Great progress…

Was made in our Telaran adventures today. We’d polished off Freemarch last week, and we were more than half way through Stonefield when we started playing this morning. Actually, we were a bit more than half way though Stonefield, because we’d finished it by mid morning. We had our “breadcrumb” into the next zone, Scarlet Gorge, so we spent the rest of our time in Stonefield running a huge circle around a smallish plateau, leveling up our Butchering by killing the miraculously regenerating local rams, until lunch. After lunch, we started questing in Scarlet Gorge, and I dunno – I know that two Mages do make a fairly formidable team, but the mobs and wildlife were falling in front of us like flies! We seemed to flash through it all, taking virtually no damage at all, anywhere, including the rather nasty Boss Rift at the end of the zone! And on top of all that, we even managed to go up three or four levels! When we started playing, I was level 26 – I finished up this afternoon at level 30, and I didn’t even have to take an experience enhancer! Most remarkable! In all my years of playing MMO’s, first World of Warcraft, and now Rift, I don’t recall ever having covered an entire zone in one afternoon (not even a full day, an afternoon!) Next week, it’ll be on to Scarwood Reach – I wonder if we’ll be able to knock that over in an afternoon! Somehow I doubt it… (it’s a teeny bit bigger than Stonefield 😉 )

We’ve got a bit of a task tomorrow morning – ringing Dorevitch and requesting to have someone make a house call to do a blood test. I’m supposed to have my next Warfarin blood test on Tuesday, but of course, I’m stuck up here on the fifth floor for the duration. I probably could clamber down the stairs to the first floor, and Julian probably could pick me up outside and whiz me over to have the blood test (it’s only over the road in Doncaster Tower) the non-fun part would be trying to get me back up the five floors… I think I could do it, but I’d be pretty non compos menzies by the time I got home. On my Stair Walks I do two floors, and by the time I get back to our floor, I’m a bit puffed… (but it’d only be an extra two floors, and I’d only be doing the “up” part on the way home, so maybe I could… Hmmm…) Anyway, we’d like to see if we can get someone to come over here to do the blood test… If they can’t send someone on Tuesday, I can go a couple of days over the requested date, but I certainly shouldn’t leave it until the lift is fixed. I might have to go the hard slog and go myself :/

I was just having a bit of a look in The Age – I used to “follow” The Age, but have pretty much stopped looking at it since it went “Tabloid” (printing at least a third of their articles for their sensationalism and scandalous value only, which is a shame – The Age used to be a reputable news source once – alas, no more!) Anyway, I was just having a brief look, and one of their top stories claims that the judges in the Bali Nine Death Sentence case demanded money to hand down a lesser sentence. OK, if the system is as corrupt as it’s said to be, and an approach like that would certainly have confirmed this, why the hell didn’t they pay the money?! To appear to be holier than thou? To say “Well, the judges are corrupt, and indicated that they’d take a bribe for a lesser sentence, but we won’t lower ourselves to their standards! Oh no! We’ll let Justice take its course!” – and of course, now it has. Some justice! Family and friends would have been only too happy to “donate” to the cause – hell, I would have donated to the cause! Now it looks like these poor guys, who made a stupid and terrible mistake over ten years ago, are going to die. Indonesia is welcome to its own laws, and if they want to inflict the death penalty on people who smuggle drugs into their country, that’s their right… But not after ten years of remorse, atonement, and rehabilitation. That’s simply inhumane – not just to the drug runners (I nearly said “victims”, and I think I probably would have been right!), but to their family and friends, and indirectly, to the whole world, which now has to witness this terrible ordeal they and their families are being put through! If a country is going to carry out a sentence like that (as is their right), they must do it immediately! They must do it quickly and cleanly, while the enormity of what the perpetrators have done is still fresh in everyone’s mind, and while the notion of “It’s their law – the boys shouldn’t have been so stupid” was foremost in the public’s interest. Bah! If I ever go overseas again, I will not fly anywhere via an Indonesian airport. Small drop, large bucket – but if enough people did that, sooner or later they’d get the message…

Ooops! Sorry, I said I wasn’t going to do another Rant this month. I guess I lied… 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Slowing down again? Only 1 point down to 104.2kg today… Maybe tomorrow will be better – maybe it won’t. I don’t count on anything to do with my weight anymore… I’ll just keep on walking up and down stairs and crossing my fingers a lot…

So anyway, call in again tomorrow night 🙂 Who knows what subject might take my fancy next time, eh? 😉 My Willow Byron Bay nail polish is still looking pretty good – it should last until Tuesday, I think, and I’ll definitely be ordering some more! Seems like I’ve also dropped another dress size – that means I’ve gone from a 26, to a 24, to a 20 in six months… Not too bad, I guess. I just wish I looked thinner! (everyone says I do (look thinner) but when I look in the mirror, I just can’t see it…) However! All the latest comings and goings, doings and don’tings, chez nous, will be flourished before you tomorrow evening – so don’t miss out! Therefore, until this time tomorrow, I shall once again bid thee to bee good, and above all, stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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