Well, we managed to…

Get just about everything that I had down on my “shopping list” wot I wrote about last night, and I didn’t melt into an Olympic sized swimming pool in the process ! 🙂 First stop was the doctor’s, to get the repeat scripts I needed. We didn’t see our usual doctor, she was away on holidays and won’t be back until the 12th (which just so happens to also be my favourite eldest daughter’s Birthday! 😉 ) The doctor we saw was very nice – I must remember to ask for her if our regular doctor is ever away again – and according to the medical notes, just about all of my scripts were due, so I got the whole lot in one fell swoop. She also took my blood pressure which was extra good, and she says (looking at the notes) that because my weight is going down so much I might even have to have some of the medication reduced further, or even come off some of it altogether, if I start feeling faint, or dizzy! Anyhow, then we went off to The Glen and went first to David Jones (since we were parked down that end – it was so crowded and busy that I think half of Glen Waverley was there today in some sort of an attempt to get out of the heat!) I looked for, and found, the nail polish, but naturally the girl hanging around the area knew absolutely nothing about Estee Lauder or their nail polishes, but she said that a girl was coming in who would, and she’d get her to ring us. We were actually called back, which greatly surprised the cynic in me, but where Optus are supposed to say “Yes” to everything, she was obviously prepped to say “No!” to everything – apologetically, of course. No, they wouldn’t be getting any more in because it was a Limited Edition, and No, they wouldn’t sell me the tester for “Legal Reasons” – which covers a multitude of platitudes, doesn’t it! So… I shall just have to buy it online from Estee Lauder themselves, where apparently it’s not such a “Limited Edition”, after all. We also picked up my Jurlique Jasmine Body Lotion at the Jurlique booth? station? which was just around the corner from Estee Lauder. Next stop, still in David Jones, was the towel department. We got six new towels (2 fuchsia, 2 lavender, and 2 olive stone), six new hand towels, in the same colours, and six new face washers, ditto. Very nice. I’m looking forward to turfing out some of the old stock to make room for them! 🙂 There is no Inglot at The Glen, so that will have to wait until next week, I suppose… I picked up 3 T-shirts from My Size, a black, a purple – and a lilac (which, surprisingly they did have in er… my size…. I’m wearing it now! 🙂 ) and I got my eyeshadow in mauve/lilac tones from Priceline. We were starting to flag just a little by then, so we went to pick up our scripts from the Chemist next to Coles… It’s quite a nice Chemist shop, and quite big. They have a great range of just about everything from band-aids to perfume, BUT! They are lousy listeners, and terrible dispensers of medications. While I’ll happily shop there again, for non medical items, I shall never, ever again, hand them a script to fill! We told them, clearly, and in words of very few syllables, that we did not want generics, would not accept generics, and that if they didn’t have the original manufacturer brand name, then they were not to fill the script!   They gave us generics – which held us up, and made a lot more work for themselves when they were told to take them all back and either give us the non-generic, correct brand name, or leave the script blank (i.e. with no dispensing note!) Chemists (in general) keep trying to tell you that “generics are cheaper, and that they’re just the same!” If they are “just the same”, how come every time I’ve been stupid enough to accept generic medication I get an allergic reaction! I get a rash that starts on the palm of my hands, spreads rapidly around the rest of my body, and I need to take antihistamines and use cortisone creams to calm it down! Grrr! Anyway, by the time we left The Glen it was getting close to 2 o’clock, and it was very hot and muggy outside – and it was looking very much as though we were going to be in for a bit of a storm… so we decided to give looking at the computer chairs a miss for today and just came straight home. Just as well we did! We were still on the freeway between Middleborough Road and Tram Road when the rain started… and by the time we got to the Pub next door, lightning was flashing and thunder was rumbling… It’s much more fun looking at, and enjoying, a nice thunder storm from inside a safe, comfortable room! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was yet another “ho-hum” disappointment – I stayed the same, at 109.3kg. I wonder if it was the nice cordial that I had last night that did it, or the Panettone I had for breakfast? (and it was an even smaller piece than I’ve been having, too!) Or maybe it was because I had both, in the same day? I won’t make that mistake again… :/ Hopefully tomorrow will bring a bit of a weight drop, for a change… So, not particularly happy today, Jan!

So call in tomorrow night and find out if my new eyeshadow matches my new lilac T-shirt, and whether I’ve been able to persuade himself to run the new towels through the wash so that I can see what they look like in the bathroom… but most importantly, to find out if it can’t have been the cordial and the Panettone after all, because I’ve gone up again, or if I’ve boringly stayed the same, on 109.3kg, for a third day, or whether I’ve actually performed a major miracle and gone down a bit… Seeyas all then – ciao! 🙂

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