I really think it’s time…

That the Christmas Cards came down… the tree will probably come down next Sunday, anyway, and getting rid of the cards might give me a bit more desk space. Unfortunately, that means that my pretty plastic-resin-crystal stag will have to be packed away until next Christmas too, and I rather like him sitting there on my giant pill box… I suppose I could make the case that he’s a stag, not a reindeer, and therefore is not traditionally bound to Christmas per se… Hmmm… good point! I think I’ll leave him out – I have the perfect spot already picked out for him to live in, too! 🙂 This morning we plotted and schemed for some exciting new hair colours for me – I hope they’re not too extreme, but hang it all, I don’t really care if they are! I want something different… Later, I experimented a bit with a super new ummm.. utility? App? I’m not sure what you’d call it, but it makes “draw your own nebulas”. I’m not even sure of it’s name, but you can find it here. My favourite eldest daughter posted about it on Facebook, and when I went and had a look at it I was instantly hooked! It’s basically a black background, with 8 different colours you can use to make your “nebula” with – red, yellow, grass green, teal, ultramarine, purple, black (on a black background???), and white. On the right hand side it has a set of controllers and sliders, and some “presets”, including “fine”, “intense”, “smooth”, “worms”, and a few other ones, which dictate the strength and cloudiness of your “nebula”. It’s quite mesmerising, and while every time I use it I fully intend to use only two colours, to make something that I can turn into “gems” for yet another of my projects (this time for myself), I find myself thinking: “I wonder what some blue (or green, or purple, or whatever I haven’t already used) would look like in there…”, and before I know it, I have a whole jumble of colours instead of just the two I started out with. I’ll try again tomorrow… 🙂 After lunch I got stuck into some serious Rifting (well, not really serious serious, but certainly “head down, tail up” questing – leveling up my new and improved Gingerlilly), though the “baby” quests I’m going through at the moment I could probably do with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back – as long as it was my left hand, that is. I had the same problem with World of Warcraft, too, and it’s because I’m an altoholic… I create an awful lot of characters, and of course, they all have to start off at level 1… so by the time you’ve run, ummm…. 20+ level 1 characters through all the “starter” quests and up to about level 35, everything starts to get a little boring and humdrum. Also, I always intend to use different Classes, and different “builds” – that is the type of character: Warrior (well, duh!), Cleric (read: Priest), Rogue (read: Hunter), and Mage (read: Magic User). Each Class is made up of several sub-Classes, and each sub-Class has different – sometimes very different – fighting “styles”. So I always intend to try something different, but somehow I always seem to gravitate back to the style that I find the easiest (for me) and the most effective. I have a level 60 Rogue (Hunter), who’s quite fun to work with, but I find her much more fragile and “delicate” than my Mages, and I had a level 60 Warrior, but I hated playing a Warrior, and found it very hard work and not much fun – so she, unfortunately, no longer exists. Personally, I find Mages the easiest and most effective to play – unlike World of Warcraft, Rift’s Mages are not delicate little “Clothies” (Mages wear cloth armor, which is supposedly “fragile”) who fall over if you sneeze on them – no, we’re made of much sterner stuff, and can do a lot of damage, when riled! 😉 Although there are a lot of ready-made builds for each Class, where your soul points go as you level is pre-determined by whichever build you’ve chosen. I prefer to construct my own build, and put my points where I want them to go, and not where the game thinks they should go… So I always seem to end up with the same old build – a Warlock (good for Damage over Time spells), Necromancer (because you get a pet to fight with you, a few DoTs, and a lot of very damaging Primary Bolts (a sort of a “Zap!”spell)), and a Dominator (because you get at least one very good Primary Bolt) So as I said… it can get a bit boring and humdrum, unless you’re playing with someone else.

Weigh-in this morning, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear, was back to “situation normal” again. That’s right, I went up… to where I was the day before yesterday, at 110.3kg. So now it looks like I’m back to the old “gnaw on the nails and fret myself into a nervous breakdown if I go up too much, or stay the same for too long, or don’t go down enough to please my anxious little brain” state of existence. Ah well, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” – the more things change, the more they stay the same 🙂

So Call in again tomorrow night, and find out if I’ve made any headway in making little gems out of pretty nebulae for my latest project – or if I’ve thought of another possible build to use on one of my Mages… but most importantly, to find out if my nails are chewed down to the quick yet! 😉 Catchyas on the flip side! 🙂

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