This is the last one…

I promise! (besides, I paid for this template, so it’s gotta last!) – apart from the odd colour and header change, that is. I don’t promise not to change those! 😉 I Rifted most of the morning, leveling Asima up (she’s now level 18) and going through the Guild Bank overflow on Laethys, looking for crafting materials to miraculously turn into platinum on the Auction House for Hailol. Somehow we have to raise 1500 platinum… it may take a little while.. :/ The rest of my day was spent going through blog templates, and finding them all wanting in one regard or another. Not being able to change font sizes between Header text and blog Post text is the real headache – what looks good as a Header font is grossly oversized for Post titles, and so forth. Last night, I found what I thought was a “nice” and totally suitable template, but when I came to actually write my post, all I could see was a thick black line! The editing text was so tiny that there was no way anyone could read it without a magnifying glass. Yes, I could have changed the font size to something I could edit with, and then changed it back to a decent size for any interested readers when I’d finished, but it shouldn’t be so complicated and messy! That’s just damn bad programming on WP’s part, and if they’re monitoring this, please [censored] fix it! So, as I said, I went through about half a dozen or so templates this afternoon, putting them all through their paces and testing them out. A couple were OK, but once again, the font size was something I just wasn’t willing to put up with – quite a few people have told me that the Post Title is far to big, and could I please do something about it? The answer to that was “No, I wish I could!”. Meanwhile, I’ve been maneuvered into paying all of $18 for this template, which hopefully, isn’t going to give me any nasty little surprises further down the editing track. The editing text size is tolerable (i.e. I can actually read it!), and so far, the Post titles don’t look as though they were designed for billboards! The Header is a little smaller than I’d like it, but given the amount of space reserved for it, maybe it’s best left the way it is… The little doo-dad over the header, by the way, is a Kanji symbol meaning “Winter” – in other words, me! 🙂

My favourite eldest daughter has got her timetable at long last, and she’ll have Mondays and Tuesdays off, so instead of coming over on Thursdays, as she did last year, she’ll now come over on a Tuesday instead. Uni goes back, for her, on March 11th – two days after my 49th Birthday 😉 – so between the lift being back in working order, and her going back to uni, we should be able to get in one more Thursday visit before she becomes a student again. Not that the day matters – I don’t care which day she wants to come over, as long as I get to see her – the same goes for my favourite youngest daughter too – are you reading this Kit-Kat!? 😉 The lift is supposed to be back in operation by the 25th, but according to himself, who makes semi-regular visits to the lift room to check on the progress  being made, they’re slightly ahead of schedule – let’s hope so, anyway (I’m keeping a close eye on the time – I have about three quarters of an hour before I’m due to go on my second Stair Walk for the day. Hopefully I’ll have finished this by then – I’ll try and type faster…) Sudden Food Topic: Julian managed to pick up some semi sun dried chili flakes the other day – they smell lovely, and I tasted a couple of the flakes (zero calories, too!) they have a really nice capsicum flavour, with just a hint of heat to them. Their beauty, to me, lies in their lack of calories – so last night I got himself to put a few into my Optifast Tomato soup… It made all the difference! A subtle amount of heat gave that soup just the little extra “zing” that it lacked (perhaps I should write to Optifast and suggest it to them?)(typing faster doesn’t work – it only means that I make more typos which I then have to waste time correcting! I think I’ll go back to normal speed typing…)

Weigh-in this morning. Well, once again, I went down one point – to 104.0kg. (rolls eyes heavenwards) Please don’t tell me I’m going to go through another one of these interminable “down by one degree at a time” patches!  Why can’t bodies say to themselves “OK, it’s Monday. I’m going to lose 1.5kg this week, so” *plonk* – 1.5kg vanishes into the sunset “There, that’s done – I’ll just rest for the remainder of the week *yawn* See’ya’ll next Monday!” – body dozes off… Unfortunately, bodies don’t work like that – but it would be much more nicer if they did!

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow night – who knows what news and gossip I’ll have for you by then! I ordered my other nail polishes from Willow Byron Bay this afternoon – I wonder if they’ll arrive in a small padded bag like the last one!? I was going to do my nails this afternoon, but I decided to write this early instead (half an hour to “Walkies!”) mainly because I wanted to see how a brand new post would look on the brand new template… Anyway, that’s the last new template for a while – I promised… the only things that might change are the colours and header – that’s allowable, isn’t it? Wednesday tomorrow – himself is hoping we’ll be able to get a little bit of Rifting in, which would be nice – and the new layout of my desk space seems to be working out OK too – my arm hasn’t been nearly as sore. BUT! My arm keeps getting stuck to the desktop – well, not stuck, exactly, but it doesn’t s-l-i-d-e nicely over the bench, like, say, a piece of paper, or a cloth. Julian said to use lots of hand and body lotion, but I said that that would just make the desktop all greasy and sticky. I tried wrapping a clean tea towel around my arm, but that didn’t work terribly well either, because it kept falling off. Oh, and we managed to get Dorevitch to come to the party (I actually meant apartment, but you knew that, didn’t you! 🙂 ) to take my blood test – they’ll be here tomorrow, sometime between 8am and 4pm, so that’s good 🙂 I wonder if they’ll change my Warfarin dose? Prolly not… So anyway, that’s it from me for today – so until tomorrow night, bee good, and please stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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