I’m definitely NOT…

A teacher. I did try, but I’m not very good at it. Never mind, I think that between the two of us, Julian and I managed to get at least a few of the main principles and strategies of playing Rift instilled into our friend. He certainly worked hard at it and improved immensely by the time we finished. We had a few networking problems at first, which held us up a bit, but we got there in the end, which I suppose is the main thing. I also learnt a few interesting things about Rift! For instance, I found out that characters under level 10 can’t participate in World Events! In this case it was the Yule Celebrations… Seems a bit weird, and a lot silly, to me, but there it is. You have to have dinged 10 to be able to get the Daily Quests (read: “chores”!) I got my new girl Watersong (you remember her – I told you all about her last night!) up to level 10 this evening, but I doubt that I’ll get much of a chance to do much tomorrow as we’re off on a great spending spree 🙂 I want to look for my nail polish at David Jones, and if they haven’t got it, and won’t be getting it in, I’ll want to know what the [* * *] they need with a sample bottle, or “Tester”?! and that they should sell that to me – at half price, because it’ll be “used”! Well, I think that sounds perfectly logical, don’t you? What do you need with a “tester” product, if you’re not going to be selling the very product that you’re allowing people to “test“? (Old (somewhat mangled) computer proverb: “Never test for a product that you’re never going to handle” 😉 )

I also need to get some more Jurlique Jasmine Body Lotion (I’m all but out!), and I want to go back to Inglot – I’ve looked at their nail polish colour chart(s) and have written down all the numbers that look “nice” on screen – it remains to be seen if they look “nice” in the real world. I’d like to stop off at OfficeWorks to look at their computer chairs, too – I was “given” a new computer chair the Christmas before last, but it didn’t (*blush*) “fit” me, so I’m still using the old one – so I sort of feel that I’m “owed” a new computer chair. I’d like to go and see what fits me now that I’ve lost a reasonable amount of weight (25kg) After all, I can now fit into one of those ghastly chairs that they make you sit in when you’re having blood tests done, without getting bruises on the sides of my thighs… so I figure I should be able to sit, reasonably comfortably, in a standard computer chair… And… I want to go shopping for new towels – I’d like to throw out all our old ones (most of which belonged to my mother, and she passed away in 2007!) and get some nice new ones… I also want to get some *whispers* new eyeshadow – I have blues, and I have greens, but I think I’d like to try a sort of “heather”/lavender/mauve set *stops whispering* What on earth am I whispering for! This is the year of the new me! If I want to wear lavender eyeshadow, I jolly well will! (*nods firmly at screen*) Oh, and I almost forgot – I have to pick up another couple of T-shirts from My Size – black ones, because I wear a lot of black… and guess what? They have them in *lavender*, too now! Wanna bet they’ll either have none of the lavender ones in stock, or they won’t have them in my size! (despite the name of the shop! 😉 ) Of course, most of those things will depend on the weather – I’m totally allergic to hot weather, even when I’m indoors, reclining in air conditioned splendour, so we’ll travel slowly… some – one or two, maybe – of those things may have to wait until next week, when it’s cooler… I guess it just depends on how desperate I am to get some more of that Body Lotion 😉

Weigh-in this morning was a bit better – I went down a smidge, to 109.3kg Only one point, but a lot better than going up! I am having, even as I write, a glass of that diet cordial I’ve been talking about – Bickfords Lemon, Lime & Bitters, and it’s very nice! If it doesn’t make me put on any weight I shall be most pleased to recommend it to you all! However, let’s just wait and see what my weight does first, hmm? 🙂

So that’s it from me tonight – drop in again tomorrow night and see what goodies I’ve managed to come home with, if any, depending on the weather – and whether or not I managed to get my favourite Body Lotion, a lavender T-shirt, and mauve toned eyeshadow… and a chair… 😉 And if you’re lucky, you might even find out if I lost any more weight, or whether the cordial is fattening, after all! 😉 Until then, ciao all! 🙂

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