Written in haste, because…

I logged on to Rift first, to do some “re-ordering” of Key Bindings, and to set up my Minions for ‘ron, and I sort of got a bit carried away with it all (and I still haven’t finished all the changes! I’ll do that tomorrow…) So, I’ve actually had quite a riveting Rifting day today! I managed to get Watersong to level fifteen, found someone she could swap with, and duly brought her over to Laethys… where I found, much to my annoyance, that the name “Watersong” was already in use, so I had to think of something else (why can’t they tell you these things before you go and move them! You know, an “Oh, by the way, you will have to change her name you know, that name is already in use over there…” sort of thing…) So I tried this name… and I tried that name… and I even tried a few names that I was really hoping she wouldn’t be able to get (Russian Name Roulette?? 😉 ) and none of them were available… In the end I settled for “Waterblaze”. I don’t really like it, which means that I probably won’t keep liking her, and she’ll be the first to move out if I take a fancy to a new name and face (Fickle? Who, me? Never!) Nah, ackshally I’ll probably think of another name for her, and change it later… So I spent most of the day doing that, and then I thought that the Key Bindings I was using – Key Bindings? Oh… well, to make playing easier you can assign a particular key (on your keyboard) to a particular function, or Macro. For instance, I have assigned the key “W” to a macro which causes you to wave to someone, and the key “D” to the slot where I keep my Healing Potions, so instead of clicking on the Healing Potion icon, I can just hit the letter “D”, and I’ll automatically Drink my healing potion. Much easier! 🙂 Most people (like Julian!) highlight someone and simply type in “/wave”, and hey presto, they wave at that person – I like to use the macro to do it because I find that by the time I’ve typed in “/wave”, the person has gone off somewhere else and never sees my friendly wave. It’s also faster – for me – to hit the “D” key rather than click on the healing potion icon – otherwise I’d be dead before I got my cursor anywhere near it! So I have created an army of macros to do all sorts of things for me, like targeting an animal and casting a killing spell on it, waving, thanking, making a rude gesture 😉 sitting down – and all with single click of the macro, or a letter assigned to that macro. Well, this afternoon I thought that the way I had my Key Bindings set up left quite a lot to be desired, so I re-assigned some, and created a few new ones, which made better sense (like the “W” for wave, and “F” for Fred (my pet), etc…) I finally left it all at about 4.30 this afternoon, when my eyes were starting to go fuzzy and my brain felt like mush – and I went up to the lounge to read for a bit. Then, after dinner, stupid me decided that I only had “a little bit” left to do (famous last words!) and dived into that instead of getting straight on with my blog, as I usually do. As it started to get later and later, I thought “I’ll only do this until 10 o’clock, then I’ll do my blog”, and then it was “until quarter past 10”, and then it was after half past 10 and I still hadn’t finished, so I really had to put the rest of it off until tomorrow, or not get this done at all. See how dedicated I am? 😉

Weigh-in was a lot more better this morning! I actually went down a bit, to 109.0kg! Hopefully I’ll be below that and into the 108kg zone tomorrow morning… but once again, this is my body we’re talking about, so I won’t hold my breath… Perhaps it wasn’t the cordial or the Panettone that caused the… ummm… hiccup… in my downward path, but just my stupid body misbehaving itself as usual… 🙂

Anyway, call back at the same time tomorrow night, and find out if I’ve finally finished all the Key Binding changes and got all of my girls settled and comfortable with the new set-up, or if I got too distracted by our cleaning lady, who was supposed to have been here last week but didn’t turn up (so I hope she comes tomorrow – the place is filthy!) My favourite eldest daughter will also be over tomorrow, so I guess we’ll spend most of the day watching “Person of Interest”, and hopefully, “Agents of Shield” – I’ll let you know what happens (but no spoilers! 🙂 ) And I suppose I’ll probably fill you in on whether I cracked the 109kg barrier and made it into the 108kg zone! 🙂 Till tomorrow then, ciao all! 🙂

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