…And the dessert was…

A Red Velvet Trifle! 🙂 What can I say? 😀 My favourite youngest daughter “helped” her husband finish his… My favourite eldest daughter and her husband ate theirs too quickly for Kate to get a chance to steal help them with theirs… and I…. didn’t have any 🙂 Not sure about Julian… I think he just ate quickly and quietly 😉

It was a good day… and for the first time in over five years, thanks to Kate, we managed to get hold of “Motta” (brand) Panettone! That was the brand we always got when I was growing up, and in my not so humble opinion, they’re the best, and the only truly authentic Panettone. Probably because my Nonna liked them 🙂 It’s called “Italian Christmas Cake”, but it’s not really – that’s just what Australians have dubbed it.  it’s generally eaten around Christmas time, but, like a fruit cake, can be made and eaten at any time. And it’s not a “cake” – it’s made with yeast, has sultanas and candied peel in it, a very “open” or “holy” texture, and is really more of a sweet bread… It’s delicious just chopped into slices or chunks and gobbled, it’s delicious toasted, it’s even more delicious made into ye olde English “Bread and Butter” pudding – but for heaven’s sake, whatever you do, don’t butter it before eating it “plain”, or toasted!! Sacrilege! The only time you should butter Panettone is when you’re making it into a Bread and Butter pudding! The true tragedy though, is that now that we’ve finally managed to get our hands on Motta Panettone, I won’t be having a taste *cry* But I’ll be able to at least smell it, so that’s better than nothing, I guess…. But next year, watch out! 🙂 I’ll be in there, boots and all, at the next Big Double Birthday Bash! Which will probably be held at our very favourite Chinese restaurant, The East Empress in Glen Waverley (closed at the moment for renovations, unfortunately), and if we can get our hands on Motta Panettone next year, I’m having a whole one reserved, just for me! Only kidding, but you can bet your socks that I’ll be having some, not just sniffing it! 🙂

An “interesting discussion” (read: loud argument) was begun between my two favourite daughters (well, they are siblings – they’re supposed to argue, aren’t they? 😉 ) over the new “remake” of Annie, with a…. crikey! What’s the latest politically correct term this week?! I don’t know either… Alright, damn me for always saying the wrong thing – a “non white child” playing the part of Annie, and the wrong sort of dog as her pet. Kate thought it was just plain wrong; it wasn’t written about just any old orphan, it was written specifically about a little red headed girl… Lisa thought it was bringing “equality” to the theatre… I stayed out of it – I learnt very early on that even though I can still yell louder than she can (and whisper more menacingly than she can) you can’t even start to get an opposing point across when Lee decides to ummm… stand up for someone’s or something‘s rights, even though she’s just being blinded by good intentions. When it got to the yelling point, I had to step in (Julian was starting to get involved too, by this stage – Terry and Neale apparently seemed to think it was somewhat amusing…) and change the subject… which also started an “interesting discussion” – but peace was finally declared and the afternoon ended happily ever after 🙂

So, all in all, I didn’t get very much of anything done today – I will have to work on a couple of additional formats for my project – hopefully it’ll resize well. If not, I’ll just have to move things around a little (oh, the joy of working with layers!) But all that’s for Ron (er… later-ron!) You know what I want for Christmas!!! I want a keyboard that isn’t always offset by one key! I’m forever hitting “f” when I mean to hit “g”, or “s” instead of “d” – and repeat for every letter on the [insert rude word here] keyboard! I spend more time correcting typos than I do typing! All the keys are one key too far to the left for my hands – and I can’t touch type, either 😦 Aarrrgggh! (tears hair out in despair) (not really, but I feel like doing that, sometimes!) grrrr!

Weigh-in was better this morning – everyone must have had their fingers, toes, and ears crossed properly, for a change! 😉 I went down to 112.2kg – only two more points to half way! Ummm… I shouldn’t have said that, should I! I’ll be up again to 112.7kg tomorrow – me and my big mouth! :/ Does mineral water contain calories? I had two glasses of mineral water today – but on the other hand, I didn’t have the amount of coffee or tea that I usually have, and that has milk in it (skim), so perhaps the mineral water will be O.K…. Oh, and I looked at Red Velvet Trifle (and it looked very nice, too!) Oh dear… now I’m worried about weigh-in tomorrow!

Stay tuned to see if I go up… or down… but I’ll probably just stay the same, knowing me *sigh* Will I ever reach that oh-so-elusive Half Way Point? Plus, of course, all the usual gossip and guff that abounds here, so… see you all tomorrow night! 🙂

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