Today I started the dreaded…

Daily Treadmill, of manufacturing assorted items for delivery to various areas, in order to “earn” Artisan Marks, so that I can buy much needed crafting recipes. I also managed to get two Achievements – the first was for crafting an Epic item*, and the second one was for crafting 10 Epic items. You see, after I’d done Wyntercat’s Daily Treadmill, I fiddled around a bit with her costume… I didn’t really like what she’d been wearing, so I got her a new outfit… and then decided to change its colour. I’d bought a few special dyes before – they were a once off special to do with some sort of World Event. They were very expensive, so I couldn’t buy many… however you can buy the recipes to make them, and I’d bought three of four before I ran out of Artisan Marks. I needed extra Dark Olive and Olive dyes – both of which are Epic items – but I couldn’t find the recipes, so now that I’d earned myself a few more Artisan Marks, I settled for Dark Sepia and Sepia, which I immediately read and learnt. Looking in my recipe list for the new Sepia ones, lo and behold, I find that the reason I couldn’t find the Olive recipes was because I’d already bought and learnt them – I’d just never used them – so all was well that ended well, and I made my dyes. The first bottle produced earned me the “Creating an Epic item” Achievement, but each dye you make produces nine bottles of the stuff, so by the time I started on the second batch, I earned the second Achievement! I believe I’ll get the full Achievement “Now You’re Just Showing Off!” when I’ve created 50 Epic items, whether they’re the special dyes, clothes, bags, weapons, runes, or whatever – as long as they’re Epic quality. This morning himself worked on Body Corporate stuff for a bit, then got back into the spare room, which has been vacuumed, but not mopped. We’ve sorted out what furniture we’re keeping, and what’s going to good homes, and we’re about ready to go sofa bed, and the rest, shopping. We can’t go tomorrow, because my favourite eldest daughter is coming over, and we can’t go on Friday because we’re already committed to something else. Saturday we’ll be Rifting instead of Sunday, because Sunday will be said favourite eldest daughter’s BBB (Big Birthday Bash), and Monday is a Public Holiday – does anyone else get the feeling that the Powers That Be are trying to prevent us from completing the spare room?! Yeah? Thought so… Tuesday’s a possibility, but not a probability – I have my appointment with Dr. Y. on Wednesday, so on Tuesday I’ll probably be lying down in a darkened room taking laudanum, in an attempt to prevent me from having fits of the vapours! No, not really, but I will be quite jittery and nervy, none the less… Crikey, I’m nervous now, just thinking about it! :/ However this time next week will come… eventually…

This afternoon we had a short Rift session – we missed last Sunday’s because of the spare room project, and as I said before, we won’t get a look in this weekend – however, next Monday is a distinct possibility, and it’s to be hoped that Josh will be able to join us in Telara, as well. It should be a lot of fun. We finished mapping the last little bit of the Tarken Glacier this afternoon, but we didn’t find anything spectacular, just a lot of Elites (extra hard to kill!), and ice… and snow flurries, which confuse the heck out of my poor little cursor – it gets itself lost amongst all the snowflakes, you see, and it gets very upset when it can’t find me. We’ve finished off the great, long jumping quest that got us so confused last time, and quite a few other quests besides, but I think we’ve almost reached the denouement – the final Big Boss rift. We’ll probably die, several times, at least – but death is fleeting in Telara, after all, and it’s really only the Guild Bank funds that will suffer from our demise, as we raid them to pay for our resurrections 🙂 ….And then? Well, we’ll probably start all over again… whether with older, more mature level 60 characters, who know the lie of the land and the terrible creatures that they’ll be facing, or fresh-faced, wide eyed little girls and boys, eager to go out adventuring in the great wide land that is Telara! On the other hand, we can take our cynical, hard-bitten, battle scarred current characters out Bounty hunting, or running Dungeons and Instances… Ahhh… decisions, decisions! Could we have some think music with that, please? 🙂

Weigh-in this morning went a little better than it has for the past four days (glares at scales under the desk) I went down four points, from 107.8 to 107.4kg, thank heavens! I was beginning to think I was never going to start going down again! So, at least this is a start! Remember, body, I have only six days left to get into, or below, the 106kg zone, so, get on with it, or else! I just might be tempted to get a knife and start carving slabs off!

Tune in again tomorrow night – what gems will we have watched on the television tomorrow – will my favourite eldest daughter have brought any more episodes of Person of Interest?, or Agents of Shield? I wish there’d been more episodes of Fringe, and I do wish that the Orphan Black crew would come back from their holidays – but whatever we watch, it’ll be good! 🙂 I’m sure you’re all as interested as I am to see if I’ve managed to sell any of the “practice” weapons that Crystalcat made during her great Crafting attempt – I managed to get all of them on the Auction House today (it took ages! There were so many of them!) and every ounce of gold and platinum that I make from the sale of those weapons will be going back into the Guild Bank coffers… Oh, and if I remember, I might even tell you what my weight did, too – whether it went up (bad), down (good!), or stayed the same (no! no! please!! not that!! *sob*) So until tomorrow night – bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

*Epic items are sort of like gold plated Rolls Royce items – you can tell they’re special by their beautiful neon magenta names, and by the neon magenta border around their little square icons. Only one other class of item is higher, and that’s Relic, which has a neon burnt orange name and icon border. Both Epic and Relic items are much sought after, and usually fetch better than very good prices on the Auction House!)

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