I hope all this typing…

Doesn’t ruin my newly painted nails! Well, if it does (says she, resignedly) I’ll just have to re-do the damaged ones tomorrow morning – I should just have time before The Appointment with Dr. Y, if there aren’t too many damaged ones and I’m extra quick getting ready… I hope I don’t have to though, I’m already starting to get nervous, and I’ll probably be too jittery to paint straight by tomorrow morning! I wish it was this time tomorrow night… Oh dear… This morning I mostly played Rift (so what else is new!) still picking up cute little Black Dire Riding Squirrels – I only have another to shards two go – the trouble is, I keep getting side-tracked! I found several characters that needed deleting (they hadn’t been given the gift pack of 10 Troves of experience potions, you see) and I found several characters who should have been deleted, but they had received the Troves – I don’t know, it just goes against the grain to throw such fantastic, useful, and, well, keep-worthy items away, so I didn’t delete them! At some stage, in the dim far distant future, I may rename them, pull them out of obscurity, and actually play with them. So a lot of my time this morning was spent picking them up, dusting them off, and getting them into “playable condition”, for “ron” (Later ron) After I finish writing this I was going to continue with this morning’s work, but then I realised that (a) I usually don’t finish writing this until close to eleven o’clock, and (b) the Dailies “turn over” (become available again) at eleven o’clock, and I usually just have enough time to pick up and execute my three lots of Dailies before bed time! So I guess picking up the rest of the Cuthberts (Cuthbert – that’s what I’ve suddenly decided to call my Black Dire Riding Squirrel! So from now on, he’ll be referred to as “Cuthbert”, OK?! It’s a hell of a lot easier than writing “Black Dire Riding Squirrel” all the time, anyway! 😉 ) – picking up the rest of the Cuthberts will have to wait until tomorrow – or the day after.

We have a small dilemma to solve. We live on the fifth floor of a reasonably nice apartment building, with beautiful views over Melbourne. There’s only the one lift (the apartment block isn’t very big), but it’s ageing, and badly in need of refurbishment. This will be happening on February 9th, and the lift will be out of action for almost three weeks. Lots of people are planning their holidays, or going to stay with relatives, during this time, but we have an ancient and somewhat decrepit cat (much like its adoptive  “mother”!), and have no relatives close by who can accommodate us. So we have two choices – move out, or stay in – for me, quite literally “stay in”! To move out for the duration, we have to find not only a “Pet Friendly” place, but also a me Friendly place, that’s not too far away for my favourite eldest daughter and others to visit once a week, has wheelchair access, secure parking, a decent sized shower recess, Foxtel, and high speed Broad Band! (we don’t want much, do we! 😉 ) If we stay here, others can come and go via the front stairs or the fire escape, but I’ll be stuck in the apartment. While I’d probably be able to make it down the stairs, it’s doubtful that I’d be able to get back up them again – by the time I got even a quarter of the way up, the lift would probably be fixed and I’d be stuck, quarter of the way up the stairs and unable to get to the lift! Well, I’m not quite that bad, but almost! (Winter goes glassy eyed: ‘Think of the weight I could lose, struggling up and down those stairs!’ then… ‘How would the ambulance people get to me when I have a heart attack, climbing up and down all those stairs!’, followed by a sensible ‘perhaps I’d better not…’ 🙂 ) I have, it must be said, been cooped up in the apartment for two or more weeks at a time, usually in winter when it’s too cold or wet for me to even want to go outside, and it didn’t hurt me – so no doubt I’d cope well enough this time too (and think of the money we’d save because I couldn’t go shopping! 😉 ) So anyway, that’s our dilemma – any sensible and polite suggestions as to how we should handle it?

Weigh-in this morning. I knew it, I knew it! Even before I got on the scales this morning, I knew it! And you know what?! This wretched body of mine had the gall to smirk, at me as I was getting on the scales! (I saw its reflection in the glass of the scales!) Yes, I went up! If I hadn’t been so angry, I would have cried! This week, of all weeks, it does this to me! From 106.3kg I went up to 106.4kg, and I’ll bet you any money you like, it’ll be worse tomorrow morning! Yes, I know it’s only one point up (darkly: but it’ll be more tomorrow, just wait and see!), but that’s not the point! (er…. ) I mean, that’s not what matters to me – anyway, point, shmoint – last week, next week, any week but this week… and I have (have!) to go up?! I’m spitting chips!

Tune in again this time tomorrow night to see how The Appointment went… and whether or not my nail polish survived all the typing, or whether I had to do repair work on them in the morning. I’ll tell you if we’ve come to any decisions on how we’re going to handle the Great Lift Outage, and whether I’ve finished picking up all my Cuthberts yet. You’ll also find out if I’m eyeing off any new blog Themes with a view to a heading 😉 plus anything else interesting that might have been happening chez nous. And, If I’m still on speaking terms with my body, I’ll let you know what my weight’s doing. So until then, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂