I’ve gone all…

Purple! Well, it is one of my most favourite colours (after blue, which is my most favourite colour)… and I thought it was time for a change. If you’re wondering where the utilities are – the calender, the archives and the admin thingies? – they are still there, they’re just… hidden, a little bit. See those little bars right at the top of the page? Click on the little bars, and the utilities will s-l-i-d-e out over the top of the blog. Click on the little “X marks the spot” in the top right hand corner of the utilities, and they’ll s-l-i-d-e back into the side, revealing the blog again! 🙂 Nifty, huh? 🙂 Much more neater, and hopefully I’ll get a slightly wider text area (though probably not – it wasn’t any wider in the preview, anyway…) I made the header this morning, with my fingers crossed that it would work on this theme, this time… unlike the tooth grinding experience of last night! (Grrr!) This is yet another different theme (I can’t remember what it’s called – sorry!), and so far it’s been behaving itself. All that remains to be seen now is, will it update my post?! (the first two themes I ever tried looked pretty enough, but totally refused to display anything that I tried to post! Not terribly useful in a daily diary blog!) Although it was really hard trying to design a blog header with my fingers crossed, I persevered, and I had this one finished and uploaded before lunchtime. In the past, people have asked my why I don’t take commissions to do art work (a long, long time ago – when I painted with oils instead of pixels!) the answer was simple. I never know what I’m going to paint (draw/sketch/create) before I start – I don’t know quite what I’m going to produce until I’m reasonably well into it. Give me a subject and say “paint this”, and I’ll sit all day staring blankly at the canvas, totally devoid of inspiration (however, hint subtly around the subject matter and allow me to become interested – and who knows? Inspiration might strike, if you’re lucky! 😉 ) It’s the same with digital art – ask me to make a wallpaper or a theme on a particular subject, and you’ll probably never see the finished product. Let me get myself interested in someone, or something, and the ideas almost never stop… It’s not that I won’t do something specific when asked, it’s simply that I can’t seem to get any (workable) ideas for whatever it is/was… when asked! Mind you, you can get lucky – once in a pink and purple polka dotted moon! 🙂 Anyway, once I got the header online, I drifted onto Rift. I did my Crafting Daily and delivered the shoes wot I had to make, and got a measly 30 Artisan Marks for them! And, of course, a “Daily” quest is just that – once daily! So now I have to wait until tomorrow (or late tonight) to do another one. Pity me! I have to earn 200 Artisan Marks to be able to buy the Empyrean bag recipe! At 30 Artisan Marks per day, that should buy me the recipe, in, oh…. a week? By which time I’ll probably be bored with the idea of making Empyrean bags and not want to do it any more… Actually, it’s probably closer to the mark to say that by then I’ll have found out how much the mats to make a bag will cost me, and I’ll be too scared to continue, or the Guild Bank won’t have enough money left in it to pay for a cup of coffee – not that they have coffee in Telara, but I’m sure you get my drift! 🙂 After carting the shoes all the way to Iron Pine Peak, I let Watersong have a turn. She’s my newest girl… and mostly she’s just been doing the Artifact circuit around Meridian, as by the time I log on at night there’s not enough time left before bed to get involved in questing… and, of course, the Minions pick up Artifacts too, so now I’m not only overflowing with Dimension items, I’m also overflowing with Artifacts. Julian says to pass the Artifacts along to our two Dreamweavers (Dreamweavers make Dimension items; they disassemble Artifacts to make “Dream Ribbons” and make Dimension items from those) We have two Dreamweavers, my girl Elizandra, and himself’s girl Mandreth, and they both need all the Artifacts they can get their hot little paws on. What I’ll do is take all my girls, one at a time, through the Artifacts. Once there’s nothing left that they haven’t already got, I’ll divide the remainder up between the two Dreamweavers. That’s fair, I reckon… 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been doing today. Our cleaning lady finally arrived (late! very late!) she’s still here, and it’s 4:45pm! She’s still not well, and is sporting a black eye as well… she says she wasn’t watching where she was cleaning at her local school, was bending over cleaning the stairs, and ran her eye straight into the rounded bottom of the stair rail! It’s a right beauty of a shiner! :/ (and I thought that Julian was a klutz!) Oh well, at least the place isn’t awash with Flipper fur any more! 🙂 and poor old Julian has gone off to the Dentist with what appears to be a cracked tooth. It’ll probably have to come out, so he might be joining me with soup for dinner tonight! :/

Weigh-in this morning was, once again, to be expected… Yes, I went up! Two points, up to 108.8kg 😦 Why??!!!! It’s not fair! Sometimes I feel like getting the carving knife and just… slicing it all off, in slabs! (but that would probably get blood in the grouting, and Julian would get cross, so perhaps I won’t do that today, after all) Oh dear, I’m starting to get all depressed again… Think of something happy, quick! Oh yes, it’s my favourite eldest daughter’s Birthday today! I won’t tell you how old she is, she might not want me to – suffice to say that she’s within one year of my friend and hairdresser 😉

So anyway, tune in again tomorrow night to find out if himself had to lose a tooth or not, and if not, what the Dentist can do for it (he’s already had a root canal filling in that tooth – the Dentist was going to Cap it, and was just waiting to see how it settled down… but, it hasn’t settled down, so…) *gulp* Thank heavens I’ll never, ever have to go through those sorts of procedures again! I’d also like some feedback on the new theme, and header wot I made for it, so don’t be shy! Add a comment or two occasionally, y’know? I don’t bite, honestly! only when I’m asked, nicely, anyway… And I suppose I’ll tell you whether or not my weight went up, down, or stayed the same (I’m betting on it staying the same tomorrow, because I know that that will irk me even more than going up would!) So once again, seeyas all then! Ciao, all! 🙂

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