Don’t you just *hate*…

The sound of a dentist’s drill! At least this time it only sounded horrible – no pain now though, even without a needle, as there are no tooth nerves to twinge. I rather thought that Dr. N. would have removed the bridge section with the cracked screw, and drilled it out at a bench or something – he didn’t. He drilled it out “in situ” (i.e. in my mouth) It took forevah! (it was only supposed to be a half hour appointment!) He’d got the special, tiny, terribly thin drills in specially – and don’t forget, he had to drill out a titanium screw that had broken in half, and become very firmly wedged inside the bridge, all without damaging the thread! He broke 5 drill bits on it, then used a tungsten drill… and finally broke through. The thread was still intact, so after cleaning out where he’d drilled, all that was left to do was for a nice, shiny, unbroken, brand new screw to be put in, and that was that – “See you in October 2015” for the upper bridge maintenance that I was supposed to have had done last time 🙂 (and he still hasn’t noticed the broken tooth!) Er… and apparently he’s been reading this blog, too, so… (*waves at screen*) “Hi Dr. N.!” 🙂

We’re both feeling a bit better today, thank goodness, but by the time we got home after all of that, our tongues were really hanging out for a cup of coffee. We had lunch, and I don’t know about himself, but I was getting more and more agitated because we hadn’t heard anything from his sister. I kept whinging at him to call her, but he just kept saying, in a terribly laid back fashion (how could he be so calm!) – “Oh, she’ll call when she has the time…” I just wanted to know what was happening! :/ The electrician came very promptly at 2.00pm to install the new, replacement oven, which only goes to prove that miracles do still happen! A tradesman arrived, not early…. not late… but exactly on time! Incredible! Still nothing from his sister. I’m sitting on an ant hill… Melissa finally called close to 5-ish. Apparently his mother had allowed herself to become terribly undernourished and dehydrated (again!) They’ve got her on all sorts of drips and stuff, and she’ll (probably) remain in hospital for another couple of days – she’s already fighting to go back home (which at this stage of the proceedings would not be a good idea!), and she’ll have to have someone to call in every day and do bits and pieces around the home – make the bed, cook meals, do the laundry – that sort of stuff. However, going by the last time this happened, the poor hapless individual helping out will be sent packing after a day or two, and the whole pattern, over the course of about eight or so months, will repeat.

Oh joy! 🙂 Christmas has come to Telara! Of course, “Telara” being in the USA (I mean, where else would you expect to find it? Isn’t the USA the only country in the world? Worth mentioning, that is!) it’s winter time, and snow is falling in all the capital cities! 🙂 Lots of fun games to play and get little “rewards” for – like hitting 8 merrymakers with a snowball! Or lighting the way for lost travelers! Or tossing a Christmas present to someone with a grey cloud and the word “Humbug” hanging over their heads! Or, you can go and join in the toboggan slide where you have to hit a certain number of snowmen who are lining the path on the way down. If you miss one, you can toboggan back uphill to go back and get them! 😉 The “rewards” are special “Snowflake” tokens with which you can buy all sorts of goodies from the special World Event merchants located near the gigantic Christmas Tree in your nearest capital city! 🙂 So, what with all of that, and Minions to be sent off on Adventures, who has the time for questing anymore? 😉

Weigh-in this morning was disheartening. I only went down one point, to 113.4kg 😦 Well, I did go down, even if not by much… but what’s going on? Is my body on a “Go Slow” strike or something? Have they forgotten that I’m their Union rep.?! What would my body do if I went on strike, hmmm?! At this rate I’ll never get down to the 112kg range before Christmas! And now I’m hearing traitorous mutterings that I have to have just a little Eggnog! One teaspoon is all I’ll have, one teaspoon! And, I’ll go without morning and afternoon tea! (I might even skip lunch!) That Eggnog is almost lethal, and terribly rich! If I have more than one teaspoon of it I’ll probably put on 8 kilos, and break out in spots! Ackshally, I’ll post the recipe here tomorrow night – and you’ll see what I mean! 😉

So stay tuned for your very own copy of “Winter’s Official Eggnog Recipe”, and tomorrow night’s installment of “The Trials and Tribulations of a Dedicated Dieter at Christmas Time”, plus other world shattering “News Stories of the Day!” 🙂