I’m writing early today, because…

I thought it was probably about time that you had another “rant” blog from me – something, hopefully, for you to think about. So here goes… I was watching the news the other night, and some scientist or other was going on, and on, and on, about climate change, and how the world is getting hotter, and – well, I’m sure you know all the words that they constantly throw out – the Greens keep badgering on about it too. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe what they’re saying, and I do think it’s important that we do something about it (though I can’t help thinking that part of it – even if only a relatively small part – is a natural cycle that has happened before, and will happen again, even if human kind isn’t here to see it.) Big business more or less turns a blind eye to it; the man on the street mouths platitudes and pretends to care – but they have far more immediate problems to think about and so place the “Greatest Challenge of Our Time” in the ‘I’ll think about it later’ pigeon hole. In a nutshell, everyone keeps talking about how “it’s happenin’ right now, folks”, and they blame anyone they can think of – except themselves, of course – governments, banks, profit greedy businesses (profit is not a dirty word you know, without profit, there are no wages – remember that!) Anyone who makes money is suspect, and governments obviously just don’t care. We’re being told, over and over, how disasterous it is for the world, and how “something must be done!” – but, you know what?! So far, no-one has come up with a truly viable means of stopping, or even slowing down, the global warming process. About the only things that really will work to help arrest global warming, will also affect other important things that keep us all relatively comfortable and put food on most of our tables. Our standards of living, for example, will drop badly because wages will go down, but prices will go up. Profits, and indeed, global finance will be affected to an extent that will make the GFC look like a squabble in a kindergarten sand pit!  Quite seriously, life would not be pretty under a proper, workable scheme to slow down global warming! Not to mention Countries Other Than Australia – a true consensus will never be reached, and every country will be jealously eyeing off their neighbours, wondering if they’re getting any more concessions and/or benefits than they are themselves. Wars will be possible and even probable. Some of the poorer countries are in no position to put in place the harsh restrictions and penalties that would be needed – if they tried, their people would at best depose them, and at worst, lynch them. People like their comforts, and their fat profits, their McMansions, their enormous televisions, their overseas travel, their cars… they won’t give them up without a fight (I won’t give them up without a fight, either! *blows raspberry at screen*)  Globally, everyone is looking to everyone else to make the first positive move – it’s become a game of brinkmanship. Sure, we can put a price on carbon… Might as well put a tax on bubble gum, for all the real good it will do. One idea might be to go nuclear – but that’s deemed to be far too dangerous (what, global warming isn’t?! Then why are we all so worried about it?!) Various (dare I use the term? Yes!) “wimps” point to Chernobyl, Long Island, and lately, Fukushima, in Japan. “We can’t allow accidents like those to happen ever again, it’s best to steer well clear of nuclear energy” – if we don’t learn how to manage it well and safely, well, more fool us. We have to stop using fossil fuels and gas if we want to even try to slow down global warming. As I see it, nuclear power only has one serious disadvantage, and that’s waste disposal. But for a world that’s managed to put men on the moon, and is planning a manned trip – and return  from – Mars, surely safe, efficient nuclear waste disposal shouldn’t pose too much of a problem? So c’mon peoples, I’ve given you the problem (and one teeny-weenie possible, if not probable, solution), why don’t all of you start thinking about a real and viable solution – it’s becoming increasingly obvious that none of the big-wigs wants to take on the responsibility of doing anything constructive – our only hope might be for us to find the solution for them, and rub their [please insert rude word here] noses in it!

End of the February Rant

And now, to other news, chez nous! I Rifted most of this morning, and I finally managed to get Winterthyme skilled up in all her necessary Gathering professions. I even got her out of Scarwood Reach and into the Moonshade Highlands – we’ll see how we go – so far, most of the quests are green (i.e. little more than baby level) but I do have a breadcrumb quest to Droughtlands, so if Moonshade fails to please, I have a home to go to in Droughtlands 🙂 After lunch, himself took off on sundry errands, and I started work on this delectable header – do you like it? It didn’t really take me very long – what took me the longest was deciding on a background colour! 🙂 Then I thought I’d write my blog now, with it’s little Rant, so I did 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I really don’t know why I bother, honestly! My body is determined to stay fat and slug-like. I went down that one point to 105.0kg – again! Tomorrow it’ll be 105.1kg, or 105.6kg, or whatever – as long as it’s in the 105kg area, my body will be happy. I won’t, but I think that comes under the heading of “too bad”. I’m getting the feeling that my body likes being in the 105kg zone so much that it plans on staying in it forever, and ever, and ever. I give up. I don’t bloody well care any more…

Tune in again tomorrow night (sorry, I’m rushing this! I’m very extremely late for my Stair Walk!) and find out all the latest – himself has plans for us to have a day in Telara, whacking Trolls and searching for Artifacts, which will be a pleasant change from his sitting in the Office working on Body Corporate thingies! 🙂 My nail polish from Byron Bay didn’t arrive today, and my nails remain unpainted. I’ll let them go one more day, then I’ll paint them some other colour (and isn’t it always the way? The minute I paint my nails, the nail polish will arrive!) So I’ll fill you in on that too – now I gotta go and get my socks on, and get to them thar stairs! So until tomorrow night, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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