We did it! We did it!

We finally dinged 65! (waits for applause… not a sausage!) At long last! That last level, from 64 to 65 just crawled! We didn’t cheat, but we did use one of our Transcendent experience potions each when it was starting to get a bit late, and we still had just over a bubble to go – I was worried that himself would say “Well, time to dust down – we’ll have to leave leveling until next week, I’m afraid!” – or words to that effect! Of course, the first thing we did was Hearth back to Draumheim to raid the Guild Bank so that we could upgrade all our gear – after all, nothing but the very best for us brave 65-ers! 😉 We did leave some money in the Guild Bank, but we ain’t nearly so well off as we once were – especially after I already raided it the other day to make all those Lanzan bags… I wish I could find a recipe for Empyrean bags… they’re much bigger (and much more expensive!) Ah, my clever husband has just found where to buy the recipe! But alas, I don’t have sufficient Crafting and Artisan marks with which to buy it… You know what this means, don’t you!? (well, of course you don’t! That’s why I’m about to tell you that!) This means that I’m going to be slaving my fingers off doing Daily manufacturing runs – making odds and sods, and delivering them all over Telara – *sigh* the things we Artisans do, to make money for our poor, now financially denuded Guild Bank! 🙂 Oh well, it’ll keep me out of mischief for about five minutes! (Why do you think I waited until I was level 65 to do this? It’ll be a pushover… until I get up to the new areas, anyway…) We did have a pretty good run today, though we both bit off more than we could chew a couple of times – I died once, he bought the farm twice, from memory… we finished off this afternoon mid-way through a very long and extremely complicated quest chain which saw us “bouncing” off what look like mottled bladders on short, thick stems. Run into them, and they bounce you w-a-y up in the sky, and onto ledges, where you have to fight nasties and destroy thingies (yes! “thingies”, coz I can’t remember what they’re called!) Then you use another of those bladder things to either bounce back down, or on to the next ledge. We got muddled a bit because we forgot which bladder we’d arrived on and bounced the wrong way – so we ended up doing some of it in the wrong order and we had to go back and re-do part of it. There’s still a fairly large area left to explore and cover, quest-wise, so although we dinged 65, we’re not finished yet! 🙂 I’d say we’ve probably got another couple of Sundays, at least, before we’ve completed the area… and we’ll have to think what we’re going to do next – start off new characters, or run dungeons and instances… :/

I’ve been thinking of changing my blog theme for a while, and browsing through the templates to see if there was anything decent… I found quite a nice one – or so I thought – which I found I kept coming back to as being the best of a poor bunch (unless you want to spend $$$ on a commerical one!) So today when we finished Rifting, I went and had another look at it, found out what size header to create for it, opened up Photoshop, and created a very nice little one. Went back to the chosen theme, found the right colours (again! It had “lost” them when I went to look at something else to do with the theme) I uploaded the header… which promptly refused to display. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the header to display – no way, no how! Arrggghhh! It was almost news time! In the end, and muttering rude words darkly under my breath, I thought “Shove it! $%#$!”, and closed everything down. Having lost all my gruntles , and still muttering imprecations, I stomped off to the lounge room to watch the news and have my dinner. We watched a bit of television, then I came back down here, logged back on to Rift, sorted out my Minions for the night, and logged off. Back to the recalcitrant blog theme I went, hoping that by now it would have had time to reconsider, and behave itself… but nooooo! Not this little rotten theme! So I’m back with this one – I might change this one – I have the only colour I need (#CFCBA9), and after all, they do say that a change is as good as a holiday, don’t they? 😉 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was like a breath of fresh air! I went down to…. (drum roll, please!) 108.6kg! Half a kilo! 🙂 It’s because I’m not taking those wretched fluid-hoarding tablets at the moment, you see – I’ll be very glad when I never have to take them again (they’re not good for people who tend to get blood clots, either!), but that won’t be until I’ve lost enough weight to have the surgery I need done – so, still a few more months yet! :/ Ive lost 26kg, but I still have another 18kg to go – but in the end, I’ll have lost 44kg… If I keep going the way I am at the moment, I should get there by late April – early May? – cross fingers, touch wood…

So tune in again tomorrow night – I did have Panettone for breakfast this morning (but I didn’t drink the threatened cordial 😉 ) so we’ll see if that makes any difference – I hope it won’t, but you never know, with my body – still, there’s only one more Panettone breakfast left to have – on Wednesday morning, and then it’ll be all gone (until next Christmas! 🙂 ) I’ll let you know (or perhaps you’ll see! 😉 ) how I go at changing blog themes – never a dull moment around this house! So catchyas on the flip side, as we used to say in ye Olde Days – ciao, all! 🙂

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