It just goes to show that…

Colours ain’t colours, after all! Well, the missing header was back this morning, but I decided to switch blog Themes, anyway – after all, I’d just about finished this header, and I thought… why not make use of it? So I did, and this is the result. However, the old Yellow Pages ad: “Not. Happy. Jan!” springs to mind. The background colour of the Theme, and the background colour of the header are exactly (exactly!) the same – #2B222C, or, in RGB parlance (RGB stands for Red Green Blue) 43, 34, 44. So why do the colours display differently depending on what browser you’re using? I use Chrome, and there is a very clear difference between the Theme background, and my header. If you look at the blog using IE, both the background and the header are identical colours. If I twiddle the colours to make them match in Chrome, they look different in IE, and different again in Opera – but we haven’t bothered to check it against Firefox, because the odds are that it will be different too. Apparently, just like oils, colours aren’t colours, either, Ollie! I might try finding another colour system that does display the header and the background properly, but it’s much more likely that I’ll swap Themes again before I do that – so if the colours don’t match on your browser, put up with it until I find a less recalcitrant Theme!

This morning I Rifted – took the girls through their Daily Grinds, and I’m pleased to say that the Artisan Marks they need are beginning to build up. Then I quested Crystalcat for a bit – she’s in a very unique position… She was “born” Bahmi (a Defiant race), and did all her beginner/baby quests in Freemarch, the Defiant starting area. When she was about level 18 or so, she decided to change Factions, and became a Guardian… and this is where her peculiarity lies. She’s done all her “baby” quests, and is now level 24 and should be progressing along the quests that will take her higher and into other areas… but according to the Silverwood Guardian quest givers, she hasn’t done any of the quests that a Guardian character would normally follow, so she’s having to battle it out with level 9 Goblins! Oh, the shame of it all! 🙂 She is getting some experiance points for these baby quests, but really! They hit me once, and die? Just because they hit me? I’m racing through these pointless quests, but it’s a real bore. Trion should flag quests of a similar experience level as “done” once a character has completed them, regardless of Faction, that way it wouldn’t matter if a character changed Faction, they’d be at the same quest experience level, whichever side they were on at the time. When you get to a certain level, and get enough “planarite”, you’re given a pretty “buckle” for your belt that’s capable of holding different enhancement properties, called “Planar Essences” – but Crystalcat now has two of them! One Defiant “buckle”, and one Guardian “buckle” – which one should she wear? It doesn’t really make any difference – they both perform the same function, and can carry exactly the same sorts of Planar Essences – so why did they bother to make one a Defiant one, and the other a Guardian one? So that one can have a pretty red stone in the middle, and the other a pretty blue one? Why not make them both green stones, and be done with it?! Sometimes I just don’t understand the way Game Developers minds work… (*shakes head sadly*) Anyway, Crystalcat romped gaily through Silverwood, slaying Goblins with a glare, until lunch time. After lunch, Jademoss and Dramiele took over and romped through Tarken Glacier, slaying, and being slain! And we’d been doing so well, too! You know, if we have one quarrel with Rift Game Developers, it’s that sometimes their quests are so lacking in information as to be almost unintelligible! “Go and kill 24 parasites” – what parasites? Where? What do they look like? It’s a damn big circle we have to look in – give us a hint, already! and “Lob a bit of broken whatever into a lump of rock and jam it up with fallen star thingies” – well, those weren’t the exact words, but roughly translated, that’s what it meant. Once again, we had no idea… Generally speaking, if it sparkles, you can interact with it. Out there, with all the snow flurries, sparkling frost, glowing eddies, and Elite Mobs at every turn, it’s very hard to tell what’s sparkling for you, and what’s just sparkling! AArrrgghhh! And then we got caught up in a Nightmare Rift and decided to join the Raid group which was battling it. Then he died, and then I died, and no sooner had we both resurrected than we both died again… and then we repeated the process. While we were busy resurrecting for the second time (or was it third, by then? I fergit – I just remember that it took over a platinum at the Healers, afterwards!) the Raid group managed to kill the last Nightmare Boss and close the Rift, and it was shortly after that that we called it a day and went back to town to dust down and process our loot. S’funny, you know – every time I think “This must be about the last quest out here – I wonder what we’ll do next?”, some damned quest giver or other rears their ugly head and hands us a new one! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was… hopeful? I went down another two notches to 106.8kg – unfortunately, not far enough into the 106kg zone for me to feel “safe” there, yet! Still, it’s a promising start to the weekend – hopefully I can keep on going down – at least until next Wednesday, anyway. As you know, we have my favourite eldest daughter’s BBB (Big Birthday Bash) on tomorrow – much the same as we had for my favourite youngest daughter and Lisa’s husband, Neale, just before Christmas. Nando’s, salad and chips, and a cake – though I believe the cake isn’t a Red Velvet Trifle, which is what they had last time. And, of course, it’ll be a champagne flute of mineral water for me, and my usual Optifast Bar (Cappuccino, tomorrow! 🙂 ) When I get down to 90kg, I’ll think about going onto a maintenance diet, but I may decide to go down a bit more first – after all, I will put on weight when I start eating again, so I want to be low enough that I can afford to put on a couple of kilos without too much noticeable difference. Maybe I should aim to get down to 85kg first… or maybe 80kg… 75kg might be best though… I don’t think I want to go much lower than that…

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow night to find out how the BBB went, what sort the cake turned out to be (and if I tasted it! 😉 ) and what she got for her Birthday (we’re giving her a pair of shoes) Let me know what you think of the new layout of the blog, and how the colours look to you from your end, and I’ll tell you what my weight did – whether it went back into the 107kg zone, or if it stayed the same. Hopefully I’ll be able to report that it went down again, but I wouldn’t count on it – this is me we’re talking about, remember! So until then, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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