I don’t like this…

Nail polish. It’s the pale pearl, slightly off-whitish one – or at least that’s the colour I thought it was… but it’s not. It’s a terribly, terribly, terribly pale pinkish colour, with a sort of an opalescent shimmer in it, and I just don’t do pink, in any of it’s forms… (I do make an exception for the fuchsia shades though) 😦 Not. Happy. Jan! …and it’s so translucent that I had to put on three layers, instead of just the two that I used with the other one, and it’s now so thick that after almost two hours it still feels slightly tacky, and doesn’t really feel completely dry. So… one bottle of O.P.I. nail polish, pretty pale pink – only used once, free to a good home! Any takers?!

This morning I Rifted… I did a bit more house building – I now have the kitchen stove and chimney in, and the stone posts in all the outside corners (makes it look a trifle neater, and disguises the joints where the walls overlap a bit) Then I needed some ladders and/or scaffolding, which I knew I had, but I just didn’t (and still don’t!) remember where I’d put them, and had to go searching. I found two of the scaffolding bits, but I still can’t find the ladders – I know I had quite a few of them… I wonder if I’ve already used them elsewhere? I don’t think so though… I’ll have another look when I’ve finished this… Anyway, by the time I’d almost finished sorting out Cersie’s bank vaults (looking for the ladders) it was lunch time. I also did a bit of questing on Faeblight (the shard I started the new character, Rivergold, on the other day) bringing the new girl up to level 14… One more level and I can move her, if I decide to – I still haven’t made up my mind if I will or not. We’ll see… it’ll take more character shuffling around if I do, and it’s always a bit of a mess…

Tomorrow, of course, is our “Frolicking and Fossicking in Telara for Fabulous Fun” day, so I’d better make sure that Jademoss has somewhere comfortable to sleep tonight. The poor girl spent the night out on the streets in Choreburg last night because I couldn’t be bothered sending her off to one of her sisters’ houses. Guess I’d better get on with the new building in Gloamwood Grove. I’d call it “Gothic Grove”, but I don’t think it’ll end up being a very Goth sort of place… I could also call it “Gloaming in the Grove”, but I’ve set the time there permanently to 1.00pm – which I can change, and probably will, but I’ll leave it like that until it’s all finished. There’s nothing quite as awkward as trying to build a house in the dark! 🙂

I found my little Kanji “Winter” symbol – or at least Google tells me that it means “winter” – I hope it does mean that, and not something rude… I used to use it quite a lot, back when I used to make free web sets and stationery (you can see one of them in use here, under the deco on the far left), and I went looking for it today – Neither Julian nor I could find it anywhere in our very extensive archives, so I decided to Google it to see if I could find it again… and I did 🙂 So then I spent a very pleasant hour or so re-sizing it, colouring it, and generally playing around with it. Next time I decide to do a blog makeover, I’ll try to incorporate it into the graphics somehow… 🙂

After all of that, I went up to the lounge room to… read, and do my nails. I read for a bit before falling asleep, and only decided to do my nails at around 5.00pm. As I indicated above, I was not pleased, or impressed, with the result. I am just not a pink girl! Still, it’s on now, and until I can find a better colour, I’ll live with it – grudgingly. I believe that next week himself intends to make what he terms a “surgical strike” of all the Christmas shopping. Good! I shall go with him, and, if he’s given me his list, do a little shopping of my own! As well as look for another colour nail polish, or should I say polishes. Of course, then we have to wrap everything, set up the tree, gear up for Neale (son-in-law) and Kate’s (favourite youngest daughter) Birthday on December 12th – the day I also go to get my broken screw fixed… The broken one? In my lower bridge? Tsk! I did tell you about it, ages ago! 😉

Weigh-in this morning was much more betterer – 114.3kg! Keep it up scales, and you and I could end up best friends! 😉 No more messing about with the same weight for days on end, no more “ups” – only “downs”, from now on, right? 🙂

So tune in again tomorrow night – find out if I’ve redesigned my blog page 😉 make bets on whether my nail polish is still intact, and see if I’ve become best friends with my scales, a distinct possibility if I’ve gone down again, because it’ll mean that they’re still behaving themselves! 😉 See you then…

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