Today we celebrated…

The first Birthday of the year… belatedly, unfortunately, but it’s still first off the rank for 2015. My favourite eldest daughter’s Birthday was on January 12th, however, she’d been busy each weekend after that, so we finally got to have her BBB (Big Birthday Bash) today. And a good time was had by all! 🙂 Lots of happy chatter, with champagne (and mineral water for me) Nando’s chicken tenders, chips, and a home made salad – a good bottle of red, a nice bottle of white (and more mineral water for me) Followed by a dessert of a kind of white chocolate mousse cake, seeded with dark choc chips and sponge cake layers. I had my Cappuccino Optifast Bar (and mineral water) I also had a sniff of the red wine, a Brown Brothers straight Merlot, 2012 vintage, called “18 Eighty Nine”. It was supposed to have “berry flavours, with hints of chocolate and spice”, and it sounded so delicious that I had to at least sniff it (and you could vaguely smell a whiff of chocolate!) though I wasn’t game to taste it. Not yet, anyway. Wait until I hit my goal weight and get myself stable on a maintenance diet, and then I’ll definitely try some! And have a mouthful of whatever cake’s on offer! Then we all had coffee, and a long discussion about TV series, and what was good and what wasn’t. Julian and I have come to the conclusion that there are too many good shows to watch, and not enough time to watch them all in! As you know, Lisa and I are watching “Person of Interest”, Marvel’s “Agents of Shield”, “Lost Girl”, which I told you about a couple of nights ago, “Glee”, and “Orphan Black” – a really excellent show with an unusual story line. Someone has created 8 (I think!) female clones, and they’re being killed off, one by one. Who is doing this, and why? What was/is their purpose? Why is only one of them fertile, and able to produce a child, when they were all genetically engineered to be sterile? The remaining clones are being hunted, and one is dying from a condition that seems to be, or may turn out to be congenital. The plot thickens… They’re all being played by the same actress, Tatiana Maslany, who’s doing a really fantastic job handling each individual character, and we’re both waiting eagerly for the show to re-start. Before that we watched “Fringe” – another excellent Sci-Fi show – look here for a better synopsis than I could write in this blog. I just found out today that Lisa has the whole five seasons, which we will put onto the file server so that Julian and I can see them from go to whoa. Another of the series we watch is “Castle”, starring Nathan Fillion (anyone remember him from the brilliant, if prematurely axed series “Firefly”? I do wish they hadn’t axed it when they did, it was shaping up to be a really good series!) Anyway, we have the whole series of that to watch, plus there’s our “Star Trek Enterprise”, Julian’s “Callan: the Colour Years, and quite a lot more – so you can see why I said ‘too many good shows to watch, and not enough time to watch them all in!’, before! The next Birthday coming up will be Julian’s, on February 4th, then me, on March 9th (see! I wasn’t born on the Ides of March, so there! 😛 ), then Terry, May 12th, then Neale, December 12th, and then my favourite youngest daughter, Kate, on December 12th… and then it starts all over again in January, with my favourite eldest daughter, Lisa 🙂

This morning before everyone arrived, I took my girls (Rift girls, that is, not my daughters!) through their Daily Grind, and sorted out my Minions. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go shard hopping to pick up my latest acquisition that all my girls now have – A Black Dire Squirrel. It’s a cute as all get-out riding squirrel, and usually (usually!) these cute squirrel mounts are an extremely rarest of rare drop from a “Limited Edition: Regulos’ Trove” lockbox – the chances of actually getting one out of one of those lockboxes are so slim as to be almost non-existant! Well, when I logged in last night to sort out my Minions and to collect my Daily Patron’s Present, I noticed that they were selling these squirrels,  for a very limited time, from the Rift Shop – for 2,700 Credits. I just checked, and at time of writing, they’ll still be available for another 1 Day and 8 Hours, so get in quick or miss out! 😉 I, of course, promptly bought some more Credits and got myself one! I’ve always wanted a squirrel mount! 🙂 they’re sooo cute! And the beauty of it is, if you buy a mount from the Rift Shop, it counts for all your characters, so each and every one of my girls has one in their mail box! (*hugs self with delight*) 🙂 So that’s what I’ll be doing after writing this – going around, shard hopping, collecting all those cute little squirrels (well, they’re not “little”, they’re sit on-able and rideable, and when they’re idle, they stand up on their hind legs and look just sooo adorable! (anyone would think that I actually like squirrels! 😉 )

Weigh-in this morning was a pleasant surprise – I was, as usual, expecting the worst – that I’d have gone back up (that’ll probably happen tomorrow!), or that I’d stayed the same (and that’ll happen the day after I go up!) however, I’d gone down another 4 points, to 106.4kg! I suppose I can now say that I’m comfortably within the 106kg zone so that if I go up (as I probably will!), I’ll hopefully still be within the 106kg zone. Hopefully. Here’s hoping I go down again, though… (but I probably won’t 😦 )

So drop by again tomorrow night – find out how our Australia Day Holiday went – it’s also Julian’s brother and sister’s Birthdays, too – they’re not twins, there’s three years between them (and then three years between Julian and his sister! How’s that for planning! 😉 ) and honestly, I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing – children having Birthdays so close to Christmas (like Kate and Lisa, for instance! 😉 ) Knowing us, we’ll probably spend most of the time tomorrow Rifting, either together or separately, or in a trio with Josh. I’m looking forward to finishing off Tarken Glacier – it’s been fun, but I don’t think I’ll be too devastated to leave the Plane of Water – it’s not been my favourite zone, actually… Which has been my favourite zone? I dunno… probably Brevane… Anyway, as I said, drop by tomorrow night, and find out how we spent Australia Day. You might even be lucky enough, if I’m not too frazzled and nervous about Wednesday, to find out when we plan on going shopping for some smaller slacks for me, the new entertainment unit, the sofa bed, the end tables (I lied about the Tiffany lamps, we have a couple of very nice lamps already in the room) and the rug! Oh, and I’ll probably even throw in a line or two about how my weigh-in went that morning! 😉 So until then, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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