A Slight Rearrangement…

Of the desks here in the Den (read: computer room) was made this afternoon… Well, we can’t actually rearrange the desks themselves, as they were constructed as a “U” shaped piece of furniture, what I meant was that a lot of the items on top of the desks was rearranged (get it right, Winter!) And it was only a slight rearrangement because the only thing that was actually moved was the printer (and strictly speaking, it only went back to where it used to live before we moved it into the middle of the “U”) – but I moved a couple of things around on my corner/side of the desk, and added a few extra bits, so I guess the desk was, sort of, “rearranged”. (and besides, I needed a title for tonight’s blog!) 🙂

My favourite eldest daughter came over today to have her hair cut before she goes back to uni – in fact the three of us had our hair snipped today, so we’re all looking very well turned out indeed! 🙂 As usual, I Rifted a bit this morning, and after all the cutting and shaping, general chatter, and lunch, Lee and I retired to the lounge room to watch the first four episodes of Season 4 of “Person of Interest” Things are looking grim for our four “saviours” (heroes? heros?) – whatevers! “Samaritan”, the “bad” machine, is trying to track them down to kill them. “The Machine” (the good one) has arranged new identities and careers for them, and found them an old abandoned railway repair tunnel under the streets of New York as their new base of operations. But alas, they’ve lost nearly all their resources and assets, including Finch’s access to his somewhat “well endowed” bank accounts… and that’s as much as I’m going to tell you, in case you decide to watch it for yourselves… “Spoilers!” 😉 Actually, the show, which basically is about a machine which was built to watch everyone, all the time, in order to root out acts of terrorism, cuts a little close to the bone, considering the state that the world is in today; society is slowly but very surely drifting closer and closer to paranoia and the deprivation of civil liberties and individual freedoms. I hate to be a prophet of doom, but I don’t like seeing – not just our Government, but governments world wide – increasing personal restrictions in the name of “security against terrorism”. Ladies and Gentlemen, terrorism has been around since the year “dot” – increasing (so-called) “security” measures, which are only decreasing our personal freedoms, allowing torture in the hopes that they’ll discover some terrible plan, when it’s already been established that torture has never elicited any useful evidence or information pertaining to such activities – none of these measures will do anything at all to increase our safety or prevent a terrorist attack. None! The only thing they are doing is giving whichever Government is in power more control over our freedoms and liberties! We saw the first glimmerings of it way back in 1986, when “they” wanted to introduce the “Australia Card” – a card which would not only give the same information which our Passports and Driver’s Licences do, but also: our medical history. Our bank details. Our criminal record(s), if any. Our educational records… in short, things that should not be available to any one without our express consent. Australians back then, before the Bali Bombings and other world wide atrocities, were much more doughty (look it up!) than they are now. We fought tooth and nail against it, and we won. However, it seems we’ve been ear bashed, cajoled, and subtly threatened out of our courage by not only our own Government, but other world leaders as well. Threatened with vile acts of terrorism, threatened with cyber attacks which could undermine the world’s economy (and here was silly me, thinking that the greed of the big banking corporations was doing a pretty damn good job of that anyway!) Yes folks, we’ve let them bend our ears, and we’ve meekly bowed our necks and allowed these things to happen. Pull your collective heads out of the sand, people! These things are going to happen, with or without these so-called “safety”  and “security” measures! The only way to stop them is to stop pussy-footing around, stop allowing extremists of any and all sorts (don’t forget what the Christians did to the Muslims during the Crusades!) to hold you to ransom! Don’t let them get away with murder! Stop them, by “any means necessary” (and I most certainly do mean “any means necessary”!) Don’t accept excuses, don’t try appeasement measures, don’t rely on sanctions (all you do is hurt the innocent) – for heaven’s sake, if we have to, we should empty out all our gaols, world wide, and stuff them full of the extremists (of all religions), who can’t accept the words “I don’t believe”, and keep them there for life!

OK, nightly rant over 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was… acceptable 😉 I went down to 108.4kg – 2 points down, which is good, so keep it up, body! (or else!) 🙂 I had my last piece of Panettone for breakfast this morning – no more now until next Christmas (*sniffle*) I was telling my favourite eldest daughter this, and with a big happy smile, she said “Guess what we had for breakfast this morning!” “Hot Cross Buns!” I replied promptly… and sadly, I was right. Hmmm… I wonder if it’s possible to work out how many kilojoules are in your average Hot Cross Bun, plus butter, so that I can have a “breakfast’s worth” (1001kj) this Easter?! When is Easter this year, anyway? I might have reached my goal weight by then… (but at this rate, I doubt it!) 🙂

Tune in again this time tomorrow night for more interesting little snippets from moi – I promise, no more ranting and dire predictions for at least another month! (says she, typing with her fingers crossed… 😉 ) Find out if we managed to work out the kilojoules in half a buttered piece of Hot Cross Bun, and if eating the last piece of Panettone made any difference to my weight. Hopefully I’ll go down again tomorrow, but you’ll never, never know, if you don’t make a show – right here, tomorrow night! Seeyas on the flip side! ciao, all! 🙂

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