I think my hair…

Looks great! It does make you blink a little bit, because it’s so different – well, different to what I’ve had for… ummm… about 10 years now? It’s now more the way it looked when I was running the Bulletin Board – only very short instead of long, and with pretty pale streaks in it. It’s back to the good old days of “Ave, Ginger” and “death… by chocolate… (but what a way to go!)”, for anyone else who can remember that far back 😉 So Bravo, Josh, you did a great job, and I love it! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

So after that exhausting and nerve wracking experience 😉 I went off to do a bit of Rifting, and to celebrate, I…. er… created a new character. INTERMISSION I just had to be rescued from a spider – oh, the horror of it! It ran down the side of my shelves, across my tissue box, and underneath my notebook wot I keep next to me for writing important things down in, like RGB colours (e.g. 224, 239, 251 – that’s very pale blue to you non graphical peoples), and names for new characters, and appointment dates and times, and things like that. Naturally I squawked loudly in terror – Julian has become so good at interpreting my “it’s a spider!” squawks that he knows it’s a matter of life and death (his death, if he doesn’t rescue me quickly enough!) and he came to rescue me. Greatly daring, and very bravely, he grabbed a tissue and squished it, saving me from its ghastly, poisonously murderous .5 millimeter long fangs! Hurrah! I survive another night! Thank you, Sir Julian, oh knight in shining armor! 🙂 END INTERMISSION Now… where was I, when I was so viciously attacked by the evil spider lord? Oh yes, creating a new character… Her name is Watersong, and she’s a Kelari (one of the Defiant races). She’s an Elementalist/Necromancer (so I’ll still get “Feign Death”!), and Pyromentalist. Most points will go into Elemantalist and Necromancer, but hopefully she should prove to be quite a strong build. So I played with her for a while, then went on to experiment with blue “gems” which didn’t really go so well, and at about 4.30 this afternoon I went off to read.

Tomorrow should be a fun day – we’re helping a friend learn the in’s and out’s of Rift – I’m not quite sure how we’re going to set things up – I’ll probably use one of my “younger” girls, and Mentor down, and Julian will either do the same, or ride shotgun for us. I think I said once before that Rift is completely different from World of Warcraft, but still very similar in some respects? Especially in regards to covering vast distances quickly. In World of Warcraft they were called “Way Points”, in Rift they’re called “Porticulums”, and basically they transport you from one “Way Point”, or “Porticulum” to another, instantly. It used to be one of my self appointed missions in Warcraft to set out at a very early level (like about level 4!) and run around the entire map, collecting Way Points. The only trouble was, there were all sorts of nasties that had an uncanny knack of homing in on innocent young runners, and you’d barely run a yard from your starting point, and you’d be unmercifully killed, and end up back in the closest Graveyard to where you started running from. So, your ghost would run back to where your body was, jump back into it (ah! the wonders of Fantasy! 🙂 ) you’d hope to goodness that the nasties had gone away, and keep on running – until you got killed again. Rinse and repeat until you reached the next Way Point, etc. There was always an Angel of Death in the Graveyard who could resurrect you if you wanted, but you had to pay in temporary health points… on one of my shelves I have a wonderful photo-printout of the Graveyard Angel saying “Oh, it’s you again…” – that was just soooo me! 🙂 Anyway, when the going got really tough, in high level areas, like when I wanted to tame a particular type of pet, Julian would ride shotgun for me and mow down the nasties before they could kill me. I got a few good pets that way – foxes, in particular. So, while that sort of thing isn’t necessary in Rift, it is sometimes a good idea to have a high(er) level character “escort” you from place to place. I suspect a bit of that will be going on tomorrow, but I’m really looking forward to it. With luck we might even be able to group up of an evening and have a bit of a bash – soloing can be a fairly boring way of playing, sometimes… Then the day after tomorrow, just when it’ll be getting horribly hot again, I have to go and pick up a repeat script, so we’ll be calling in at The Glen to do some shopping on the way home. I hope I don’t melt… :/

Weigh-in this morning was sadly predictable – I stayed the same, at 109.4kg Well, at least I didn’t go up (though I probably will tomorrow!) Ah well, I’m half way through my “fluid retaining” medication (it’s not really, but unfortunately that is one of its side effects!), so only another 5 days before I’ll hopefully start losing weight a bit more seriously again. Once again, I’m running to a Time Table! Only 23 days left to lose as much as I possibly can…

So look in again tomorrow night to see how our “Telara 101” day went, and if we’re going to have more such days… I’ll probably be very daring and try the diet cordial tomorrow, too, so I’ll be able to tell you if it tastes any good or not… and, of course, whether my weight went up, stayed the same, or went down… See y’all then! ciao! 🙂

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