More daily work…

For my daily bread, so to speak – or more like for my daily Artisan Marks, really, but I think you know what I mean. I only had time to do all of Jademoss’s Daily manufacturing runs, and had just started assembling the items I was going to need to complete Wyntercat’s tasks, when my favourite eldest daughter arrived. We discussed a couple of stories she’d uploaded to a fan fiction site, and no, I’ll not give you the url for them because they’re, umm… shall we just say, “not family friendly”, and while I’m sure 99.5% of my readers are adults, who knows who else may stumble across the links? Better to be safe than sorry 🙂 It’s a shame really, because she writes very well, and tells a good story – but these were maybe just a little too risqué… I think writing runs in the family – my grandfather (my mother’s father), E. P. Marshell, wrote short stories for magazines, and his sister Agnes also wrote under the pseudonym of “Philip Marshell”. I’ve written an article or two, and a children’s bedtime story called “The White Cat” – many years ago. I think I stall have the magazine that they appeared in, though it’s probably still in storage. Anyway, then we had lunch, and repaired to the lounge room where we watched two episodes of “Person of Interest”, and three episodes of “Lost Girl”, which we’d started watching before I got all immersed in “Person of Interest”. We’re well into season 4 of “Person of Interest”, and things are starting to get really tense and exciting. We’re also starting to run out of episodes – they’re still on hiatus (whatever that’s supposed to mean!) and as we won’t be getting more episodes any time soon, we decided to watch a bit of something else as well, and ration our “Person of Interest” viewing so that we’re not left waiting too long for the next episodes. As we’d only seen the Pilot, and one other episode of “Lost Girl”, we decided to watch it from the beginning again. It’s more of the vampires, and werewolves, and witches, oh my! type of fantasy show, and is about this young woman who, when the story starts, doesn’t know what she is – all she knows is that sometimes she wakes up next to a dead boyfriend (it turns out later on that she’s a Succubus) While working behind the bar of an hotel, she accidentally rescues a young pick-pocket from the clutches of a man who tried to drug her in order to have his wicked way with her – of course the nasty man ends up dead, with a big smile on his face, but the investigating police officers sense something different about this death! Well, of course they would! Because one is a Werewolf, and the other is a Siren (as in the “singing sailors to their doom on the rocks” type of siren? I did mention that this was a real fantasy type of show, didn’t I? 🙂 ) Anyway, the scatty girl that Bo rescued thinks that all this supernatural stuff is w-a-y cool, and insists on joining the party. And that’s about as much as I can tell you about “Lost Girl” as we’ve only watched the first three episodes (including the Pilot) You probably think that I’m really weird, enjoying those types of shows, but hey! I have a reputation to maintain! People have thought I was weird since before I started going to kindergarten, and I never really fitted in at school…

Back to the mundane! 🙂 We have to be out tomorrow morning, but I hope to be getting a bit of shopping done in the afternoon – I need some more supplies from Jurlique (hand wash and hand cream), and I fear that we’re going to have to lash out for new slacks for me! I got three pairs of slacks about a month or so ago? and I was totally amazed that I fitted into a size 24 – I can’t even remember when I last fitted into a size 24! Well, the size 24 slacks are now falling off me, and it’s only the fact that my thighs aren’t yet quite as slim as they could be, that’s stopping them from falling down around my ankles. Look out size 22, here I come! I’m stunned that I’ve come down three whole dress/slacks sizes! Ha! And everyone said I wouldn’t be able to do it without weight loss surgery! Mind you, I still have another 17 kilos to go (and maybe a bit more after that too – we’ll see how I feel about it when I get down to 90kg, in about four – four and a half months) I do think that the rate at which I’m losing weight is slowing down though – which is most disappointing, but I’m quite happy on this diet, and quite prepared to stay on it for as long as it takes me to get to my goal weight.

Weigh-in this morning wasn’t too bad, I suppose, I went down one point… one measly point! to 107.3kg. NOT good enough! I’m sure I was going down faster a month ago – I must go back and look at my graphs… Hmmm… I’ve just been back to August 18th 2014, when I started the diet. Since then, I’ve dropped one kilo approximately every… 6 to 10 days? A lot in less than six days, but none took more than 10 days, and that’s not counting this time. So I guess I’m still losing weight at an “average” (don’t you just hate that word?!) rate – it just seems so much slower this time, for some reason… maybe it’s because I spent 4 days on the same weight – I dunno… I hit the 107kg zone on January 15th – it’s now January 22nd, a week ago… so I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining – yet! (but I’m going to… because I can! 😉 )

So anyway, call back in again tomorrow night, and find out all the latest… Did I go clothes shopping, or am I going to be typically lazy, and leave it for another couple of days? 🙂 Will I have sold any more of the left-over weapons on the Auction House, or will they all be shipped off to Crystalcat and Wyntercat for “disassemblage”? And what about my weight? Will I be pleased with tomorrow’s weigh-in for once, or will I still be ranting and raving about not losing weight quickly enough, and how it’s not fair! Find out the answers to these questions, and more, right here, at the same time, on the same bat(ty) blog! 🙂 Until then, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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