New spaces…

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 🙂 Himself and I celebrated the day by… shifting my desk around. For some time my right shoulder has been horribly sore… very much the way it felt when I was a child learning the piano (I never wanted to play the piano – I would have much rather learned the harp, or the violin, like my father – but no, I got the piano…) I’d be in the living room practicing, every afternoon, and mother would be in the kitchen, getting dinner prepared. My shoulder would get sorer and sorer, and I’d make more and more mistakes, and mother would yell at me to stop mucking around, to concentrate, and practice properly. I’d yell back that I couldn’t help it, my shoulder was so sore… This went on for months, and finally my mother decided to “call my bluff”, and took me to the doctor. He diagnosed me as having Fibrositis (now called Fibromyalgia), prescribed Disprin, and advised me against sitting in the one position for too long, and also not to take a job as a typist or secretary when I grew up. My practice sessions were shortened from an hour and a half to one hour, and what do I do all day now that I’m all growed up? 🙂 I sit in front of a screen and keyboard, that’s what I do! 😉 Anyway, my shoulder has been getting very sore (it sort of feels as though a large air bubble has been trapped in your shoulder joint, and it gets so sore it almost stings!) so we thought if I sat at the desk differently, like with my elbow resting on the desk instead of on the arm of the chair, it might help – so I’m now sitting in the corner where I can rest my elbow on the desk when I’m using the mouse. It may help – it may not – this is really just a bit of an experiment. This whole move, being in the nature of an experiment as it was, shouldn’t have taken very long – but himself decided to take advantage of the ensuing chaos to get rid of a lot of unused cables and to “tidy up” the rest of the “sphagetti” mess under the desk – so it took virtually half the morning, and most of the afternoon… Still, it’s all nice and tidy and neat at the moment – heaven help us if it all has to be moved back again any time soon… 😉 I’ve sort of got my side the way I want it – there’s still a few bits and pieces to be hung up, but that shouldn’t take long… (crosses fingers and touches wood!) I expect this to be a relatively short blog tonight (*gasp* I can hear you from here! Stop that cheering! Stop it, I say! Now! 😉 ), because except for moving my desk around, my Stair Walks, and a bit of Rifting, it was a largely uneventful day for once, and I’ve already had my February rant, so I can’t do another one of those yet… 😉

I did manage to get a bit of Rifting in this morning, as well as later this afternoon, and I also managed to get Jadenfyre up to level 20, and finish off the rest of Freemarch – so now he’s off to Stonefield with a clear conscience 🙂 Actually, he won’t be going straight off to Stonefield, I’ve decided to do what I did with all my girls on Laethys – take each of them, one at a time, to a significant level – in this case, level 20. Then I’ll take them all up to level 40, and then finally to level 50, when I might start needing a bit of help with some of the quests. So now that Satai and Jadenfyre are both level 20, I shall go on and get another one – possibly Rubyfox – up to level 20, and so on… it’s a good way of leveling characters up reasonably evenly – well, it worked on Laethys, anyway, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work on Hailol too! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I went down to 104.3kg ,nice, but I really don’t expect it to keep going down – it’ll probably be the same again for a couple of days, and then go back up again. As I mentioned before, I went for my two Stair Walks today – it wasn’t too bad inside the fire escape stairwell, but the trek from our door to the fire escape door leaves one gasping a bit – it’s very close and humid in the lobby :/ (heat I can sort of deal with, humidity I can’t. I feel as though I’m drowning!) I’m still only doing the two levels down, two levels back up, and in this sort of weather that’s about as much as I can manage. I wish it was Winter… 😦

So tune in again tomorrow night – it’s our weekly Sunday romp through Telara tomorrow, and I’m sure you’ll all want to know what sort of adventures we end up having, and how many times we died 😉 My beautiful Willow Byron Bay nail polish seems to be holding up fairly well – there’s only a teeny-weeny bit of wear showing on the very tippety-tip of one nail, so I’ll probably order some more from them next week – the raspberry red, the gold with a silver shimmer, and the dark blue with a cobalt shimmer… Mmmmm! Can’t wait! 🙂 Now, where was I? Oh yes… reasons to call back tomorrow… and of course you’ll all want to know about my Stair Walks, and most importantly, my weight! Did it go up? Down? or stay the [insert very rude word of your choice here] same? Well, you’ll be filled in on all of those, and more! around about this time tomorrow night – so until then, please, bee extra good, and stay extra safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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