Today the Christmas Tree…

Didn’t come down, after all. We sort of ran out of time, by the time we’d dusted down from our day in Telara, and I’d done my nails again – pretty colour, but dreadful polish this time, horrible! I fear that Revlon have proven, once again, that they’re just riding on their name, and their past reputation… I remember way back when, Revlon was probably one of the very best names in cosmetics – now, well… they sell the brand in Priceline, don’t they! Enough said! And no, I’m not a snob (well, I am a bit, maybe), but I do expect value for money. In this case, I didn’t get what I thought I’d paid for. The polish was thick and gluggy, and didn’t go on at all evenly. I had to blob it on in places, and carefully brush excess off in others. I put two coats on (believe me, it needed two coats!), and finished around a quarter to six. It’s now quarter to eleven, and I don’t think it’s dried properly yet (though it’s starting to feel a bit harder – thank heavens!) It is a pretty colour though, it’s another “darker than I’m used to” pearl-ish blue, but the biggest giggle is that the Inglot pearl-ish purple I used last week matched my T-shirt, and this pearl-ish blue matches the lounge suite! 😀 Out of all the nail polishes I’ve used in the last month or so, the Inglot “breathable” nail polish (the pearl-ish purple one) is by far the best quality and the longest wearing. Usually after a week my nail polish is starting to chip off at the edges and looks decidedly ragged and patchy. I took the Inglot one off today, and it still looked as good as when I first applied it! I’ll definitely be going back there to see what other colours they’ve got…

So the Christmas Tree will have to come down tomorrow afternoon. Anyway, today was Sunday, so off we traipsed to our most favourite spot in all of Telara (NOT!), the Tarken Glacier. At least this time we didn’t have to go anywhere that had serious blizzards – just serious swirling snow mini tornadoes, which kept knocking us off our mounts. Not good, when you’re being pursued by a pack of ravening wolf-type creatures! We do have an unusual problem though. On foot, himself runs a lot faster than I do, and I keep getting left behind. Mounted, we have the opposite problem. I have certain “buffs” (enhancements) that make my riding speed a lot faster than his. As he (usually) leads the way, I have to keep stopping every couple of yards, so that he can get ahead again. It also means that I can’t stop quickly enough to prevent myself from plummeting gaily over the edge of a cliff – which I did several times today, and we had to go all the way back to where we started climbing up the mountain, and do it all over again to get back to where we had to be – and there’s not a thing I can do about it. I also don’t jump out of water very well – I keep getting stuck under ice floes and/or ramps… he usually has to rescue me, and jump me out, whilst I sit and glower from the sidelines. Anyway, he died a couple of times – I didn’t! 😛 (aside: some horrible little insect has bitten me on the face, and it’s as itchy as all get out! If I ever catch the little [naughty word], I’ll… I’ll… boil it in oil, and then jump up and down on it!) We both figure that we’ll ding 65 next Sunday – I have two and a quarter bubbles to go, he has two and a half… so we should get there next week. Mind you, we still have a fair amount of territory to cover before we exhaust the area – not that that has anything to do with leveling up – it just means that we’ll be doing it at the highest level, instead of as puny little level 64’s! 🙂 We still haven’t decided what we’re going to do when we’ve reached level 65 and completed all the areas – personally, I favour starting off a couple of newbies – maybe different races? Different builds? I shall miss having “Feign Death”, if we do that – it’s basically “Playing Possum” – you make a sort of strangled screaming sound, and fall over, apparently dead. The mobs attacking you think “Oh, she’d dead! No threat detected” and go away. You then get up and start shooting at them again… Rinse and repeat until all hostile mobs are deceased 🙂 Unfortunately, only Necromancers have that ability, so if I use a different build I might have to learn to live without it! 😉

Weigh-in this morning was good again (all these “good” weigh-ins are starting to make me a little nervous…) I went down two points, from 109.6kg yesterday to 109.4kg today. However, I did have my Panettone for breakfast this morning (but I haven’t had any of the diet cordial yet!), so we shall see what we shall see tomorrow morning. It would be really, really nice, if it went down again, but I’m not going to hold my breath! 😉

So tune in again tomorrow night! Find out if the Panettone for breakfast caused a catastrophe, or whether I went down or stayed the same… See if my gluggy nail polish has lasted the night, and if I’ve had any of the cordial yet (and if so, what it’s like, and whether or not I like it!) Oh, and I’m having my hair colour done again tomorrow, and it’s going to be slightly more “radical” than usual, so I’ll let you know if himself takes one horrified look and faints, or not 😉 Until then, ciao all! 🙂

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