You know it’s Boxing Day when…

you get mobbed by early morning crowds lining up outside the shops! When himself went for his walk this morning, around about 8-ish, he had difficulty navigating Shoppingtown, because of the number of people literally streaming in to participate in the Boxing Day sales… Half the time it’s not even for things that they want, or need, it’s simply to get something – anything! cheaper. We watched the city scenes of the “Gran’ Sale” on the news tonight – some people had been queuing up outside Myer since 6 o’clock the night before! Honestly, is getting some item that you don’t even want a few dollars cheaper really worth it?! Obviously some people with more money than cents sense think so, but not this little black duck! Gimme a nice warm, comfortable bed and a sleep in, any day! Whilst I am desirous of getting to the shops again – I want to see if DJ’s have got my nail polish in stock yet – I can wait until next week… on the other hand, I might go over tomorrow… 😉

Today we decided to have a real bludge day – no work was done… apart from ripping the “Callan” and “Enterprise” episodes so that we can watch them from the file server in the lounge room, and apart from me working on my brand new Gingerlilly, and both of us tidying up the remains of the stocking fillers in the lounge, and Julian working out how much Panettone I can substitute for my regular breakfast and morning tea (about 1320kj in total) At the moment I’m not having morning or afternoon tea, a total of 628kj ( or 314kj each) Breakfast is 1001kj, so I do have a bit to play with. A “serving” of Panettone is one 7th of the cake (loaf/whatever) so if Julian cuts it into quarters, then halves each of those quarters, I should be able to eat a one 8th piece of that instead of my usual breakfast, and still be within my limits. Of course, it’ll mean that technically speaking, it’ll count as having “morning tea” as well, which I’m not having at the moment, but once we’ve eaten all the Panettone, I’ll be back to my normal breakfast, and no morning (or afternoon) tea. Hopefully I won’t put on too much weight… Mind you, if it looks like I am, I’ll switch back to my normal routine straight away – not even Motta Panettone is worth going backwards, weight-wise! But apart from those things, neither of us did anything today – a real (but well earned!) bludge! 🙂

I’m not too sure what’s happening tomorrow, but I’m guessing that it’s going to be fairly low-key too. I’ll probably Rift for a bit, and do a bit of graphic work that I’ve fallen behind on lately… and read. I might try firing up the Kindle on my PC again – reading in the lounge room with my feet up tends to send me to sleep, and that annoys me, so I might try reading at the computer – definitely not as comfortable, but I want to finish my book, not fall asleep for the afternoon! I also have a bit of sewing to do, which I’ve been putting off for so long that I’m not sure if I even remember how to sew by hand – there’s always an excuse – “the light’s not good enough!” or “trying to sew black on black is giving me a headache!”, and not that long ago, the very plaintive “where’s my sewing box?!” which isn’t an excuse, it’s a real question! I have (had?) a nice little red wooden sewing box that sort of opens up like a concertina, and we can’t find it! We both know it’s here, we’ve both seen it here, but we can’t find the wretched thing! Eventually it got to the point where I bought a new sewing box, not nearly as nice as my little red one, and the items I bought to go in it aren’t nearly as good, or as nice, as those in the old box (some of which were heirlooms!) and I thought (there goes that “and I thought” hex again!), I thought that I knew where the new box was… *blink* I just looked up at the shelf that I was sure it was on, and… it’s not there! Oh, OK, finally, I get the message… it has suddenly become very obvious to me that “The Powers That Be” don’t want me to sew any more, and that’s why they keep taking and hiding my sewing boxes! So, I give in! If I promise never to sew again, can I have my sewing boxes back, please?!

Weigh-in this morning was very nice! 🙂 Down to 111.1kg, three points down on yesterday and the day before. I can live quite happily with that 🙂 Let’s hope that the Panettone doesn’t undo all the good work! (crosses fingers… eyes… realizes that she can’t type with fingers crossed, let alone see to type with eyes crossed… uncrosses both…) So, would everyone be kind enough to cross their fingers, eyes, and ears on my behalf – thanks! 🙂

Tune in again this time tomorrow – hopefully my weight will be down again, but don’t forget that the results of eating a one 8th piece of a Panettone instead of breakfast and morning tea won’t be obvious for a day or two… 🙂

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