Monday has almost…

Drawn to a close. It was a good day today – I had my hair chopped off, really, really short! 🙂 It might make you do a bit of a double take at first, but I think it suits me, and that it looks good, and that’s the main thing! (Ahem! Perhaps it might also make me weigh a bit less now? 😉 No, I don’t really think that – but it’s a good theory though! 🙂 ) Then we spent the rest of the morning talking about the genetics – or possible genetic properties – of pigeons 🙂 I wish I could find my books on cat genetics… I think they’re unpacked – they’re either in the Library/Office, or the [dreaded!] “spare room” (read: “don’t know where to put this? Throw it in here and wait for a miracle!”) I’ll get himself to have a look later… who knows? It might be helpful – the principles would be the same though, wouldn’t they? I also did a bit of building in Rift, carrying on from the other day. I was proudly showing off how far I’d got, when I noticed that I’d put the staircase up to the first floor… ending in the side wall! Ooops! 😉 Rather than try to move the staircase (it was hard enough to find somewhere to put it in the first place!) I think I’ll e-x-t-e-n-d the house out a little there, making a nice balcony to overlook the pond at the foot of the hill. Yes, excellent save, Winter! 😉 After lunch, I went off to Faeblight to where my new girl Rivergold was… *wince* and created another character. I know, I know, but I can’t help it! I’m an altoholic! 😦 *sigh* I think I like her better than Rivergold, so she might be the one to move when she’s old enough… Her name is Bluemyst, and she’s currently level 12… and she has her “Merchant of Death” title already, too! 🙂 Oh dear! I just realised! I was in such a hurry to get her into Meridian (she’s a Defiant) after getting that title that I might have forgotten to bring her back from the shard I had to transfer her to to get the title! I think it was Hilol… You see, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on your own shard, like this merchant wot you’ve got to kill, you can temporarily transfer yourself to up to about six shards to look for him, and complete the challenge there. Then you’re supposed to return to your original shard… but I might have forgotten to go back. I think it was originally introduced just after we were given Dimensions to play with. People who do Dimension “tours” (go around looking at, and voting for, other people’s Dimensions (and yes, you can visit, and vote for mine if you like! *hint* *hint*)) …people doing Dimension “tours” might have read about a Dimension on another shard and want to go and have a look at it – so rather than force people to create a character on that shard, or transfer an existing character to that shard, just to look at a Dimension, we suddenly found ourselves with the ability to temporarily change shards… Crikey… I hope I haven’t stuffed things up… :/

By then it was after 3 o’clock, so I wandered off to the lounge room to read a bit, and do crosswords on my tablet (but I ended up just reading), and that was about the end of my usefulness for the day… well, afternoon, anyway. I know I said, a couple of posts back, that I intended to have the Christmas Cards in the mail by Tuesday – that’s tomorrow – and I still intend to do so! We have the sticky label paper on which to print the fancy addresses that I made, so while I’m head down tail up, scribbling furiously in 19 Christmas Cards, himself will be busy printing and guillotining the labels, which we will then carefully stick onto the envelopes, doing our level best to keep them straight. So the Cards should be ready to be mailed by early afternoon, and I will have stuck to my promise 😛

I went without morning or afternoon tea yesterday, in protest about my lack of any sensible sort of weight loss that morning, and I went without morning tea this morning (though I did have a small, fresh apricot for afternoon tea) This morning’s weigh-in proved without a doubt that the proof of the pudding is definitely in the not eating thereof! And I was down to 114.1kg! Hurray! (with apologies to Banjo Patterson:) “There was movement on the scales, for the word had got around, that Winter wasn’t eating morning tea…” – something along those lines, anyway 🙂 Oh, I hope that eating that apricot for afternoon tea isn’t going to make me go up again, or worse! stay the same! It was a very small apricot… and I didn’t eat the stone… (*anxious look*) Oh dear, I shall probably worry the weight off now… (good point! [makes note to self] “Worry more!”) 😉

So stop by tomorrow night – find out if Bluemyst is stuck in a foreign shard, or is back in Faeblight, and whether or not Winter did keep her word and get the Cards posted on time! Take a peek over Winter’s shoulder at the scales – see if that apricot has put her into damage mode because she didn’t lose any weight (or has stayed the same), or if the extra worrying has knocked a few extra grams off her stubbornly fat behind! 😉