Uuurgh… *sniffle*

Is what himself and I both sound like tonight. We both have a very nasty summer cold. Because it’s our wedding anniversary coming up this Sunday, we both, simultaneously, came up with the idea of giving the other one a cold, as an early anniversary present – wasn’t that romantic? 😉 He’s sneezing, and I’m shivering… and we both feel like something that even a dog wouldn’t eat, even if it was starving!  😦

That said, we decided to make our “surgical strike” on the Christmas Presents today, instead of tomorrow, because the replacement oven is being delivered tomorrow morning… at the same time that himself is supposed to be picking up my favourite eldest daughter, who is coming over tomorrow, instead of Friday, because on Friday I’m having my loose screw fixed. Errr.. that is, I have an appointment at the Prosthodontist to have the broken (and loose!) screw in my bottom implant bridge repaired. So you can see that this wunnerful cold may have contributed… just a little, to our uncharacteristic state of confusion :/ Hopefully the oven will arrive very early – before himself goes off to get Lee… I can’t let the delivery people in because they have to bring it in through the loading bay, which means that someone has to be able to go down and manually open the roller doors – which I can’t. *sigh* You know, when people ask me how I am, I nearly always say “Oh, muddling along, as usual 🙂 ” This week, I’m afraid we’re both “muddling along”, though not “as usual” (it’s only me wot does that 😉 )

Well, we took off for the “surgical strike” just after lunch – around 12.30pm? – and the place was sheer bedlam! We mostly park over in the Valet Car Park, as it’s usually much quieter, more “refeened”, less stress getting the wheelchair out of the car, and you don’t have to fight for the next to last parking spot this side of the black stump. Usually! I have never seen the place so stuffed to the gunnels (that’s “gunwales“, to you land lubbers 😉 ), ever! There were cars everywhere! It was total and utter chaos! Until we got inside, and then it was just’business as usual’. It might be because Christmas is getting very close, but the crowds of shoppers didn’t seem… “Christmas-y” enough, if you know what I mean? They were almost blaze… Anyway, we did our “surgical strike”, and got presents for all the Adelaide people, including himself’s mother and sister (she doesn’t live there anymore, but she’ll be there this Christmas), a combined Birthday/Christmas present for my favourite youngest daughter (sorry Kate! :/ ) the present for my favourite oldest daughter had already arrived (teehee!), a present for Mr. Thorne (Kate’s husband), a Birthday and a Christmas present for Wolfie (Lee’s husband), and… even something for himself! 🙂

I was the only one who missed out on not being gottened a present (yet!) 😦

But we were well pleased with ourselves… feeling as rotten as we did, yet still managing to get through the crowds, the pressure to buy (from certain places which shall not be named for fear of giving secrets away – “Spoilers!” 😉 ) and for sticking through it all until we’d finished! We came home to a well earned, and well deserved, cup of tea! Then we collapsed.

Weigh-in this morning was… meh! Well, I did go down – one point, to 113.7kg, but I had expected more… Tomorrow should be better though – I missed out on morning and afternoon tea today, though I did have an iced coffee outside DJ’s this afternoon. I didn’t drink much of it though – it was supposed to be black coffee with a dash of skinny milk, but it didn’t really taste like skinny milk, so I didn’t have more than about five little sips of it… We shall see what we shall see in the morning. If I go up, I may consider suing them for not using skinny enough milk! 😉

So, tune in again this time tomorrow, to see if a certain cafe outside DJ’s will get an invitation to court, and if our colds are any better. Anyone want to place bets on whether the replacement oven will arrive before or after himself has gone off to pick up my favourite eldest daughter? The answers to all these questions, and more, will await you here, tomorrow night! 🙂

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