I’m very disappointed in…

My wonderful new Chrome Violet nail polish, by Estee Lauder… It didn’t even last the night! Last night when I went to bed, it was perfect! Smooth, shiny, absolutely gorgeous colour… When I got up this morning most of the polish was chipped and ragged – anyone would think I’d spent the night digging to China with my bare hands, or something! Which, I hasten to assure you, I wasn’t! Didn’t… er… I wasn’t there, nobody saw me do it, I was asleep! So it was with great sadness that I sat down this afternoon with the bottle of nail polish remover, and twice the number of cotton wool balls than I normally use when I’m removing nail polish. The damn stuff didn’t want to come off! Oh, it was perfectly happy to chip and flake off, but it stubbornly refused to budge from around the sides of my nails and my cuticles – what’s more, what did soak off into the cotton wool balls, also got underneath the tips of my nails, and decided that it liked its new home so much that I actually had to pour a little of the remover between the tip of my nail and my finger to get rid of it! Eventually I managed to get it mostly off, then I just scrubbed hard with the warm water, soap, and the nail brush. Once my hands were clean, dry, and somewhat recovered from this harsh treatment, I re-did my nails using the pretty purple Inglot “breathable” polish – it’s the only one, out of six different nail polishes that I’ve bought over the past few months, that’s lasted the full week, and still looked as good as the day I applied it, after a week! (blows raspberry at screen) So there, Mr. Revlon, and Mme. Lauder! I’m going back to Inglot! Apart from my disappointment with the extremely pretty Chrome Violet nail polish, I spent a very enjoyable morning getting my hair done and chatting with Josh – then it was back to my work on that “Gear Stats Comparison Chart” wot I was talking about last night (it’s so that I can scribble in values that I can check against possible replacement gear that I can make) I think I got all the values listed that I need – I’m just checking with himself – yes, he says I have all the values listed, but he’d also like to see Maces and Shields added to the weapons list. He quite often plays a Cleric, and they wear Chain Mail (which Jademoss can make!) and can use Shields and Maces. Well, I can make the Shields alright, but I’ll have to train someone else up in Weaponsmithing to get the Mace-making capabilities (or buy Jademoss an extra Skill slot… hmmmm… decisions, decisions… Then there really won’t be anything my girls can’t make! 🙂 ) However, I do foresee a great disturbance in the Guild Bank! As though a thousand pieces of platinum all cried out at once, and were silenced… (with apologies to George Lucas!) Well, so much for getting back into Dimensioning! It’ll have to wait until I become a Savant Weaponsmith (which isn’t that hard to do, really – you can do it in a day, with the skill enhancers… and enough platinum!)

I have my Warfarin blood test tomorrow morning – no big deal – I might even be able to pop into Inglot and Priceline, if I’m quick about it, because then Flipper (the fluffy cat) has an appointment with the Vet for her next cartrophen injection (which she has about every six weeks or so for her arthritis) and a full check up (she’s 20 years old, so she gets checked very regularly) She’s going to hate us 😦 She hates going to the Vet, and her language, when she sees the cat carry box, could just about turn the air blue! Still, she forgives us quickly enough once she gets home again, and she’ll be bringing home a nice, new bag of her favourite pussy biscuits (special “large” pieces of kibble, designed to make cats chew hard, to get the tartar off their teeth and exercise their gums – she loves them!) Hopefully, when we get home from all of that himself will be able to finally finish off his cleaning out of the spare room – he’s actually managed to get into the last corner! Then it’ll all have to be cleaned. All the books will have to come out of the bookcase, the bookcase will need to be dusted and polished, the books will all need to be dusted and put back, the floor and skirting boards dusted, vacuumed and mopped, and the picture frames and glass dusted and cleaned… Then, and only then, can we go shopping for the elusive comfy sofa bed and all the trappings of a nicely decorated and pleasant spare room 🙂

Weigh-in this morning… No, I don’t want to talk about it! Oh, I have to, don’t I. That’s the whole point of this blog, to track my weight loss progress. Unfortunately, this morning, there was no progress! I stayed the same – again! 107.8kg I’ve probably plateau’d out 😦 I’ve almost forgotten what going down is like…Woe is me (have I laid it on thickly enough yet? Could I please have a bucket of lime jelly and a trowel? Ta…) Oh well, let’s see what tomorrow brings… :/

Anyway, call back tomorrow night – maybe I’ll have bought some new nail polish from Inglot – that’ll be sure to cheer me up – and I can tell you if the spare room is habitable again or not, and if not, why not, and a progress report and estimated time of habitability! There’ll also be a report on Flipper’s health and well being, and also, if there is anything to report, my weight status – and this time, it had better be good, or I may have to resort to taking the sledge hammer to the scales – either that, or get them a new battery! (I’m sure the scales must be wrong! Three days at the same weight? Can’t possibly be right…the scales did waver down to 96.something kg before wafting back up to 107.8kg – yes, I’m sure they’re wrong…) I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, eh? Until then, bee good, and stay safe – ciao, all! 🙂