Tonight we are…

Trying out this new Logitech keyboard I’ve been “loaned”… will it do what the other one did, and be one key “out” for my hand span? Tonight’s blog (umm.. “Page Down” was where I was expecting to find “End” – woops! Guess I’m not used to this keyboard layout yet!) Tonight’s blog will be the acid test! So far, no typos due to peculiar alphabetical key layout, anyway (lots of other mistakes though – look at the keyboard, Winter, don’t just go from memory!)

Well, it sure was hot today – but not in here (*smug smile*)! (Damn! I did it again! Hit “Page Down” instead of “End” – they’re right next to each other – most confusing to a bear(er) of very little brain!) It was just a pleasantly cool day in here, so I made the most of it by Rifting fairly solidly from breakfast until lunchtime. I was working on a new girl on the shard Greybriar, and fully intended on shuffling her over once I got her to level 15, so I went looking to see who I could transfer to make room for her. Arrgggh! I’ve managed to get to the stage where I can’t transfer anyone! They either have too much Dimensional territory to be moved easily, or I like them too much to want them to go… In the end I had to grit my teeth, abandon the new girl on Greybriar (don’t worry, I will go back to her later on, she’s not totally abandoned!), purchase some more Credits, and re-name the girl I had planned to transfer – until I realised that she had one of the largest Dimensions, completely stuffed to the gunnels with spare Dimension items that I want to keep on Laethys :/ Oh well. She’s now called “Zorcha”. Later on, when I can afford it, I might change her race to Mathosian, or something… I also decided to use some of those handy-dandy Transcendent experience boosters that I found in all the mail boxes a week or so ago, and boy, are they worth using! I was levelling up reasonably quickly, or so I thought – about a level and a half a day – but this afternoon I went up three levels in about an hour and a half! The pity is, I only have seven of them left! 😦 I don’t know whether to save them up for ‘ron, when the going gets slower, or use ’em now… Hmmm… if I use them now, and go up as quickly as I can, it means that the higher I go, the slower I’ll go up levels – boring! On the other hand, if I go up quickly now, I’ll be high enough when I get to the harder areas that the mobs there won’t be too hard to kill! Points on both sides, I guess… Ah, decisions, decisions… it’s a tough life, playing Rift, but I guess somebody’s got to do it! 😉

After lunch I did have a bit of a bash at those new graphics I’m working on, and I did save as I worked, but the same filter crashed Photoshop again, so I thought naughty words and went back to Rift. However, I did get the ruby gems sized properly (50%, 45%, 35% and 25% of the original) and saved, so that’s something. I even managed to save it in a sort of an aquamarine colour too – I think! It’s a funny thing, you know – as I said before, it was lovely and cool in here all day today, but the atmospheric/barometric (??) pressure still affects you – well, it still affects me, anyway, but that might just be because I’m a bit weird like that. Anyway, despite being quite cool and comfortable, the hotter it got outside, the slower and more lethargic I got in the coolth! Very strange! Has anyone else reading this ever experienced that sort of thing, or is it just me? Do tell, I’d love to know! 🙂

I had a great idea for a science fiction story/movie/series whatever this morning… We watched a couple of “Star Trek Enterprise” episodes last night, and at one stage the ship’s doctor was able to tell, with his little tri-corder or whatever it was, that a woman was the mother of [one of the other people there] Now I thought, that if (in my story idea) we now started recording the DNA sequence of every single child born from now on, in a couple of centuries we’d probably have a big enough data base to be able to identify any human we came across, anywhere – you with me so far? And then… (gasp, shock, horror!) we came across a human that we couldn’t identify! They have the same sort of genetic makeup as humans, but their genetic makeup doesn’t match anything at all in the centuries old data base, and this is simply not possible – we all link to our parent’s DNA in some way. So, who, or what, is this person? Is this person even human? And if they’re not, but all their organs are human, and psychologically and emotionally they behave like humans, what then have we got? I think there’s probably enough material in that short premise for at least several seasons of good science fiction mystery! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was interesting… I went down one more point, to 109.6kg And tomorrow morning I’m having Panettone for breakfast again. So far (so far!) it doesn’t seem to be affecting the way my weight is behaving, so maybe if I have that every third morning (until it’s all eaten, anyway) I’ll be OK… I hope so… (ahhh! some more of that nice, yummy tea is asking me to drink it – I shall comply! It really is very nice!) We bought some low calorie/diet cordial the other day, but so far I haven’t been game to try it – it has about 5 calories per glass – that’s 21 kilojoules… maybe if I just have a small glass it’ll be alright… :/ But I won’t try it tomorrow, as I’ll be having the Panettone…

Anyway, look in again tomorrow night to find out if I ate the Panettone… and did I try the cordial as well, or did I chicken out… and have those tablets made me retain enough fluid to make my weight go up?! These questions, and lots more that you haven’t even thought to ask yet, will be answered – right here, this time tomorrow night! ciao all! 🙂