Trying to…

Get organised. It’s not easy, trying to get organised, when just about everything is in flux… Still, it is what it is – I just can’t seem to get terribly enthusiastic about anything at the moment. Everything’s been sort of… knocked out of order… For instance, our cleaning lady came today, Saturday, when she usually comes on a Friday. Tomorrow is Sunday, and we’ve got the Big Double Birthday Bash – when we normally romp carefree and wild through Telara. All week, the two of us have been thinking we’re in the wrong day! I think it’s a combination of (a) being the end of the year, when just about everyone (well, everyone I know, anyway) feels tired, jaded, and just badly needing a holiday (we haven’t had a proper holiday for about 10 years!), and (b) Christmas has been getting more and more commercial every year, and the build up towards it has been starting earlier and earlier every year – by the time December comes along, I think most people just want to get it over and done with.

This morning I thought I’d get Lee’s copy of the project done… Unfortunately, she wants an “A” on it, instead of an “L”. Her given name is “Lisa Alexandra”, but she prefers to be called “Alex”, hence the “A” on the project; all her friends call her Alex, but we, her family, call her Lisa, or Lee, or Lily. An “L” would have been much easier to do with the font and style that were being used, but no, she wanted an “A”, and it wouldn’t fit properly, so I had to go through all my fonts (all 2000+ of them, again!) looking for an “A” that looked good, would work with the style, and would fit. I eventually found one (with that many fonts it would be hard not to!), and it’s O.K.… but not as good as the original… One good thing came out of all that work this morning though – we finally worked out how to wrap a pigeon! 🙂 Very ingenious, even if I do say so myself! 😉 Then as I said earlier, our cleaning lady turned up, and that was the end of work for me (she likes to chat!) Now the house is all nice and clean(ish) and tidy(ish), for it to be all messed up again tomorrow, at the B. D. B. B.! Everyone will be having Nandos chicken tenders, chips, Perinaise sauce, and a couple of salads… probably a glass champagne will be consumed each, plus a bottle of wine and/or beer… and there’s Red Velvet Trifle for a Birthday Cake. I’m having an Optifast Berry Crunch Bar, a glass of water, and a cup of coffee afterwards 🙂 Hey, look! I’m not complaining or feeling sorry for myself! 🙂 I’m quite content to see everyone enjoying their food – I totally and honestly don’t miss eating those things, this time around. This time next year will come, and by then I’ll be having those things again – in moderation, of course – so it’s absolutely no biggie to go without now. It’ll be the same this Christmas, and I’m happy to go along with it while I have to.

After lunch we decided to have a sort-of mini day (or should I say “afternoon”) in Telara, and I think that I might have mentioned in an earlier post that we’d entered the third and final new area, the Glacier… Now, remember way back when, when I said that I hated questing and fighting under water? Really, really hated it? Well, I’ve found something I hate even more! Questing and fighting in near zero visibility, in a blizzard! Arrrgggh! With snow blasting you from every which way, and everything shrouded in foggy white, it’s hard enough to see your cursor, let alone the things you’re supposed to be picking up or interacting with! I hope we have to go into a nice, deep cavern, or into a nicely roofed building, where de snow don’ blow and de wind don’ moan, and you can see your hand (and your cursor) in front of your face, soon! :/ Ages ago, when we were playing WoW (World of Warcraft), Julian developed a bit of a reputation for falling off the edge of high places. It was called “doing a Demelza” (because Demelza was the name of the character he was playing) He still tends to do that quite a bit (although these days the sudden stop at the end of the long fall no longer kills you!), and this afternoon we had to go around fixing these broken… robotic monks? Not quite sure what they were – but they were all perched on top of very high cliffs, and what with jumping down to try to reach these whatever-they-weres, or over-jumping and sailing off the edge of these very high cliffs, we spent more time climbing (or bouncing) back up than we did in fixing the darned things! It was quite fun though… 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was another “yawn” – stuck on 112.4kg. I’m beginning to think that there’s no way in a blizzard that I’ll get to Half Way (112.0kg) by Christmas! 😦 Apparently not enough people crossed their fingers, eyes, and ears last night… C’mon, I know you can all do better! 😉

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow night – find out how the Great Double Birthday Bash went, whether or not I had a glass of champagne with the celebrators (I won’t!), and if I managed to budge my big fat backside off 112.4kg and down a notch or two! (but not up… please, please! Not back up!) Seeya then! 🙂

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