Well, the house is…

Still very “grubby”, I’m afraid… Our cleaning lady did come, but she wasn’t at all well, and besides, she didn’t have a vacuum cleaner, so she’s coming on Monday instead. It’s a long story – she used to work for a crowd who cleaned the three blocks of apartment buildings in this street (Court!), and then the crowd she worked for said they didn’t want to do it anymore, but as she had several private clients in the area, and she still had access to the (communal?) vacuum cleaner, there wasn’t a problem… but now she only has us and (I think?) one other client here, and for some reason that I have probably been told and promptly forgotten about, she’s also lost access to the vacuum cleaner… See! I told you it was a long story! Anyway, the long and short of it is that we need a vacuum cleaner, whether she has access to one or not, and so we’re (hopefully) going to get it a little sooner than we normally would have, because if this floor isn’t vacuumed next Monday, we’ll need gumboots to wade through all the cat fur, dust, and general detritus that’s been gathering on our floors since (*gasp* has it really been that long?!) before Christmas! :/ I had to sit at home and wait for said cleaning lady to turn up, whilst himself went to pick up my favourite eldest daughter, and then taxi her to the Vic Roads place on Burwood Highway – she needs to get herself a Learner’s Permit, because she doesn’t have a Passport, and she doesn’t have a Driver’s Licence – the Learner’s Permit she did have had gone well beyond its “Use By” date, and apparently she had just a teeny bit of trouble buying a new phone, with no photo ID… And no, she wasn’t able to get one today – apparently there’s some other form or other that she needs… Talk about red tape! I still have my Driver’s Licence, primarily for ID – I haven’t driven a car for almost 26 years… though I could, if I wanted to… but I don’t! Once Julian learnt to drive (I taught him! 🙂 ) I thought “Fantastic! I don’t have to drive ever again, if I don’t want to! Yay!” – I was a good driver, in fact, I was a very good driver, and I was everyone’s taxi, from Lisa and Kate, to “friends and visitors” to my Bulletin Board. I drove people from Burwood to Caulfield, to Hawthorn, to Richmond, to Mooroolbark, to Ringwood, and to St. Albans – and just about everywhere else in between – sometimes as late (or as early, take your pick!) as three o’clock in the morning – I did it all cheerfully, and with a smile, but…  I hated it! I hated driving, full stop. I only did it because I had to – there was no-one else to do it for me – until I taught himself how to drive and he got his licence *smug look* 🙂 Enough!

As I mentioned, my favourite eldest daughter was over today – after lunch we watched two episodes of a new show – some sort of a run-on from Captain America, from what I can gather – called Marvel’s Agent Carter – it was quite good, set in the mid to late 40’s? early 50’s? and follows on from the end of the 2011 movie Captain America: The First Avenger. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it! 🙂 After that we watched the last two episodes of Season 3 of Person of Interest – gosh, it’s a good show! Lee has about 11 episodes of Season 4, which she’ll bring with her next week – I can’t wait to see what happens – everything seems to be falling apart at the seams – “Samaritan”, the “bad” machine has come online, and it’s turning into a sort of “Machine versus Machine” war, with lots of collateral damage taken by both (human) sides… I tell you, that show has you bouncing up and down in your seat – it’s extremely well done! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning… :/ well, what can I say? Just as well I didn’t hold my breath! Yes, I went up again, two points, to 109.2kg – so not quite back to where I was the day before yesterday, but still, very disappointing! I’ll probably stay the same tomorrow – thank heavens it’s the last day of this wretched medication! And it’ll probably take another two to three days before my damn body gets back to what is laughingly called “normal”, and I start going down regularly and properly again. This see-saw business is getting terribly tiresome and boring…

So tune in again tomorrow night – we’re going vacuum shopping tomorrow, so maybe I’ll have good news on that front, at least! 😉 I ordered my Estee Lauder nail polish tonight – they can’t send it express post, so I hope it doesn’t have to come all the way from the UK, or the USA… I’ll get an email about it tomorrow, so I can fill you in then… and of course, there’s my weight… Who’s willing to bet me $5 that I either stay the same, or go up? Any takers? Anyone??? No? I guess you probably think the result will be a forgone conclusion, eh?  Ahhh… but I’ve surprised you before, haven’t I?? Let’s just hope I surprise myself tomorrow morning! Find out tomorrow night! ‘Till then, ciao all! 🙂

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