It’s Christmas…

Eve, Eve! 🙂 Well, we didn’t get anything wrapped and under the Christmas Tree today – I think we were both too exhausted by the time we got home… As planned, we’d had an early(ish) breakfast, so that we could get over to Dorevitch to have my somewhat belated Warfarin blood test done. Race, race, rush, rush, catch the Tower lift to the fourth floor… The place was in darkness! Closed, for the Christmas holidays! Naughty words were said by both of us. Oh well, down we came again, and headed straight off to The Glen, where we were to meet up with my favourite eldest daughter and her husband. Well, we did make a slight detour, to look at the kiosk-y place where they sell the pretty Christmas tree ornaments that you can have personalised… Last year himself gave me a pretty red one, with white hearts surrounded by gold “tinsel” paint, and my name on it, so this year I got one for him – pretty purple, with gold snowflakes on it, and his name, written small (the snowflakes were a bit big, you see…) Then off we went to The Glen. We met up with Lee and Neale at The Shingle Inn, where they were supposed to have had their breakfast, but Neale had held them up (I think he’s a bit like Julian, and that he just doesn’t like shopping – I think it’s a “man thing” or something…) and they hadn’t had anything to eat, and Lee was angry. Not a good way to start off a shopping expedition! We had to go upstairs, so we headed of to DJ’s and their lift, where we saw a most… umm… unusual? sight. A very tall fairy (???), wearing a tulle dress of pale mauve petals , with tassels on the pointy ends of the petals… funny flappy things strapped to her back, and lots of colourful beads stuck onto her very purple eye shadow. I was so busy goggling at her that I didn’t notice the nice old man behind her – well, she was very tall! The elderly man behind her was standing on one of those large “move a lot of goods at once” trade trolley type things… he had nice, curly white hair, and a curly white beard, and… and… and he was wearing a very nice red velvet suit, trimmed in what looked like white cotton wool… It was a trifle awkward getting the wheelchair around this unusual tableau, but both our parties stopped and exchanged a few pleasant quips about had we been good or bad, and fancy seeing you here at this time of the year, and that, luckily, put Lee into a good mood, despite her not having had any breakfast (yet!) 🙂 Once we got to the place we were going to – I can’t mention the place yet or it’d give the game away to himself, who will no doubt read this – it didn’t take me long to get what I wanted, and with only a couple of very minor detours here and there, we made our way back to The Shingle Inn, where were were to rendezvous with himself, who’d gone off to do some supermarket shopping.

And now back to the blood letting – I mean blood test… There are two Dorevitch-based blood testing centres there at The Glen, and both of them were closed for the Christmas holidays, too! Grrr! However, all was not lost as there was a “dedicated” Dorevitch collection centre right across the road, so we called in there on the way home and I had my blood test done… Just as well, too! They’ve changed my dosage! My INR – this is the rate at which your blood clots – was 1.9 – the lower it is, the more likely it is that your blood will clot. The higher it is, the less likely it is that your blood will clot, and mine’s supposed to be around 2.5 So, anyway, they’ve upped my dosage of rat poison (Warfarin) from 2mg per night, and 3mg on Saturdays and Sundays, to 2.5mg per night, no odd weekend dosage. Hopefully this will keep me out of hospital with pulmonary embolisms for the foreseeable future 🙂

Back at home again, I Rifted for a bit, mainly chasing the Yule present boxes, hidden, like colourful Easter Eggs, under trees and bushes and wedged between rocks, here and there in Freemarch and Silverwood – you can get some pretty nifty Artifacts from them! I’m also chasing the perhaps not-so-nice Achievement called “Cry Me A River”, in which you have to collect 20 Squirrel tears (by killing them) 😦 There’s a set of tears you can collect that’ll get a different Achievement, but we haven’t managed to get all the tears yet because we refuse, point blank, to kill cats. You can buy most of the tears on the Auction House, but some of them (like the cat tears!) are terribly expensive…

Weigh-in this morning was another let down… I stayed the same, at 111.9kg. I suppose I should be glad that I didn’t go up… and I am! I am! (glad that I didn’t go up) It’s just that it’s so dreary and boring, staying the same… Hopefully I’ll go down a bit more tomorrow…

So, call in tomorrow night and find out if my weight did go down a bit (I won’t even bother to mention the other horrible possibilities, like “up”, or “same”!) or if we managed to get everything wrapped and under the Christmas Tree before the Eggnog Party, and whether we’re all ready and geared up for Christmas Day… where once more I shall eschew the traditional fare of Christmas, and consume a Cappuccino Bar for my Christmas Dinner instead, and quaff mineral water instead of champagne. I just hope no-one gives me chocolates for Christmas, ’cause they’d probably go stale before I got down to my goal weight of 90kg, and would allow myself to eat them! 🙂

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