Yes, it’s another…

New and different blog template (my ghod! can you all read this text? It’s minute in edit format! I can hardly read what I’ve written!) Well, I’ve changed the font, and enlarged it a bit – it’s slightly better now (and at least the text doesn’t just look like a black line anymore!) It’s a shame, really, as I quite liked this template – but if I can’t find a font that supports a decent size text, both for public reading and Editing purposes, then I can’t see it lasting all that long :/ Once I’ve finished this post I shall have to go back and try all the allowable fonts (that is, WordPress provided fonts!) to see which ones look clearest for public reading, whilst not being too tiny for Editing purposes. And to think… I have around 2000+ fonts stored right here on my computer, any of which would be better than the ones that WordPress generously allows us to use (*grrrr!*) So, grizzles aside, today has been quite a fun day so far – Josh came over this morning and now my hair looks quite immaculate! 🙂 What a pity I have to lie down to sleep tonight 😉 I wish that the ubiquitous “They” could invent some sort of force-field (one you can breath through) that you could stick around your head to stop your hair getting mussed when you slept… ditto with something that you could put around your feet that you could walk on, but would not put any pressure whatsoever on any part of your foot – like when you’re swishing your feet in the air from a high chair, or a pier, or something. Sheer bliss, that would be! 🙂 Please don’t suggest walking with your feet in hot water bottles full of blood temperature water, either  – water wouldn’t do it because water exerts pressure around your feet anyway, and so would the bottle holding in the water. No, I’m talking about some sort of plain fresh air, held in place by some sort of invisible force-field… (Ooooh! Wouldn’t that send the fashion designers and shoe manufacturers into a tizzy! *giggle* and my poor cleaning lady would probably die from withdrawal symptoms!) Oh well, one day in the future, maybe… *sigh* Oh, and I must tell you – we received a really lovely surprise present in the mail today! We’ve been going to the same Veterinary Hospital for years and years and years – I first started going to them long ago when I was breeding Siamese cats. The Vet who owned the practice, Dr. Peter Cullen BVSC, used to come to our Cat Club (The Royal Sacred Siamese Cat Club of Victoria – I’d give you a link to it, but Google only seems to know that it exists, and little else – sorry!) once or twice a year to give talks on cat and kitten health, and various problems with breeding – he also used to “Vet In” (i.e. make sure all the cats entered were healthy and with no sign of fleas or other vermin) at a lot of cat shows, so we all got to know him fairly well. He was (and I believe still is) a wonderful Vet, and as I said, we’ve been going to the Whitehorse Veterinary Hospital for a very long time. The Hospital is now run by two brothers, Shaun and Rod Wynne, both excellent Vets, and an extremely well trained and experienced staff. If you’re anywhere near Whitehorse Road Blackburn and are in need of a good Vet, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Anyway, long story short, we received a lovely surprise present from them today – “A boutique photoshoot for everyone you love – including your four legged friend with Hair & Make up for two women plus $350 to spend on photos.”, at StudioDiva Photography – I’m not too sure how Flipper would react to something like that though 🙂 Maybe if we had a new little kitten – but that won’t be while Flipper is still with us – it would break her heart, poor old girl…

I Rifted a fair bit today, and I’m starting to plot and scheme of ways to get platinum and materials (crafting materials, that is) from Laethys to Hailol. Hailol really, really needs the “cash” with which to buy an extra Guild Bank Vault – and we could “borrow” (isn’t that a lovely term for robbing Peter to pay Paul? 🙂 ) some of the platinum from Laethys, but more to the point, the Laethys Guild Bank Overflow branch is loaded with stacks of crafting materials that they don’t really need or want, and most of them sell quite nicely on the Auction House… The trouble is that I already have 12 characters on both Laethys and Hailol so I’d have to move one of my girls off, to bring another girl on – which I’d really rather not do… but Julian could very easily transfer one of his Laethys characters over to Hailol with the goods – he still has plenty of room on both shards… so we’ll probably end up doing it that way – he can move his character back from whence it came after seven days. So really, all that has to be decided is how much platinum, and how many (crafting material) stacks of… what?… Unfortunately the Auction House on Hailol doesn’t seem to be quite as active and vibrant as the one on Laethys – I can’t even seem to sell off a stack of Cobalt Bars, even undercutting everyone else by 50 gold! :/ I’ll let you know what I decide to do when I decide what to do myself! 🙂

Weigh-in. This morning was all a bit of a rush, but my weight was down another one point to 104.1kg. I barely had time to write it down before I had to sprint off to get my Stair Walk in before my shower! Most mornings I can take things a bit slower, but I had to be presentable by 11am, today, and not mid afternoon! 😉 When I finish writing this I’ll have to race off for my après déjeuner  Stair Walk – I dunno – rush, rush, rush! That’s all I seem to do these days! 😉 I guess it’ll all be worth it in the long run… (it’d better be!)

So once more I would exhort you all to look in again tomorrow night – see if I’ve come up with any brilliant ideas for moving platinum and crafting materials between shards; find out if I’ve ordered the three new nail polishes that I want to get, yet, and most importantly, did I fall down the stairs on either of my two Daily Stair Walks – no, not really – I don’t think I’d be capable of writing anything if I’d fallen down the stairs! The “most importantly” bit would have to be… how Flipper’s feeling? No? Ummm…Oh, I can’t think… well, while I’m waiting to remember what would have been the most important thing for me to tell you, I’ll just say that I’d probably also tell you how my weight went… *sigh* Never mind, I can’t remember what that most important thing was 😉 I’m sure it’ll come to me… probably tomorrow! 😉 So you’d better have a look in tomorrow, to find out what it was, hmmm?! So please bee good, and stay safe until then, OK? ciao, all! 🙂

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