Trust me, this will look…

Much more betterer, once I make a custom Header for it… (I hope!) 😉 If not, I’ll just… revert back to the old one, or something. Besides, I have to have something to do for the almost three weeks that I’m going to be cooped up in here… Apart from watch all my saved episodes of “Survivor: Blood versus Water” in a massive, one-day Survivor-thon (because Season 30, “Survivor: Worlds Apart” will be airing soon (so they say) and I have to make room for it – so it’s either watch the old one, or ditch it (I’m tempted, I’m tempted – I was never all that keen on family members being pitted against each other )) So my list of “Things To Do While The Lift Is Being Fixed” is growing a lot longer. I’ve the new Header to do… I’ve Survivor to watch… I have Hailol to pull up by its bootstraps and make it financially independent from Laethys… himself wants to get in a lot more group Rifting with me… and then there’s my Stair Walking, and my Home Walking… Doesn’t leave much room for sleeping, does it! 😉 I did get myself a timer when we went out on Saturday, and I’ve set it to 90 minutes (93 minutes, actually, because I overshot the mark a bit and can’t be bothered re-doing it) so between the hours of and, every 90 minutes the alarm will sound and I’ll be clambering out of my seat and walking around the house – Den to Hall, Hall to Bedroom, Bedroom to Den – five times. Then I’ll sit down and start the timer off again. Rinse and Repeat until I generally do my Stair Walk around, and today – hallelujah! – I went that extra half a level for the first time! Yeah, I get a little bit puffed by the time I finish, but crikey! I’m (too many) years old and, despite trying terribly hard to lose weight, still terribly overweight – my lungs are probably not at their best – I smoked since I was about 14, very heavily for a few years before I quit (on January 26th, 2000), and I’ve had two very serious bouts of multiple blood clots in both lungs, twice, one in 2007 and the other last year, 2014 – so I reckon I’m entitled to get a bit puffed, walking down 24 stairs, and then back up them again! (there are 8 stairs (steps, or whatever you call them) to half a level) So I’ll be doing quite a bit of walking… but as I keep saying… “Whatever it takes…” 🙂

Today, being Sunday, we ran gaily around Telara, killing things left right an centre. Seeing that this is about our fourth, or fifth time around, we’re getting a lot more blaze about jumping into Rifts, and participating in Rift Raids, albeit baby ones at the moment – so today, after successfully closing two Rifts on our own, we – perhaps somewhat foolishly – decided to join the Raid group  that was attempting to close down a Nightmare Rift. They’re not pleasant beasties, and it takes a Raid group of 20 or more players to shut them down. Now this was a fairly baby one (because we were still in the “kindergarten” area of Freemarch) and we got slaughtered! Killed deader than a fly hit with Mortein, and about as quickly! Still, we got our experience points for our very first death and Soul Healing, so all was not in vain, and the rest of the Raid group polished off the last of the Nightmare Rift while we were still resurrecting ourselves… so I think we’ve decided not to participate in anymore Nightmare Rifts until we’re a few more levels older… 😉 But it was a good day – we finished off Freemarch, leveled up our Mining, Butchering, and Foraging, and have made our way to the next area, Stonefield, where we’ll have Giants and Trolls and Troglodytes to kill, oh my! 🙂

I’m just looking down at my nails – they’re a real mess! All chipped and raggedy looking… 😦 I didn’t get a chance to do them today – now they’ll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon… I’m quite put out, too, because the slightly torn thumbnail that I’ve been nursing along for weeks now, has decided to tear quite a bit further, and I fear that I shall not be able to save it by bunging more nail polish on it this time… I’ll have to trim it right back, and that’ll mean that the others will have to be trimmed back too, which won’t look as good with nail polish on *pout* (Vanity, they name is Winter! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning was promising… I lost another 2 points and am now sitting on 105.0kg – wrrretched scales! I got on them, and first they skittered down to 104.9kg… then they slipped down to 104.8kg… (by then I was nearly jumping up and down on the scales with joy!) then they wavered a little bit more, and…  then they went back up to 105.0kg! Now, is that a tease, or is that a tease? I’d call that a tease, wouldn’t you?! They’re cruel and unusual scales! Sometimes I hate them so much I have to force myself to get on them every morning – and other times I feel quite… fond… of them. Sort of…. 😉

So call back again tomorrow night – find out if those ‘orrible scales are still teasing me, or if they’re behaving themselves… I hope I go down again tomorrow – it would be a big relief to get away from this interminable 105kg zone. *sigh* I’ll do my best to save my thumbnail tomorrow, but I really think it’s too far gone this time – and the rest of my nails really do need filing back a bit (alright then, a lot! When I’m typing I keep missing keys because the length of my nails doesn’t make proper contact with them – I think I’ve typed something correctly, and then find that I’ve missed the first letter of a word, or something! grrr!) I’m really hoping that my new Willow Byron Bay pretty purple nail polish will arrive tomorrow morning – I can’t wait to try it out… I’ll let you know if it arrives, and what it’s like. There’s sure to be lots of news tomorrow night, so don’t be shy, don’t miss out, call in and find out all the latest from chez nous! And do, please, let me know what you think of this different blog theme – should I go back to the old one? Or do you want to wait and see what this one is like when I add a customised header? Anyway, until this time tomorrow night, bee good, and please stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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