Head colds are not good for…

Remembering things. I forgot two important items when we did our “surgical strike” yesterday (was it really only yesterday? It feels as though it were sometime last week…) I forgot that it was not only Christmas I had to worry about, it was also two VIP Birthdays, and of equal importance, an Anniversary, that I had to get “bits and pieces” for! (did that last sentence make sense? Maybe…) “Oh well”, thought I this afternoon, “I can always talk Julian into calling calling in at the shops tomorrow after I’ve had my screw replaced, or at the very least, get him to drop me off and drive around the block a couple of times whilst I purchase these most important of articles”… I thought

My favourite eldest daughter was over today, and unfortunately we had no episodes of “Agents of Shield” to watch, so we watched “Person of Interest instead”. It’s really getting gritty at the moment, occasionally a trifle hard to follow (though I suspect that that was largely due to my head cold!) All the “threads” are beginning to come together, and various seemingly random events are being explained, and/or tidied up. As well as having lunch and watching taped shows, tentative arrangements were made for The Great Family Birthday Feast, now to be held on the 21st (if Kate agrees!), because this Sunday is our Anniversary and there was some slight tetchiness regarding having to share it with Birthday celebrations… Also discussed were Christmas Eve, and Winter’s Lethal Eggnog (well, maybe not “lethal”, but very definitely “extremely potent”!) Now, I guess everything’s sort of on hold, because…

This afternoon while himself was dropping my favourite eldest daughter home, his sister rang, sounding somewhat distressed and agitated. She said she’d just rung (from Sydney) for an ambulance to go and attend her mother (in Adelaide) as she was very poorly. When himself arrived I told him what his sister had said, and he rang her back. Little was known at that stage other than that she was too weak to walk and sounded terrible. Melissa, Julian’s sister, isn’t too crash hot herself, having had surgery to fix a broken tendon in her shoulder not that long ago, and then falling down a flight of stairs a few days ago! Anyway, she’s off to Adelaide tomorrow, and it may be that himself will have to go over too. A bit more news came through later this evening – his mother has a very nasty chest infection (let’s hope it isn’t, and doesn’t develop into the terrible bout of double pneumonia she had some time back!) We’ll know more in the morning, but now I’m worried about the wretched cold that Julian has – he’s a lot worse than I am, and I only feel pretty lousy… plus the fact that a nasty summer cold isn’t exactly the very best medicine for his mother at this particular point in time. I fear that this is going to complicate our Christmas arrangements more than somewhat… Oh, and our brand new replacement oven is being installed tomorrow, at 2.00pm – unless himself is winging his way to Adelaide instead… :/

And in my spare moments between all of the above, I Rifted, and have almost got my newest creation, Belezza to level 15 (it should be spelt “Bellezza”, but that was already taken, however the Italian – English dictionary also recognizes the single “l” version) It means “Beauty” 🙂 I have already transferred one of the Laethys girls across to make room for her, and with a bit of luck (and a clearer head than I have at time of writing!) I’ll get her across, and into the Guild, tonight.

Weigh-in this morning was starting to look more promising 🙂 Down to 113.5kg, two points down from yesterday, and I had to start a new sheet of graph paper! (I keep a visual record of my weight loss on graph paper – it looks much more gratifying, seeing it in a nice, steady, downward path on graph paper, than it does just writing down a list of weight numbers! 😉 )

Anyway, stay tuned for all the latest about Julian’s mother, Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary plans, whether my broken screw got fixed, and if my weight has gone up, down, or… stayed exactly the same, as it does occasionally – or should I perhaps say “all too often”!? 😉 News at nine…

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