Why doesn’t it feel like…

Saturday today? For the past week and a half, no day has really felt like the day it was supposed to have been, know what I mean? Well, perhaps more than any other day so far, today just hasn’t felt like a Saturday. So. What does a Saturday feel like, anyway? It used to feel like: today we go shopping for our nibblies night – prosciutto, melon, brie, bikkies, and maybe a dip… and of course, smoked salmon for himself. But we haven’t had nibblies for dinner on a Saturday night since August 18th, when I started this diet business, so that can’t be it. Yes, we did go shopping, and bought things like the smoked salmon for himself, cream and cottage cheese, also for himself, and various other items, so it’s obviously not the shopping experience that makes a Saturday feel like a Saturday. So what is it? And why didn’t today feel so totally not like a Saturday? (in fact, every day this week has felt “off”, too!) I keep having to tell myself, very firmly, that tomorrow is Sunday, and we’re going tra-la-la-ing in Telara!

Well, anyway, we went shopping early on this non-Saturday Saturday, and just as well, too! By the time we were on our way home the place was so packed it was literally (for me, anyway) “bumper to bumper” – as in the front of my wheelchair kept bumping into the backs of other shopper’s legs – and I wasn’t even speeding! Still, we got what we needed to, and I got a lovely amethyst coloured “breathable” nail polish (and some eyeshadow) at Inglot. I wondered what they meant by “breathable” nail polish, so when I got home, I looked it up. It was a very interesting article – you really should read it. After that I did a bit of Rifting for a while, then went and updated the graphic I should have updated two days ago, and decided to try out some new kaleidoscope techniques that I’d thought up. I found a really pretty graphic, enlarged it, took a nice square sample of it to work with, got a basic effect that I liked, and tried out a few other filters on it. Of course I didn’t save the preliminaries first, did I!! And so, as naturally as night follows day, one of the filters crashed the program, and I had nothingnothing! left of about an hour’s work. I decided that I didn’t really want to work on graphics today, anyway, and fired up my Kindle reader on the PC, and sat in here and read my book instead (so there, Photoshop! 😛 ). At least reading at the computer didn’t send me to sleep 🙂 I did think about going and taking off my old nail polish and getting my nails ready to be amethysted tomorrow, but I couldn’t be bothered – it’s very unsettling when the day that you’re in doesn’t feel “right”…

So, essentially nothing very much was accomplished by me today, apart from fixing that graphic (which I did save!) and escaping unscathed from the shops, with my little bottle of amethyst nail polish (and some eyeshadow); himself was much more enterprising – he did the washing, broke a couple of glasses when an old (empty) pasta container fell off the back of a shelf, knocking something else onto a couple of wine glasses, and sending them crashing to the tiled floor… But that’s OK, they’ve got some really nice wine glasses over at Wheel & Barrow, and of course, I’ll have to go along too, to “help” choose them 😉 (I do love shopping!)

Weigh-in this morning gave me quite a scare! Oh, I went down alright! I went from 111.1kg to 110.3kg overnight! That’s almost a whole kilo in the one go, and that’s scary! You’re not supposed to lose that much that quickly! Well, I know I did when I first started on the anti-fluid tablets, but that was just me getting rid of all the excess fluid I was carrying, and it’s not something that you do more than once… so I’m quite trepidated! Mind you, I don’t expect to still be way down there tomorrow morning – I’m almost positive that I’ll go back up again – probably to… oh, I don’t know, ummm… 111.6kg? Or maybe 110.8kg? Something more believable than *gulp* 110.3kg! I weighed myself twice at 110.5kg first off, then we decided to weigh me a third time “for luck”, which was when we got the 110.3kg reading… so of course I had to re-weigh myself another twice, just to make sure… In the end I got two readings at 110.5kg, followed by three readings at 110.3kg, and I didn’t cheat, and Julian watched me like a hawk. Scary stuff, eh? (No! Not him watching me like a hawk – he does that all the time – the fact that I lost so much weight overnight is what’s scary!)

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow night to find out if it was only a “fluke” reading and that I’ve gone back to a more “normal” type of weight, like around 110.9kg, or whether I’ve spiraled, out of control, upwards… to something really gross, like 113.9kg – or whether I’ve stayed the same, which I wouldn’t mind, for once, because that would mean that perhaps I really am 110.3kg, and that it wasn’t just a fluke reading… See you then! 🙂

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