What a day…

This has been, what a rare mood I’m in… No! Sorry, that’s from Brigadoon (the musical – another one of my (many) favourites!) 🙂 However, it has been quite a day! After breakfast I started off checking my Auctions and Minions – I made about 68 platinum on the Auctions, and my Minions once again came home with far too much Dimension baggage… not that I’m complaining about that, it’s just that I have nowhere to store it all! The trouble is, you can’t by-pass the available Minion Adventures – ya has to take what’s offered ya! :/ I suppose I could sell it, but if everyone’s in the same boat (and I suspect that a great many people are!), who’d buy it? Hmmm… perhaps “they’ll” start offering more private bank vaults? (for a price, of course! 😉 ) Anyway, all that done, and true to my word, I started the Great Christmas Card Scribble, whilst himself had a shower… I finished first… 😀 So then we went to print out the address labels… and they came out looking truly terrible!! The printing was thick, gluggy, smeary, almost illegible, and looking nothing whatsoever like my pretty, neat, legible, and highly artistic originals! Whatever could have gone wrong? we wondered. The text was still smearing and smudging five minutes after printing! On closer examination, we found… that it wasn’t the right sort of white, peel-off label paper for inkjet printers, it was clear self-stick label paper for laser printers! No wonder it looked terrible and kept smudging! :/ So, too lazy to get the car out, himself had a second “morning walk” – down to Officeworks, on Doncaster Road, to get the right sort of white, peel-off label paper for inkjet printers. Printing run number 2… turned out beautifully, looking almost as good as my original Word document 🙂 The guillotining went well too, and before we knew it, the envelopes had been address labeled, stuffed, stamped, and had “Card Only” hand printed in their top left corner! 🙂 Except for one. Julian’s sister in Sydney – we still had her old address, so there was a bit of mucking around while we waited for her to SMS us back with the necessary details, so we made it our “lunch break”. Once we had the right details, another page of addresses was quickly printed, with the right address on her label this time, guillotined, label stuck on, the Card stuffed in the prepared envelope, and my part was done! Himself had himself a third walk for the day, and sauntered over the road to post the Cards… and so, promise kept! I said I’d get all the Christmas Cards in the mail by Tuesday (today) latest, and I did! 🙂

Then I could finally get back to Rift… Bluemyst was safe and sound on Faeblight after all, and I quickly took her up to level 15, in preparation for moving her… Maybe…. You see, in the process of getting her ready, and logging off to see who I could shuffle her with, I got just a teeny bit distracted… and created another character *cringe* So now, of course, I’m all interested in her… *sigh* I definitely have too many characters… Oh well, I don’t have to make up my mind straight away – and I’d really like some think music while I mull it all over 😉 I’ll go back and have another look at all of them this evening and see if I can come to a decision…

Weigh-in this morning was a lot better – down to 113.8kg Do you realise that when I get down to 112.0kg I’ll have lost 22kg since August 18th 2014, and be half way to my goal weight? By the time I’ve got to where I want to be, I’ll have lost a grand total of 44kg! I wonder if anyone will still be able to see me, or if I’ll have disappeared into a tiny shadow?! 😉 In another 4 months, if I keep going the same way as I am now… that’ll be the end of April 2015, or more likely early May 2015 (because February is such a short month) I’ll be (or should be!) 90kg…  (cue ripply harp music: *dream* *dream* *dream* : cut ripply harp music)

So tune in again tomorrow night to find out who, if anyone, I’ve decided to play Character Shuffle with, or if I’ve done a massive massacre, and purged a lot of the extraneous denizens from the alternate shards… and if the weight I was so pleased with this morning has gone up, down, or stayed exactly the same (again! grrrr!) 🙂

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