At the moment, this site…

At time of writing, is missing its header! Don’t look at me, it was there this morning! Hopefully it’s just a glitch in the matrix – or maybe I subconsciously knew something this afternoon, when I went to see if there were any new blog Themes… I found one that I liked, and started working on a header… I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow, but if I get a chance, and the header that belongs on this one isn’t back, I may try switching over – no promises though! 🙂

We’ve been very busy today – this morning I completed the three Daily Crafting runs, and got my much needed Artisan Marks – it’s a shame they’re “Soulbound” to each individual character, and that they can’t be shared or “donated” – but I can see the reasoning behind it. Ambitious (read: “greedy”) people might skill up several characters and set them all off collecting as many Artisan Marks, Master Craftsman Marks, and Grandmaster Craftsman Marks as possible, then give them all to one character, thereby gaining an advantage by being able to buy a whole lot of Epic recipes at once – and remember, you don’t have to be a high level character to use the high level recipes, and make high level and Epic items – which you’d then turn around and sell for quite a tidy profit (because you wouldn’t be able to use them yourself yet!) So anyway, I did my daily grind, reset my Minions (I forgot to do it last night! Naughty me!) gobbled a hasty and very early lunch, and then we were off…

I had a medical appointment around noon, and then we went on to Shoppingtown to drop a few things off at the Dry Cleaner and get a few other bits and pieces – I got my Jurlique hand lotion and hand wash (which smells yummy, by the way!), and we did a bit of grocery shopping… but we forgot to get the salad-y type vegetables and the Red Velvet Trifle dessert for the BBB (Big Birthday Bash) on Sunday, so himself will have to go out again tomorrow morning, which we had been hoping to avoid because we’d been sort of planning to have your Telara Sunday on Saturday – ah well, the best laid plans of mice and all that… Once we got home, and had a very welcome cup of coffee in our hot and sweaty little paws, I went looking to see if there were any new blog Themes (I usually check about once a week) – there were a couple that I wasn’t all that impressed with, and a couple of new-ish ones that I did like, so I chose one, and went off to work on a suitable header for it. This one was a bit harder than the other ones have been because I didn’t really have a very clear idea of what I wanted – it was a matter of try this… try that… nah… what about this… what if I did it like that… In the end I found a suitable font (well, it’s not really a font, so much as a dingbat… ) with which to decorate the sides of the header, and I’m still looking for a nice colour for the background, so it’s not quite finished yet, but it almost is… I wonder what happened to the header for this one, though! Maybe it’ll be back by the time I’ve finished this…

I’m just looking around my desk, and wondering at the plethora of sentimental ornamentation on it. There used to be only a few little things… and then, as we tidied up the spare room, and other neglected areas of the house, small objects came to light that we’d forgotten that we had. Well, we hadn’t exactly forgotten about them, we just… hadn’t missed them, if you know what I mean… Julian had said “Be ruthless!”, but how can you be ruthless with a tiny, cute, beanbag tiger? How can you be heartless and cold, faced with a black cat glove puppet that you’ve had since you were four years old? How can you throw out an absolutely gorgeous glass (I think it’s glass!) mottled to look like leopard skin, votive candle holder, with a matching lid featuring a prowling leopard? And the blue and white Chinese Ginger Jar?… I could go on. Small ornaments that the kids have given me over the years, clocks, crystals, mirrors, three calenders – all these things have gradually come to join me at my desk. Instead of having the acres of room that I started out with, I now have only a few small areas of clear desktop on which to put my cup of tea or coffee. But I’m not sorry for it – all of these things are memories, more than objects, and aren’t good memories treasures to hang onto? 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was much more hopeful – I shed three points and went down to 107.0kg  – probably due to all the fretting over my appointment with Dr. Y. next week! Good! That means I should shed another three kilos between now and the appointment! Perhaps I should worry more, generally… trouble is, I start worrying about something, and something else comes along and grabs my attention, and I forget to worry! tsk! Hopefully I’ll be down into the 106kg zone tomorrow – but I won’t hold my breath! Knowing me, I’m just as likely to go up again, or sit on 107.0kg for the next three weeks… :/

So call in again tomorrow night – see if my header is back, or if I’ve changed blog themes and finished the new header I was working on today, and everything will be new and different! 🙂 Find out if my weight has gone down – I actually did a bit of walking today, so it might have! Cross your fingers, toes and eyes… Isn’t it strange! I really don’t mind walking, but I can’t balace properly in shoes, and tend to stagger around like a drunk – take my shoes off, and I walk perfectly well, except for ending up bent over double because of my back. I need new shoes – the ones I have are not much longer for this world, I fear, so I’m both annoyed that I’m going to have to go off and find someone who can make me some shoes, and exhilarated and excited that once these shoes die, I’ll have an excuse to go barefooted, all the time! 🙂 So anyway, find out if my weight has been good to me and gone down, or whether it’s still teasing me by staying the same, or going up. Until then, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all!

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