We went on a big…

Shopping spree today! 🙂 Julian had seen Dyson vacuums advertised at JB Hi Fi quite cheaply, and there’s a JB Hi Fi right over the road at Shoppingtown. So we were going to go over there and have a look at their vacuums, nice and close and handy, but it turned out that it wasn’t the right sort of JB Hi Fi – oooh no, we needed a JB Hi Fi Home store (or something) We drove out to Chirnside Park – but once again that turned out to have been yet another misconception on our part. As we were about to sail past a small group of shops on the right as we neared Chirnside shopping centre, I noticed that one of those shops was a…. JB Hi Fi! “Oh look!” says me “There’s a JB Hi Fi over there, too!” 🙂 Thinking remarkably quickly, we worked out that there weren’t likely to be two JB Hi Fi’s that close together, and that the one we’d just passed was probably the one we were looking for. We did a U Turn. And yes, it was the one we wanted, and yes they did have the vacuum cleaner we were after… and which we duly bought. Because we’d decided that we’d get ourselves a new TV as a wedding anniversary present – I might have mentioned, once before, that we don’t buy each other a gift on our anniversary, we go out and get something nice together, giving us more money to spend on something nice that we both want. This sort of anniversary “gifting” is all well and good, and terribly romantic an’ all, IF you make the time to (a) discuss it, and (b) actually go out and get something together. However for the past two years, we’ve either been too busy, or too distracted, or we’ve just plain forgotten about it, and we’ve missed out on our anniversary present. This year we decided to make up for it by getting ourselves something fairly biggish… like a nice, new, 65 inch Panasonic 4K television (and a new entertainment cabinet for it to sit on) So we had a look at what JB Hi Fi had in the way of televisions, and the Panasonic was really by far the best; clear and sharp (did I mention that it’s also 3D? though we’ll probably never use that) We brought the vacuum cleaner home with us, for our cleaning lady to use on Monday, but the television will be delivered some time next week – for starters, it wouldn’t fit in the car, and himself is getting a tad too old to be wrestling giant televisions into position. We did have a look at a few entertainment units, and some were…. O.K. (but only just!) The old one will have to do until we can find something we really like, and that will fit in the available wall space properly. It’ll look a trifle small, and it’s really too high for such a large TV unit, but I think we can do a lot better than the ones we saw today. By this stage we were in Hardly Normal Harvey Norman, looking at their entertainment units, so we took a bit of a rest from that and looked at computer chairs instead. I think I must have sat in every computer and office chair that they had! Some were very nice, and very comfortable, but just felt a little too short in the seat depth (from your tail bone to the back of your knees?) I did find Baby Bear’s chair though – one that was “just right!” – Unlike Goldilocks, I didn’t break it, in fact I’m sitting in it right now, and it’s very nice and comfortable (and my shoulder hasn’t been hurting, either!) After we’d got the chair I was surprised to find that it was after 2 o’clock! We were both hungry for our lunch, and almost willing to kill for a decent cup of coffee, so we came home… And guess what I did! Yup! That’s right! Straight into Rift! 😀 I worked a bit on the new girl, who desperately needed some larger bags… so rather than raid the Guild Bank for platinum with which to buy Lanzan bags (approximately 11 platinum per bag), I raided the Guild Bank for platinum with which to buy the mats (materials) for Jademoss to make them, instead. Why buy the mats when you can “farm” them (go out and kill the mobs that drop the particular item(s) you need)? Because that takes too long, and then you have to process the raw materials into usable ingredients for the “recipe”, and then you have to make the bags) Long story short, I bought 141 bolts of Lanzan (2 x pieces of Lanzan cloth = 1 x bolt of Lanzan. The bags take 14 bolts of Lanzan each!) 100 Dense Hides, and 60 reels of strong thread – for a total of (about) 185 platinum… saving well over that amount in time saved by not having to go out and farm and process the raw materials. So I made 10 bags – I gave 2 to the new girl, and there are now 8 Lanzan bags sitting in the Guild Bank for whoever needs them. I was quite surprised to find that it was almost 6.30pm! I logged out and went and read until it was time for the news… And that was our big Spending Spree day! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning… I’d be in tears of depression, if it wasn’t so laughable! Oh I went down again… 1 [insert very rude word here] point! One measly little point! From 109.2kg, to 109.1kg! I reckon that if those scales were calibrated to weigh in micro grams, it would have been 109.1.899kg! If I were losing weight any slower, I’d be gaining it! I’m fed up…. I’m having Panettone for breakfast tomorrow morning, and I’m going to drink a glass of (very weak!) cordial throughout the day! So there, body! Shove that in your big fat pipe and smoke it! Grrrr!

Anyway, look in on all the goings one here again tomorrow night – tomorrow is Sunday, our traditional “Tra-la-la-ing in Telara” day – find out if we finally managed to ding 65, and how many times we each died! Did I really have Panettone for breakfast, and a glass of (very weak!) cordial to sip throughout the day – or was that just a threat? 😉 And what will my lousy body do, weight-wise, now that I’ve finished that course of tablets? Lose weight, like a good little body, or will it again thwart me, and either stay the same, or go up? All these questions, and more, will be answered tomorrow night! Sleep tight, keep well, and seeyas all tamarra! ciao, all! 🙂

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