I’m *not* writing early tonight because…

It’s already 10 to 10, and I’m late! We recorded Foyle’s War on Saturday and watched it tonight – it’s another very good television series. Set in London, during, and just after World War 2, Foyle is a Detective Chief Superintendent who ends up working for the Home Office, investigating crime connected to war activities. Naturally it’s a lot more complicated than that, but that was how the series started out. The episode we watched was post war, and he’s working pretty much full time for the Home Office (MI6) . If anyone’s interested in those sorts of series, I can highly recommend it, along with the George Gently series – set in the early to mid sixties, it’s another extremely good “detective” show (we now have the full six seasons worth) So, yeah, it’s late, and I still have Minions to process, Auctions to check, amongst a lot of other stuff on Rift 🙂

My pretty purple nail polish from Willow Byron Bay did arrive this morning, and boy, it sure is pretty! 🙂 It’s what I suppose you could call a “rich dark fuchsia”, with a cobalt blue opalescent sheen through it. It’s a little bit darker than I generally like my nail polishes, but… I’ll put up with it! I’ll put up with it! 🙂 Now all that remains to be seen is how well it wears/lasts. If it’ll last six to seven days, I’ll buy some of their other colours – I’d like to get Torakina, Bonsoir, and Sundance – whadd’ya reckon? 😉 But it all depends on how well they last…

Himself got a few last things out of the way this morning, while I Rifted, and after lunch we sallied forth and trounced evil critters in Stonefield (Trolls, and Troglodytes, and Giants, oh my!) until about 4 o’clock, when I was going to do my Stair Walk in the hot and steamy front stairwell. Unfortunately, my running socks were still in the clothes dryer, so…. I used the fire escape stairs in my bare feet instead! 🙂 (I bet you thought I was going to say that I couldn’t do my walk! C’mon, you did think that, didn’t you! That I was just waiting for an excuse not to do my Stair Walk, hmmm?! 😉 ) It was a lot cooler in the fire escape tunnel stair well, too (come to think of it, it is a bit like a tunnel, only vertical, instead of horizontal…) so I went down and up my three landings worth, and although it is a lot cooler in there (it’s almost in the exact centre of the building) it was still pretty warm – and I found it a little… debilitating… Thank goodness I didn’t use the front stairs – I really don’t think I would have made the full three levels! :/ It should hopefully be a little cooler tomorrow – if not, I’ll just use the fire escape route again. Handy, that! 🙂 When I got back I washed my hands, dried them thoroughly, and set about painting my nails… They do look nice (though they’d look even more betterer if I hadn’t filed them back so severely – but they’ll grow!) Then I read, somewhat gingerly, as my nails hadn’t dried properly, until dinner time, when they had dried. Himself spent the afternoon, before and after my Stair Walk, cleaning out the cupboards and drawers in his bathroom – I must do the same in mine… I don’t know about you, but I tend to accumulate bottles of half used shampoo that I didn’t like but didn’t want to throw away because there was still so much left in them – ditto with hand and body lotions that for some reason or other never got used more than three or four times… toothpastes that burnt my mouth because they had too much mint, or eucalyptus oil, or whatever, in them… empty perfume bottle boxes that I kept because I can’t remember why… deodorant sprays with about 2/3 of a single spray left in them (why do I keep these things? Why?! Why?!) Bits of old makeup… old lipsticks… old facial wipes (mostly all dried out now) They all have to go! And I also keep on buying drawer dividers that are never the right size or shape for what I want to put in them, so I have decided. Once the lift is back in operation again, we’re going to Howard’s Storage! We were going to go there anyway, because they’re about the only place where I think I can still get the pretty storage boxes that I want for under the bed – but knowing my luck, they probably don’t have them any more :/ Anyway, I just went and had a quick peek, and they’ve got some very interesting looking new drawer dividers! 😉 Yes, we shall definitely be going there! 😀 This time, however, I’m going to lay out, and measure, everything from my drawers and cupboards that I want to keep, and I shall measure the drawers, too! Surely, that way, I should be able to get something “Baby Bear” (something that’s “just right!“, as Goldilocks once said! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning. I went down to 104.9kg. I’m not going to comment, other than to say that tomorrow I’ll just as likely be back to 105.3kg or something equally ridiculous and depressing. I simply don’t trust my body any further than I could pick up a baby elephant with my little finger and throw it!

So, what’s happening tomorrow? Why not call in again tomorrow night and find out! 😉 Actually, I have no idea at all about what’s happening tomorrow, other than I’ll most likely be playing Rift (as usual), I shall be weighing myself (as usual), and that I shall be going on my Stair Walk (again, as usual) Other than those activities, it’s all in the hands – or should I say “paws” – of the Great Galactic Kitten! My favourite eldest daughter won’t be over while the lift’s out, unfortunately, so there’ll be no “Person of Interest” episodes for a couple of weeks – on the other hand, I still have all those episodes of Survivor to watch… hmmmm… Survivor? or Rift?… Rift? or Survivor? Don’t you just love to procrastinate?! 🙂 I certainly do… not! What I want is for someone else to make up my mind for me – then, whatever they decide I should do, I’ll want to do the opposite, and that will make up my mind for me, see? 🙂 So I suppose you’ll just have to wait with battered breath until tomorrow night for my descriptions of the days doin’s! 🙂 but until then, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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