This was the day that didn’t…

Turn out as I expected. I had been expecting to go and start the mining of the wardrobe soon(ish) after breakfast, however himself declared a public holiday for me, until lunch time anyway, as he had some VIW (Very Important Work) to do with some sort of a spreadsheet for the Body Corporate. Very well, thinks I, I shall go and start building an abode for Jademoss in Gloamwood Glen, and off I sauntered… The work actually progressed quite well – I got the greenstone tile base done, some retaining walls, ‘coz it’s a very steep block, and the ground floor’s outer walls and windows put up. By then it was getting fairly close to lunch time, so I muddled around a bit longer, putting in some rather attractive and stylish concrete steps, down to the pond at the bottom of the block. Well, actually I didn’t get the steps all the way down, but it’s only a short(ish) jump from the end of the steps to the ground – not even enough to break one’s neck, or anything, and there I left it. Lunchtime came and went, and we had our cup of tea… and just as I was starting to get up to go and start on the wardrobe, the phone rang. From the Body Corporate. So I sat down again and played a couple of games of solitaire while I waited for himself to get back. And then I played a few more games… and a couple more. Then I started over from the beginning and played them all again, and by this time, the dragon was beginning to wake… (and as any Game of Thrones fan can tell you, you don’t want to wake the Dragon, do you! 😉 ) You’d think, wouldn’t you, that knowing it was going to be a long and complicated phone call, that I might have been told ‘This will probably take a while – sorry dear!’, in order to keep peace and harmony in the household, rather than leaving me twiddling my thumbs. I didn’t want to go back to Rift, because as sure as eggs get broken to make an omelette, I’d no sooner start on something and it’d be ‘Come on love, time to do the wardrobe!’ Ditto graphics.. ditto anything else worthwhile, except playing solitaire. By this time, smoke was beginning to trickle out of the Dragon’s nostrils, and it was very much awake. In more than mild annoyance, I stomped off to the lounge room to read – [insert very rude word here] the wardrobe! Needless to say, the wardrobe did not get cleaned out today, it’ll get done tomorrow, straight. after. breakfast. *sigh*

There’s a beautiful electrical storm raging outside at the moment – lightning flashing, thunder rumbling, and the rain is pouring down! 🙂 I LOVE thunder storms! 🙂 We’ve pulled the blinds down (we pull our blinds down to be able to see out as the strings for pulling them up are on the wrong side of the room to be able to get to them easily) and turned off most of the lights here in the Den, so as to be able to see the storm better – at the moment I’m typing this in semi-darkness (and making lots of typos because of it! Let me know if I’ve missed correcting any!) I wish we had more thunder storms… 🙂

Last night Jademoss spent the night at “Inside the Icehouse” in Icewatch Outpost, where she was able to have a nice hot bath and some delicious lentil stew for dinner, before retiring to bed. I had to laugh though – as I told you earlier, you don’t wake up in the Dimension, you wake up where you were when you entered it. This morning when I went to wake her, she was lying, sound asleep, in the middle of the road outside the Banking Chambers in Choreburg, the manufacturing section of Draumheim! 😀 She wasn’t fazed though, got straight up and checked her Minions! 😉

Weigh-in was a lot better this morning! (I must remember to keep that sledge hammer close by… maybe stick it under the desk bench next to Flipper’s Cat Carry Basket… ) Anyway, I’d gone down to 114.7kg – 2 points down. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll be even better (remember, I still have the sledge hammer, scales!)

So look in again tomorrow night – find out if the wardrobe finally got denuded of its over sized clothing; whether I got any more of the Gloamwood Glen House done (I must think of a better name for it! Any suggestions?), and if keeping the sledge hammer nice and close and handy got the scales to behave a little better for me, making my weight go down a bit (or a lot!) more… 😉