This time next week…

It’ll all be over, bar the shouting, the returns, and the endless, endless, summer sales. And you know what? Sometime next week, Hot Cross Buns and the first of the chocolate eggs will be available in all the supermarkets. Depressing, isn’t it, how the Christian religion has morphed into a commercial enterprise. Still and all, that’s not what I’m going to be lecturing you all about tonight (well I might, actually, if I run out of things to say about today! 😉 ) Julian is back home from his trip to Adelaide, and he’s marked his mother’s report card with a B+, so apparently she’s doing fairly well. She has Home Care services in every morning, and his sister Melissa will be back there tomorrow, so we shall “tread gently” for now and hope for a good outcome.

Getting up at a quarter past five this morning wasn’t fun though! 😦 still, it gave me the opportunity to finish off my project, at last! Yes, I finally arrived at the right combination of colours in the style I needed to finish off the final “flourishes”, and over all, I’m quite pleased with the result (especially as I really had no idea what I wanted to do with it when I started!) My favourite eldest daughter came over this morning, a little earlier than usual – she came by bus from Glen Waverley, rather than waiting for a lift from himself. She called me from Shoppingtown when she arrived, did a bit of shopping, and then trundled over. I was just finishing off the project when she arrived, and I have to say that she liked it so much that she’s commissioned another one, just like it, only with one different element 😉 It shall be forthcoming Lee, and should be ready for you on Sunday – I’ve left the template complete, so changing just one element will take less than 5 minutes.

Julian had managed to get hold of the latest episode of “Agents of Shield” the other night, so Lee and I went off to the lounge room pretty much as soon as we’d exchanged pleasantries, and watched it. Things are getting very interesting, although another good character was sadly killed off. Then we watched “Person of Interest” (4 episodes!) and it looks as though [fx: dramatic music] the War of the Machines [/fx: dramatic music] is about to commence! 🙂 There’s only two more episodes left before the end of the season, and I think Lee only has a few more from the following one, as all those shows are heading off – or rather, have headed off, into the almost compulsory end-of-year  “Silly Season”, with ancient re-runs the only offerings because of all the sport shows that some really weird people seem to like watching.

Mid way through the afternoon I got my favourite eldest daughter to do some present wrapping for me, but her back was almost as bad as mine today, so we did it together. Unfortunately the wrapping ended up a little wonky, but the presents are “disguised”, and that’s the main thing, isn’t it! 🙂 Now there are two presents under our tree, but as yet they don’t have gift tags attached to them… because I couldn’t find them (I know we have some, somewhere!) Never mind, I know who they’re for – I’ll attach the name tags when we get some new ones 🙂 I’m not really sure how it happened, but there don’t seem to be as many “bits and pieces” this year – the usual things like the packets of  “shortbread biscuits for Aunty Mavis”, and “boxes of chocolates for the Evans family” – we used to buy lots, but this year I have half a dozen boxes of shortbread biscuits, and I haven’t a clue who they’re supposed to be for! Himself took his mother’s Christmas present(s) over with him, unwrapped, and gave them to her early (tsk!), I think we’re organising some sort of Christmas Hamper for his sister, which really should have gone today, with him, but as it’s not organised yet, it couldn’t. Then there’s the stuff that Lee and Kate usually send over to them (that’ll be some of the biscuits and chocolate), and there’s an Aunt, and an old family friend that we send stuff to and which will have to be sent off Express on Monday, I suppose. And apart from the immediate family, there’s not much else to go under the tree this year…

Weigh-in this morning was much more satisfactory – down to 112.4kg, and this time I didn’t cheat, I did it properly. Mind you, it was 5.15am, so the scales may have been a little confused and still a bit muddle headed with sleep, the same as I was – but Julian and I both saw it, and, as usual, I weighed myself three times (just to make sure, you know?), so everyone, cross all your fingers, toes, and ears that I go down again tomorrow, and if I do, I’ll be a happy little Vegemite! 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow to see if any more presents turn up under the Christmas Tree, and if they have name tags on them (otherwise I’ll get them confused with the ones that were put there today), and if I manage to get Lee’s project done for Sunday… but most importantly, whether my weight has gone down or not! Perhaps, with enough fingers, toes, and ears crossed on my behalf, I will! 😉

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