Well, there are three…

Pieces of good news that I can give you this evening! 🙂 The first being that I’ve gone down two (2) sizes in clothes! Before I started this diet, all my tops were XL (and don’t even bother to ask about slacks!) Late last year I had to throw out all my old clothes because they were swimming on me, and I moved down into a size L, but they’re also too big for me now. On Saturday when I went to Autograph and My Size, I was just a teeny bit dubious about trying the next size down, M (for Medium) so I compromised, and got two tops in size M, and two tops in size L. Julian will be taking the two size L’s back tomorrow, and exchanging them for size M. Since August last year, I’ve gone from size XL to size M – I’m tempted to say (in my best fake American accent) “Howz thet fer sahze!”, but it’d make me sound a bit too much like my son-in-law, so I won’t! 😉

The second piece of good news being that I didn’t have to lose as much of my torn thumbnail as I feared I would – but I have cut/filed all my nails down a lot! I haven’t painted them yet – I’m still hanging out for my new pretty purple Willow Byron Bay nail polish to arrive – they sent me an email in about the middle of last week saying that it had been dispatched, so hopefully it’ll arrive tomorrow… I’ll let you know if it does!

The third and last piece of good news is that when I was doing my Stair Walk this afternoon, I did my one level, and I did the half level, and I thought “bugger this!” and walked down to the second landing – so I am now officially walking two landings, and back – 32 stairs altogether! I think I’m finally getting the hang of this “walking” business! 😉 Next week? Another landing? or another two landings? Being very religious (I’m a devout Coward) I’ll probably opt for a single extra landing (making my Stair Walk a total of three landings) for the first couple of days, and then stretch it down to the extra one… We’re on the fifth floor, so doing those four levels would take me down to the first floor, which is street level on the Williamson Road side… See? I’m not trapped here at all! 🙂 I know I walk the stairs in my running socks because the rough concrete stairs hurt my feet, but if I carried my torture devices shoes with me, and I put them on 😦 at the bottom of the stairs, I could escape!!  We’ve left the wheelchair in the back of the car, “just in case”, so if Julian picked me up just around the corner (cos you can’t really stop outside the front door) I could go shopping! Wheeeeeee! 😀 *sigh* and by the time I was able to walk the four levels, the lift would be fixed and back in operation again and I wouldn’t have to go to all that trouble! However, I will still continue my Stair Walking, whether the lift is working or not, because it’s all a part of doing what I have to (to lose weight)

I didn’t get a lot of Rifting in today – I had my hair done this morning, and I’m trying out a new “product” because – for the first time in my life – my hair has been getting very, very dry, so it’ll be interesting to see how this new goo works out (and I’m not supposed to use hairspray, either! I can feel withdrawal symptoms starting!) After Josh left I pretty much started planning a new header for this blog theme – it’s quite small! Only 937 x 300 pixels… which doesn’t really give me much room to work with, but I think I’ve found the right components. I’m going through all my (2000+) fonts, looking for something decorative for the borders, and I haven’t decided on a colour scheme yet – but I didn’t really get much time to work on that, either, as I had to work on my nails (and I tell you what, typing is a damn sight easier with short nails! How do those Receptionists manage to type letters and appointments and stuff?! *shakes head in amazement*) So I’m not quite sure about what I’m doing tomorrow – Rifting? I’d like to… Work on a new header? I have to… Watch all those back episodes of Survivor? I must… Do my daily Stair Walk? You can take that as a given… Paint my nails, if my new nail polish arrives? YES! Ah me… spoiled for choice! So many things to do, so little time in which to do them all… 🙂

Weigh-in this morning… Just … don’t talk to me about my weigh-in this morning! I’ll only get seething mad again! I was so… so… SO angry!  I. Went. Up! Only one point, but (see? I’m starting to froth at the mouth again!) it was UP! 105.1kg How dare my body do this to me?!! I decided this morning that I don’t want to be cremated when I die, after all! I think I’ll let this useless carcass rot, for doing this to me, time and time again! I’ve been in this wretched 105kg zone since the end of January – this is the longest I’ve ever spent in the one weight zone – remember? I went right back to the beginning, to see how many days I spent at each weight level – it turned out that it was between about 5 days, and ten days. It’s now been just over twelve days, and I’m starting to get really angry – what do I have to do? Stop eating altogether? I will if I have to, but I’d really rather not… I’m at my wit’s end! And please don’t keep on at me about how I shouldn’t weigh myself every morning, but only once a week – I’d be even angrier and unhappier (if that were possible, which I doubt!) if I’d weighed myself last Monday, and then again today – and found that I was almost exactly the same!

So anyway, tune in again tomorrow night – see if I’ve got to the stage of grabbing the carving knife and slicing pieces of body off (I’m not allowed to – I’d get blood in the grouting!) Did my nail polish arrive? Have I finished the blog header? (I’m sure you’ll notice if I have 😉 ) Did I watch any Survivor? All these questions! 😉 Never mind, you’ll find out tomorrow night, if you behave yourselves… 😉 So there it is – my day in a nutshell (or blog post, anyway) How does a body go down a dress size, but go up (even by one!) in weight? Until tomorrow night then, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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