This is terribly late tonight, because…

Last night himself pulled down a very old movie… and because there was nothing worth watching on TV tonight, we watched that instead… 🙂 It was “The Great Race”, starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon, Peter Falk, Natalie Wood, and Keenan Wynn as The Great Leslie’s co-driver/mechanic, Hezekiah. OK, it’s old! OK, it’s as corny as they come, and has a plot with holes that you could drive a battalion of tanks through, but it’s damn good fun! So, here I am, starting this blog off at 11.00pm – the time I’m usually just finishing it – so it’ll probably be fairly short…
            All right! I heard that collective sigh of relief!
I’m sorry, but once I start writing, I can’t seem to stop – s’not my fault! Writing runs in the family….

I found out today that I was due to have had my Warfarin blood test last Thursday – but due to all the worry about Julian’s mother, we both totally forgot about it, so I’m going tomorrow instead. I’m not too worried about it – I’ve been stable enough on the dosage that I’m currently on that they’ve only wanted to test me every month, so a couple of days over isn’t going to kill me (I hope!) Anyway, it’s good that I’m getting another chance to go out to do some shopping – I don’t have any stocking fillers for himself yet, the problem being that although the wheelchair gives me mobility, it doesn’t give me access to a lot of shops! So for stocking fillers for himself,  I need a helper who isn’t him, to go in and get things I can’t get to, and to get things off out of reach shelves for me – in other words, one of my two favourite daughters. Lee lives the closest, so it’s usually her. So tomorrow, after my blood test, we’ll go up and meet her and her other half at The Glen, and the two men can amuse themselves whilst I borrow her for an hour or so. I don’t think it’ll take all that long – I know pretty much what I want and where I want to go – and I also know that one of the shops is extremely difficult to maneuver a wheelchair in, and the other has most of the stuff I want to look at on high shelves! I also want to get to Priceline – I noticed the sides of my feet this afternoon, and quite frankly, they’re a mess. I think I need some sort of pumice stone on a stick… or perhaps some really heavy duty wet and dry sandpaper, or whatever it’s called :/

After we get home, we have the fun job of wrapping everything – or rather he’ll wrap, I’ll sit and watch, and tear off the bits of sticky tape for him… Then I hope we’ll have one free day before the evening’s eggnog-ing and stocking hanging commences. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think himself and I will be able to heave a great sigh of relief on Friday morning… It’s not been a real fun run up to Christmas this year…

Weigh-in this morning was a very happy early Christmas present for me 🙂  111.9kg! 🙂  j-u-s-t  past the Half Way marker of 112.0kg! I don’t expect it to stay there, of course – knowing my stupid body it’ll probably shoot back up to 112.4kg tomorrow morning – or something equally as tragic – but at least I know that I can get down under the 112.0kg mark!

So, tune in again tomorrow night – find out if I managed to get himself’s stocking fillers, and if I found my sandpaper/pumice on a stick thingy for my feet… and, of course, whether I went up…  or down… or stayed the same! (heaven forbid!) in the weight stakes… News at ten… 😉

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