow… (*sigh* the things we mothers do for our offspring! I dunno… 😉 ) So that was pretty much my day…

I did note two things in The Age today – one which I found of some interest, and one which filled me with despair. The one I found interesting was titled “Why you should never eat a bacon sandwich: what you can – and can’t – eat” It’s worth reading – we’ve watched a few shows featuring one of the main contributors to the article, Dr. Michael Mosley, and (in his shows, anyway) he seems to know what he’s talking about, so I’m more than half inclined to at least hear what he’s got to say – the other contributors I’ve never heard of, but I have heard, from various sources, what they’re claiming – so again, I’m willing to listen. If you’re at all interested in general health and well being, you could do worse than to read the article – food for thought, anyway! 😉 The one that filled me with absolute despair was an article written by a Jewish journalist, who decided to walk through Paris (France), shortly after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish supermarket. He just walked, interacted with no one, while being filmed by a friend with a hidden camera (he had also hired a bodyguard, just in case) I knew that antisemitism was on the rise in Europe, but I had no idea that things were this bad – especially in (supposedly sophisticated, enlightened, and educated) France. This is Europe, people! Have you forgotten so soon?!  The article was in The Age this morning – by this evening, the article has  been removed, leaving only the video tucked away in a remote corner where I suppose they hoped that no-one would be able to find it – no doubt they didn’t want to “offend other racial minorities” (you know who I’m talking about – I’m just not allowed to say it though, in case I offend someone! Bah! Political correctness gone beyond stupidity!) So I had to get my link to it elsewhere… Thanks, The Age – what a shame you’ve sunk so low!

Weigh-in this morning. Maybe the walking is doing some good – down to 103.8kg this morning (mind you, now that I’m off those pills for the moment, I’m shedding fluid in … well, losing a lot of it 🙂 ) Let’s see what transpires tomorrow morning.  I’m not holding my breath, though…

So look in again tomorrow evening – will I have finished painting my nails, or will I still be slumming it with only one coat of “Tokyo Pearl” polish adorning them? The person taking my blood this morning arrived before 9.30am, which was very good – got things over and done with without messing up the day too much – but then she made me feel guilty (I’m a past mater at feeling guilty when it’s not my fault! My mother taught me well!) – she was huffing and puffing, almost as much as I do after my measly two level Stair Walk, and told us that “she hadn’t been well” – so I felt guilty for making her climb up five flights of stairs 😦  So there you go – not much more to add tonight, but you can be sure there will be tomorrow night, so don’t miss out! Until then, bee good, have fun, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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