Pineapple jelly…

Is what I’ve chosen tonight. On this diet, I have a “proper” breakfast, two Vita Brits with extra bran, half a sliced banana, and 200ml of skim milk. For lunch, I have one of the Optifast Bars – either Berry Crunch or Cappuccino, and for dinner at night I have one of the three available Optifast Soups – Tomato, Vegetable, or Chicken (tonight’s was chicken), with a diet jelly and three prunes (well, I have to get my fibre from somewhere!) for dessert. Each packet of diet jelly crystals contains two sachets, and each sachet makes four small ramekins of jelly. Tonight I ate the last of four strawberry jellies made last Wednesday, and himself has just been down to ask me which sort I wanted made next – I said “Pineapple, please!” – and there it was! The inspiration for tonight’s Blog title! 😉

Today, of course, was our “tra-la-la-ing in Telara” day, so off we chuffed after breakfast, armed with nothing but our magical weapons and a cup of coffee. We had a really good day today – neither of us died, for once (and think of all the Guild Bank platinum we saved! 😉 ) however the first part of our travails took place in that horrible new area where there’s a constant and unrelenting blizzard howling, and visibility is reduced to about two pixels! I sure Julian got totally sick and tired of me constantly whining  “where’s my cursor gone?!”, and “I can’t find my [insert rude word here] cursor!”, through all the swirling snowflakes. Ah well, that only lasted until lunchtime, thank heavens, and I did notice that he did his fair share of grizzling about the blizzard conditions when neither of us could see the interactive “sparkles” on the things we had to pick up (or bury, in this particular case. Skeletons. We had to find and bury skeletons) That part of the quest chain took a long time to finish! Sometimes when you’re working as a group, what one person gets done will count as being “done” for the other members of the group too. Other times, each group member has to pick up or find their own whatever-it-is, and this quest was one of those. We had to find, and bury, 10 skeletons each, in blizzard conditions, visibility nil, and with mob densities (the number of nasties trying to kill us) on a par with a newly opened tin of sardines, well, let me just say that it wasn’t easy! To give you some idea of how many creatures we had to kill, I ended up with 115 hides taken from the creatures I could skin, and they were only a very small part of the number of nasties we had to contend with! Anyway, we had a good run, and as I said earlier, neither of us died (though to be honest, we did come close a couple of times!) We packed it in and headed back to base around 4.50pm and dusted down – processed all our trophies, and called it a day.

I then went off to remove my old nail polish, clean and re-shape my nails (they feel much better shorter!), and applied my new amethyst nail polish. It looks nice, but I’m finding it hard to get used to – I’m not used to wearing nail polish as dark as this, and every time I look down I get a bit of a startle – I’m used to seeing really pastel pearl colours on the ends of my fingers… even back when I was a teenager and I had really nice hands, I used to wear light pearl colours… but I’ll get used to it, and I do love the colour!

Weigh-in this morning was…. Let me put it this way. I didn’t go up, as I fully expected that I would, and I didn’t stay the same, as was equally as probable. I went down again, a whole ‘nother 2 points, to 110.1kg! On Friday I weighed in at 111.1kg, today, Sunday, I weighed in at 110.1kg. A whole kilo, in two days! I’m not complaining, I’m very pleased to be going down so… uumm  well… I’m just mystified and perplexed… and just a little concerned, because I’m not doing anything different to what I’ve been doing since August 18th this year. Let’s see what happens tomorrow… I’ll probably be back to 111.3kg or something equally depressing 🙂

So tune in again tomorrow night – will I have gone back up again? Will I be sitting pretty on 110.1kg again tomorrow? Or will the mystery deepen, and I’ll have gone down even more? Who knows? You will! This time tomorrow night! See you then… 😉

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