Today, I became a…

Savant Armorsmith! In Rift, that is, not in real life! 🙂 Yes, I went and further raided the Guild Bank, and leveled my Armorsmithing up to its maximum – 450/450! I also got all the Artisan and Craftsman marks I needed to buy the Empyrean bag recipe, which I have learnt, so now I can make 24 slot Lanzan bags, and the 28 slot Empyrean bags! 🙂 And now the serious farming work begins, unfortunately! We’ll have to do a fair bit of it too – to buy the mats to make the bigger bags would cost an Emperor and a Pope’s ransom 😦 (that’s probably why they sell for so much on the Auction House! And here was me thinking that the people selling them were just plain greedy! *rolls eyes*) Luckily, himself doesn’t seem to mind farming… I go out (as I did this afternoon, to mine Karthite ore – I would have bought it in the Auction House, but… I bought the last 17 pieces, and that was all there was, so much against my will and my inclination, I had to go out farming, or not complete my Armorsmithing, which I really wanted to do) I go out, and I’m galloping along, trying to locate the whatever-it-is that I’m after, and fighting off mobs that seek to hinder my progress, find about half a dozen of the whatever-it-is, and feel as if I’ve been out there for at least a week. I get tired, I’m bored stupid, and I seem to spend more time fighting mobs than finding the whatever-it-is’s. Anyway, I didn’t really need too much more Karthite, and all ended happily ever after. All that took until well after lunch, because the powers that be at Rift were having terrible lag problems (they seem to have been having a few problems in that area lately – I wonder why?) Today they were a lot worse than usual – I got turfed out (of the game) three times, and got lagged out another few times (“Lagged out”: a highly technical term meaning that the game seems to freeze to the point where you can’t do anything at all – can’t pick up loot, and can’t interact with anything. If it gets really, really bad, you get “turfed out” – thrown out of the game with an error message. You can usually log straight back in again, but if it’s really, really, really bad, you might get thrown right back to your desktop! (but that hardly ever happens! 😉 )) So I spent a fair bit of time this morning playing Solitaire, and waiting for the people at Rift to get their act back together…

Our new television was delivered this morning, and I do have to say that it looks a little… weird? sitting on our old entertainment unit… it’s too small for it (the unit is too small, not the television!), but it’ll have to do until we can get a new one. It’s a bit too high for the new television, too… and there’s practically no room to put anything else on it at all – there’s only about six or seven inches of room on each side of the television :/ Oh well, as I keep saying about this diet of mine, it’s not forever, it’s only until we get ourselves a longer, lower entertainment unit! 🙂 But it is a very nice television – very smart, too! It does everything except do the dishes – well, almost, anyway! It can natively play iView and YouTube, it’s a DLNA renderer and client (whatever that is – Julian is dictating this, so blame him if you don’t understand any of it!) so it can play video and music directly from our file server, and can also act as a “sink” or renderer via UPNP/DLNA and play video and music from Tablets (not the medicinal sort!) It’s also a PVR using any USB hard drive (and memory stick) – as I said, it’s a clever little 65 inch television! 🙂 Hey! Don’t look at me like that! All I did was ask himself what it did, and I just wrote down what he said – it’s not my fault if you don’t understand 99% of that! (I don’t either! 😉 )

This afternoon I did my nails… They do look quite nice, but I can’t for the life of me work out how a nail polish that looks like a mauv-ish blue in the bottle can end up looking like a pale, pearly, pink-ish colour, with barely the teeniest hint of a “perhaps it could be blue-ish?” tint in it, when it’s on your nails! ‘Nuff said – I’ll wait and see how well it lasts before I pronounce the final verdict…

Weigh-in this morning was again no surprise – this is my stupid body we’re talking about here, after all 🙂 I actually went down again, to 108.6kg, or where I was on Sunday, the day before yesterday. See-sawing again. I’ll probably stay the same weight for a couple of days, or something, then if I’m really lucky, I might go down a bit more…and so it will cycle… down, up, down, same, same, down, up, down, same, same… rinse and repeat until I go stark, staring, bonkers, or die from boredom – whichever comes first :/

And so another evening draws to a close – I have my last remaining weighed slice of Panettone tomorrow morning for breakfast, and then that’s it until next Christmas (when hopefully I’ll be able to eat a proper sized slice!) Oh, I forgot to mention! Julian went to the Dentist yesterday because his root canalled tooth was sore… but after prodding and probing it from all angles, and x-raying it, the Dentist pronounced it to be sound, and suggested that it might have been the nasty bout of sinusitis that himself had been suffering from for the past few days that had niggled the nerves there, so the tooth is still in situ, and will probably be capped some time in February. All’s well that ends well! 🙂

Don’t forget to tune in again tomorrow night to find out all the latest happenings here at chez nous! My favourite eldest daughter is coming over tomorrow to have her hair cut, and will be bringing further episodes of “Person of Interest” with her, and possibly a new episode of “Glee” (yes, we watch that too! 🙂 ) I’ll even fill you in on whether my weight is still in its see-sawing phase, or whether it has evolved into something a little more sensible… like steadily going down, for a change! Seeyas all then – ciao, all! 🙂

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